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Mind blowing magic to impressive illusions. Our next guest is the mastermind behind some of of hollywoods hottest tricks. David kwan.
Was the lead magic consultant for the bank film. Now you see me helping the cast pull off those dazzling tricks. Well.
Guess. What hes also a master of puzzle maker. Often writing the new york times crossword.
Puzzles of course for the last two seasons. Hes worked with the team behind all those puzzle secret codes and tattoos on nbcs hit show blind spot well. David guang.
Is here today with some challenging puzzles for us and a chance for you to win a trip to new york david good to see so how do you come up with this magic. I mean now you see me was literally mind blowing. People.
I thought that stuff was done with with cgi and it wasnt someone some wasnt but it all it started with the director and the writers and i and i worked with a great creative team as a wonderful collaborative effort to come up with all that that stuff so if you want to learn how to rob a bank. We can talk after what about okay blind spot yes with the the puzzles. The tattoos do you start with the answer and work your way backwards.
How does that work well the writers and the creator. Martin darrow has come up with the long game. So we did start at the beginning with those tattoos and the puzzles that are embedded there and then week to week sometimes we figure out what the crime of the week is and we work backwards.
So its a puzzle for us to figure. It all out okay. So youve got to do some puzzles youve got a bunch that will youll will answer them in the veneer over there.
But these are all presidents yes. Im gonna give you ten clues of the clues. Our movies and tv.
Shows. The answer is a former president of the united states on the screen. Heres the first one.
Okay. President james garner president garfield and garfield. I was so nervous garfield goes here.
Because its the only one thats eight letters. Okay. The next one oh uh.
What movie is this its billy. James madison. Right right so hard to guess.
Yeah. Im looking at that so the title alright. Heres the next whistles whos this mary tyler moore president wonderful john tyler is gonna go right there.
Oh stewart is mr. Smith goes to washington is gonna be this aloneness. Im like here lets second bus to washington again it makes it look like next.
Im wrestling so hard.

person who is a persistent persuader crossword clue-0
person who is a persistent persuader crossword clue-0

Its so hard oh. Tom hanks plays a congressman. He has a war.
Oh yeah. I forget the name of the movie. Oh charlie charlie wilson that one was so hard.
Im sorry. But i needed to put it in there youll see why whos this friendly aardvark. I get a point for that bang.
I knew it this next. One is so hard. So my apologies here.
We go is the first part drill. Bit. Oh.
President zachary taylor. Drillbit. Taylor.
Yes. Another really hard one that i needed glad i know how to play the piano. I needed that for a very special reason and im sorry about this one that one i got alright this next.
One is my favorite one all right. Its late in the title. So we have the assassination of lincoln lincoln.
Jesse. Jesse. James.
This is crazy robert. Four letters. We got a cover for it i got to give it to you so hard.
But were gonna end strong. Were in and strong right here. Okay with jim carrey truly so alright gentlemen.
There was a secret answer this time. I have to show you that i constructed this puzzles. So that the intersection here these nine letters your so we have significance and im gonna circle those and these nine letters spell teeth oh d a why w stupid thats not the only puzzle.
Davids got for us. We are launching a blind spot puzzle. Contest david has created a complicated challenging puzzle just for you our viewers.
If you solve the puzzles correctly youll have a chance to win a trip for two to new york city to go on a set visit to nbcs blind spot heres the first puzzle can you solve it its going to be on our website today dot com. Slash blind. I know dont give it away okay hey dont forget you catch blind on wednesday nights.
At 8 00. 7. 00 central right here on nbc hello today fans thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking that button down there and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives.

person who is a persistent persuader crossword clue-1
person who is a persistent persuader crossword clue-1

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