Dr. Joe Schwarcz on the danger of of inhaling solvents

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Few years ago. The university replaced good old fashioned blackboards with whiteboards thinking that they they were more environmentally friendly. I didnt like it when i teach organic chemistry like to draw on the board so when i was you know using the whiteboard.
I found it a bit more awkward to draw my organic structures. But there was compensation because i was getting happy during the lecture at the end. I felt positively giddy.
Figured out what was going on here. It was the solvent in the pen and having access to a lab. We did some testing it turned out to be saline.
Dimethyl benzene. And you can in fact. Get high on sniffing solvents well that sent me scurrying to the scientific literature.
To find out just what the consequences of this were and there are consequences sniffing solvents is not a good thing and it turns out that it is a relatively common occurrence and people who are seeking to get high. And this is a very serious warning especially to parents who may not be aware what their children are doing youve probably heard of glue sniffing. Which is relatively common.
But solvents that are found in spray cans like this or what are most commonly used butane is the one that you really have to be aware of butane or lighter fluid is lipophilic means that it is fat soluble. It crosses the blood brain barrier and it very quickly gives a high but also can lead to cardiac arrhythmia. Which can cause a heart attack and theres another scenario to be aware of sometimes.
What thrill seekers will do is take some spray can spray it into a garbage bag and then put the garbage bag over their head to increase the concentration inhaler to get a real high well this can do away with you in several ways first of all it can cause yak arrest. But you can also died of asphyxia because they pass out with the bag on their head. And theres not enough oxygen.
So this is something really to be aware of and the scientific world is aware of this there was a paper not long ago about someone dying from spraying deodorant. Now what they did was they put a towel over their head sprayed the deodorant under it passed out and died. This is certainly something that that is is happening very often with teenagers.
So parents and everyone else teachers need to be aware of the danger especially if you see cannot butane in an environment. Where you dont think that it should appear now what about my whiteboard here. I used it now any races nicely.
I must say that and theres some interesting chemistry going on there but im not getting high and the reason. Im not getting high is because there no longer is any xylene in these pens and actually it says xylene free on the label. I suspect that they use rubbing alcohol.
And that is not going to rub you the wrong way. nd to respond to any possible requests here let me help you ill take care of this side matically stands behind you to help its too difficult moving from the bed to the wheelchair is an important step in regaining. Ones independence.
One must first work on their balance and strengthen their muscles in order to recover mobility. Now were going to do a dq titian test to see how well you swallow. Mrs.
Tony. A is fed through a nasal gastric tube. Her speech language pathologist and the nurse perform regular deglutition tests.
Please close your mouth slightly bend your head and try to swallow then ill close your mouth move your head forward move forward slight lean forward as far as you can more more more. But ill help you now straighten up like that great thats it the physiotherapist helps the patient recover as much mobility as possible they quickly work on her capacity to walk and continue throughout the recovery process. Each patient participates in rehabilitation activities.
Several times a day the rate and intensity of these. Physiotherapy. Utica activities are adapted to the patients needs.
And ability ok machines ready so we can begin let me show you our goal is for you to use your arm. As much as possible. The machines programmed to help you raise your arm lets slowly from right to left and help you interact with images that you see on the screen.
There now youre near the apple here ill show you good with your shoulder hug. Now squeeze with your hand like we saw. Before ok.
Yes. Now thats it squeeze squeeze squeeze. Now when the cart changes color.
You see let go the occupational therapist. Works with the patient throughout the entire rehabilitation. Readapt ation process.
He suggests various therapeutic activities and technical aids. He also adapts the home environment for the patient to enjoy a certain level of independence in both daily life and whenever possible professional activities. There you see a squeezed thats your hand squeeze.
Again let go let go great use this button. Thats it very good good thats good fine. We are now going to do the same exercise as yesterday.
The cards are laid out so choose one and try to make me guess. Which one it is anyway you can blue is this it yes. Very good wonderful.
The speech language pathologist works with language and speech related problems the neuropsychologist analyzes cognitive functions such as concentration and memory problems well do it again watch theres fruit salad the patient learns to use customized eating utensils during the meal a nurses aide is on hand to help if necessary but mrs. Tony a needs to learn to feed herself little by little and recover her independence.

a patient who has
a patient who has “huffed” a volatile chemical is likely to experience:-0

I bought a melon yesterday mmm. I love melon with ham. When the weather is warm was it good yeah and ripe.
It was mrs. Tony a came to the stroke rehabilitation unit. 20 days ago daily work with occupational and physiotherapists has helped her greatly improve her mobility.
Although she still needs help washing herself. She can already wash her face and upper body. Is it ok.
Yes place your right foot good lift. Good now try to stand up good shift your pelvis over your right foot. Good.
And now. There is no pressure on your left foot. So move it back there great now stay stay stay so are you taking good care of mrs.
Tony yes good i wanted to tell you now she can move on her own upstairs with a new wheelchair fine can you please let everyone know shes recovering well. Theres absolutely nothing to worry about like feeling youre a boy turning it very good a well conceived infrastructure and work with quality professionals creates a positive environment to help patients return to normal life so concerning. Mrs.
Tanya. We met today to discuss her case. She is progressing well.
She will be able to return home in about two weeks. All that needs to be done now is to ensure that her medication is managed properly. She can use a seven day pill box.
A nurse will supply it regularly and open the tablets for her because she cant do it alone yet we also recommend outpatient physio occupational and speech language therapy we are now going to do a schedule its a very simple exchange between two people first we scribble something on a piece of paper. These workshops. Enable patients to meet and interact with other people while having a good time stroke rehabilitation.
Patients have a chance to express themselves creatively in the art therapy workshops such experiences awaken. The senses. However patients are neither pressured nor obliged to participate hello.
Mrs. Tilden yeh. How are you not bad not bad bad so what time did you return yesterday around 6.
Pm around 6 pm for dinner uh huh good and how did things go at home not easy not easy. What wasnt easy for you hmm going going to bed. Oh.
I was too too far down in the bed okay and then then we had to got to get back up to get her back up okay. I see. But dont worry youre going to have well youve already had occupational therapy.
Hes going to schedule. Yes. Hell be coming a home visit good after four weeks of stroke rehabilitation therapy.
Mrs. Tony a can dress herself shes learned to manage her pillbox and take her medicine by herself and she moves around with her cane on her own wonderful good shall we go lets go our goal is for you to use the walking stick in the apartment and to leave the wheelchair at the front door. You should use the walking stick and different objects.
In the flat as support to help you get around that and since your kitchen is rather large. Well. Then i think remember the machine that we used yeah you should think about that maybe use a tray on wheels the occupational therapist visits the patients home to analyze how it can be adapted and made safer in particular through the use of accessories.
When usually a support handle to help you get in it has to be drilled into the wall to make it safe. Were here to discuss the type of assistance youll need when you return home. The social worker.
Explains. The administrative social and insurance issues to the patient and her family. She also acts as liaison between the patient and the various support groups she will work with when she leaves the hospital.
This is what is known as the family meeting you have greatly improved since your cardiovascular accident seven weeks ago. I am sure you are aware of this you can walk with a cane and we were able to remove the catheter. We are here today to discuss the situation and see how to proceed the patients family is included in the rehabilitation process from the moment she enters.
The unit discussions with the nurses and nurses aides are an integral part of the therapy. The family is included in the multidisciplinary meeting for an overview of the patients progress and ongoing care to continue working on speech walking seven weeks after her arrival mrs. Tony a leaves the stroke rehabilitation unit.
She walks with a cane her upper body is still weak. But she can wash herself and get dressed she still has some difficulty speaking but makes herself understood in everyday situations. I cooked you cooked with the young man what young man there arent any young men here oh cute the occupational therapist mm hmm the return home is prepared in collaboration with the home care service outpatient therapy.
Is also scheduled post cva stroke rehabilitation is absolutely necessary it increases. The patients chances of recovery. Even if some sequelae or lasting effects are inevitable.
The goal is to recover the greatest independence and self sufficiency possible our patient rehabilitation is sometimes necessary after leaving the hospital motivation is a key factor do not hesitate to ask any questions you or your family might have concerning stroke rehabilitation. .

a patient who has
a patient who has “huffed” a volatile chemical is likely to experience:-1

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