Episode Leak: Lushion CONFIRMED To Be Alex’s Baby Daddy?! | Tyler Perry’s If Loving You Is Wrong

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Yeah alexs reaction said it all now if loving you is wrong fans. Please please take this with a grain of salt this video is not meant to be this is a video. I didnt expect to be recording.
But last week when i did like a less than three minute video about the dna test results would be revealed tonight. Because brad aidan. Turner on instagram posted that very caption tuned in the dna test results get revealed tonight that video almost has if not already 50000.
Freaking hits that is crazy so if you are new to this channel please take a moment hit the subscribe button for any in all discussions. Reviews. Our theories are involving the haves and have nots and loving.
You is wrong. Because this is channel for it we dont post full videos here in terms of episodes full time youtuber. I dont want to do a copyright.
But this video is going over malik aka lucian. A trend on instagram is typically most of if not all the cast members of a certain show will post a trailer. The day of an episode saying hey tune in tonight for a new episode sometimes you know whatever caption but malik actually posted a caption that got my attention tonight if loving you is wrong me in for the bae.
Mama drama on own hmm. Now most might write it off as like dude. Jeremy.
Its just you know lu saying that hes excited for tonight. Its probably gonna be a lot of drama. Obviously mmm as in who tuned in see what happened.

if loving you is wrong who is alexs baby father-0
if loving you is wrong who is alexs baby father-0

But i actually caught on his son. I think i was talking with a series and a couple other people about this a few hours ago. And i think it was in the previous episode or the episode before i forgot which one but either way somebody on the phone was talking with uh natalie.
I think it was esperanza or marcy and they commented on how theyre lucky how to have a good man like lucien and natalie said yeah and ill cut or ill kill a bitch to protect him or something like that and i didnt think much of it im just like yeah. Thats natalie just reconfirming that you know what have a good man then a few episodes prior. She was like a bit defensive against esperanza you know im getting sick.
Yall. Calling for my man and once again. I didnt think too much of it but based off that caption that malik posted on instagram the shock factor of a latrine to dna papers and then on top of that you know lucian just once again being like this superhero amongst.
Everybody on the street. Do you think. It is possible that we just got semi confirmation at its solution whose name is on the paperwork.
Im just saying like im im still on the in train. If you will that in is definitely the father but twists and turns my god can you imagine that if you know we dont find out if we as the audience does not find out whose names on the paperwork until maybe three episodes later or maybe even the next season. Because as of right now it seems not confirmed.
But it seems that next weeks episode entitled jennifer is like the season finale for season four and then when the show returns. Whenever probably like late july or august. Then it will be season five and then maybe then well figure out whose name is on the paperwork.
I dont know for sure well just have to wait and see. But if lucien is the guy that would be some messed up stuff because remember how i did the video a few weeks ago. Did.

if loving you is wrong who is alexs baby father-1
if loving you is wrong who is alexs baby father-1

Alex also have an affair with me and im like its possible. I just dont want it to be the case. Because you know theres so many few good guys on the show you got lucien you got in so i dont know and then it turned out that yeah.
It seems he did with jennifer so then we moved to lucien where its like come on man no not lu not lu so once again. I dont want to make a mountain out of a molehill. But we do theories on this channel.
So im just saying once again brad posted. The thing about the dna test results and like i said in that theory video. Im like it wouldnt surprise me at the cliffhanger as the doctor with the notes.
Alex eases. But the author alex sees it but the audience. We dont i was right now with this i am taking a caption from an theyre on the show and possibly saying and i did they might be hinting towards something i dont know.
But if lucien is the father my gosh natalie is gonna have a fit well just have to wait. And see what happens i mean oh my gosh so let me know what you think who do you think is to fight is it brad randall. I think it is definitely not either one of them with ian.
Im still leaning towards the end. I think ian is the father lucian based off that caption and then the line from natalie over the past few episodes. It has me wondering so with that being said let me know your thoughts in the comment section.
Below this crap is crazy. But as always please subscribe and before ending this video. This is my final recording before the episode airs at it is literally 759 so in a couple hours new episode airs.

if loving you is wrong who is alexs baby father-2
if loving you is wrong who is alexs baby father-2

I just want to say thank you all so much over the past 6 days not week. But like 6 days. I have done so many if loving you is wrong videos.
However when this show was coming back. I said for the sake of everyone i will review. It i had a ton of requests.
I did not think i remember saying back then ill do a pass or abusing trail breakdowns at the least because you all know i dont think if loving you is wrong has enough material. So me so i can go in depth like i do with the haves and have nots. Ive been proven wrong this baby thing has been crazy over the past not even a full.
Week the channel has gotten well over 300000. Hits thanks to those ian and alex videos. I cannot believe it this baby mama.
Thing has blown up to near lion tattoo proportions so once again thank you and the channel grew in like a thousand people and only 2 or 3 days now the channel itself 75000 thats gonna be the final quarter to my long term goal of 100000. Subscribers. Once i hit 75.
Ill be doing a contest announcement like i said the plan is god did get paid yesterday paid my bills have money left over the plan is for 25 gift cards and bunch of tyler perry dvds. You know plays movies. Thankfully.
Walmart. Has like a bunch of them in like 374. 5.

if loving you is wrong who is alexs baby father-3
if loving you is wrong who is alexs baby father-3

Bin. I think itll be a great idea to kind of give back and celebrate this milestone. The contest video this obviously is not the video.
But the video itself i will do that when the time comes so if if everything goes well we should hit that number before friday. Im really estimating that between tonight and tomorrow. The channel should blow up based off how well this episode.
Does tonight. So im really hoping seventy five thousand happens. I know it will i just hope it happens before the end of the week.
So once again thank you all so much you all reinforce my confidence. And doing other shows outside of the house and a half not so when these shows eventually come to an end. I have no problem jumping aboard in another show and will keep the channel rolling so once again thanks so much for tuning in let me know your thoughts on the aleutian plot subscribe and ill talk to you soon congratulations on making it to the end of this video.
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if loving you is wrong who is alexs baby father-4
if loving you is wrong who is alexs baby father-4

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