Exploring an $8,000,000 Dentists Custom Abandoned Mansion | FOUND A HUMAN SKULL

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Is up guys welcome back to another free photography. Abandoned mansion adventure guys first and and foremost. We got to say thanks to ryden ryder and zenning with zay for us up with this gorgeous massive abandoned mansion.
A lot of the abandoned mansions. That weve been doing are more like real estate tours. Theyre not much decayed.
Theres not much dust and destruction or damage guys. This abandoned mansion has got uh. Quite a bit of dust.
And quite a bit of uh damage coming from the ceiling. No dope guys nobody has lived in this mansion for a very long time not too sure what the deal is for this mansion. But were going to check it out were going to explore it so thanks to ryden writer.
Thanks eddie mosay their links are down below. So guys lets quit messing around cue the music cue the intro see you guys on the flip side applause music applause music this video is sponsored in part by loom cube lume cube lives to help us create better content hit the link in the video. Description below to shop.
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At checkout for 10 off your loom cube. Purchase. Okay guys.
We are going to start big and right now we are in the main lobby in foyer with the grand staircase. Chandelier and just a beautiful beautiful sight to walk into here is your front door so as you walk in the front door and you turn yourself around you see all kinds of awesomeness. So this is a beautiful mansion.
Very excited to be here thanks brendan ryder. Thanks dennys day okay guys so lets get started in this room. Which looks to be a sitting area possibly a dining area interesting shaped uh window right here and as we move around youve got a curved feature at the front of the house and come around.
I am going to turn my light up come around theres a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Very nice chandelier not glass. But always the plastic so lets cover this main floor and well just go from there lots of uh decorative stuff going on dont know what these things really are at all guys i dont even think you know these things open but theres maybe theyre candle holders guys i dont know for the flower police these are fake flowers all right i know you guys like to find plants and trees and flowers and claim that the place im in is not abandoned well those are plastic guys okay whats in here nothing okay all right i have not even looked around guys so were all in this together.
I dont even know what im seeing what im gonna see here. Though guys heres some damage on the floor. That has dropped down from the ceiling and as we move over this way.
If you look up towards the skylight and we come down. Theres quite a bit of uh plaster and ceiling that has collapsed and fallen down on here as you can see heading on back. Here guys got some giraffes here very nice.
What we got in here got a box. Whats in the box guys lets have a look see here dedicated to the memory of our loved one im going to show that some remembrance okay guys. This is a box from a funeral thats what that is that was in there so someone like me person who lived here has passed away.
And that was the book of condolences inside. There all right guys look at this giant eagle statue. What do you think of that and then theres this huge thing right here a screwdriver right there on the floor.
A couple of really nice chairs here guys have a seat and then there is a what is up guys in the mirror for you what do we got we got a bathroom here toilets wipes. What is up guys. And what is up guys.
This is probably just a closet. Oh theres coats in the closet. Holy crap.
Guys air compressor and a number of jackets with leather jackets and uh stuff. Like that wow take a look at the lobby in foyer from this angle. Guys isnt this beautiful all right lets head on into this room check out the floor guys.
The floor is very warped from time and water damage and heat have a look at that guys completely warped applause. Theres a pretty lady right there we got a fireplace here. A couple of chandeliers and then you got this guy just.
Chilling hey and again some plaster from from the ceiling has made its way down onto the floor again guys were doing this tour. Together. I havent even walked through this house yet so i dont know whats what whats where what were gonna find ive only really seen a few photos from rhythm rider.
You got here theres some bags and stuff.

who is credited with getting portugal involved in exploration-0
who is credited with getting portugal involved in exploration-0

Its in here a bunch of seats warped floor here and then we got some nintendo ds games piled up there and check this out guys big hunk of water damage came through from uh. The toilet bathroom up above down the floor. All over the floor guys.
Thats not often something we see in these abandoned mansions. Theyre usually in really good condition again the warping of the floor from heat and cold caused quite a bit of damage there and now well move on into the kitchen. Here guys youve got a nice large island right in the middle of the kitchen.
And the island has a stove top burners dining room table here is a nice nook to sit in and have breakfast stainless steel stove and here weve got a rotisserie for cooking your chicken inside here up the chimney. A pair of glasses. There now the fridge is on guys.
I can hear the fridge humming. But theres not much going on in there. Though whats in there all right about the freezer nothing in the freezer.
And then all of these cupboards. Oh we got some shot glasses. In there beer glass.
Another beer glass mugs nothing nothing look at all the toilets guys look at all the growth in that back porch. Nothing what about up top guys nothing down below. Oh.
We got some stuff here guys lights black light smoke detector more lights much more lights. Many more like more lights. All right guys lets move along another fridge here whoa look at all the ice build up wow.
Check this out guys hold on i gotta come around this side. Hey look at him stuffed all right. And then what happens in here.
Is this just another closet yeah music corkscrew kirkland signature brand corkscrew guys all right. And then this is probably the dining room given its uh location by the kitchen again plastic guys plastic chandelier its nice though okay lets do the upstairs last so lets head on over this way and so well check out the basement. And well check out the garage.
Lets go do the garage first thatll take us upstairs after see here puffs kleenex. Thank you for colors whats up guys okay guys were in the garage hyundai baby seat in the back thats weird eh that is very weird guys. Its mocked thats always strange guys to find a car in the garage of an abandoned house.
Very strange nice barbecue whats this theres two doors this ones locked. So that must come from downstairs. Yeah.
This one goes upstairs. Yeah okay were figuring in a place out guys. Were getting there lock that door behind me all right so lets go head out and down and check the basement.
Because i have a feeling upstairs is going to be really cool lets go guys dark down here. Okay. Nice.
Big mirror throw. What is up guys got some cassette tapes here a love seat and a chair bouncy ball chairs. I bet you there was a pool table down here at one time rubiks cube right there okay guys more water damage right there and here you can see the carpet has been pulled up for some reason head back here into a laundry room.
And there is a well theres a sombrero there a large uh freezer furnace and then that pretty girl and lets see here this is just a cold storage room. Guys i did see one other room check out the stairs from the bottom hey wow. Whoa okay.
We have a lot of rooms. Here yeah. Theres that door that we saw guys so heres another kitchen tennis racket this skull right here guys check them out golf clubs the next picture there all right whats this its got a key another laundry room.
I know got a toilet there and the bidet shower music trying to go slower guys. I know you guys like when i slow down when im filming. Its hard to see me when it was what is up guys.
When i got my light on photos here sleeping bag another laundry room. What do we got here guys storage room. Oh theres a sword came in this box so its obviously not here anymore.
But thats pretty cool trump mavericks at work why we want you to be rich huh so basically books about wealth thats what all these are guys yep nothing in there moving along guys some shirts with hawaiian shirts in there very nice our shirts in there and then another uh library. Okay where are we going to start lets start at the top guys romance classic library set with bookends all right a whole bunch of golf balls like a whole bunch of golf balls. Its in here.
Its heavy.

who is credited with getting portugal involved in exploration-1
who is credited with getting portugal involved in exploration-1

Oh lets see here okay. Because i brought this down. So.
This is just some kind of like a dining set here books about sales business books. This kid right here home decor. So this is just a bunch of books guys just got a library here theres nothing in there not interesting whatever that is so not a bad basement guys all in all that just goes up and then outside so this must be a separate living quarters yeah all right lets head back upstairs guys.
Im gonna take a wide view of these stairs beautiful eh wow okay guys now were gonna go upstairs check out the bottom of the stairs wow wow. See all the dust guys and plaster okay guys. Time to go explore the upstairs.
It is warm in this house guys okay guys here. We are upstairs foyer as you can see theres a balcony and a walkway. All the way around so you can check out the whole place from above beautiful views.
Okay. There is the way up from the garage. There and then here is what im gonna guess is probably the master bedroom.
Nice floor to ceiling windows its hot up here guys walk in closet. And its full of clothes guys and suits. Theres some ties here and then theres all kinds of suits in different styles and different colors.
And then theres more behind us here. Too this guy oh they still got the tags on him wow. And then theres a bathroom in here toilet day towels still hanging check out this tub.
Wow. Whats up guys hope you guys are liking this one. So far.
I know i am now. There is a second bathroom right over here there we go toilet bidet brown guys brown toilet brown bidet. Not too sure how i feel about that and look at this beautiful round jacuzzi tub surrounded by mirrors guys check it out beautiful.
Whats up guys all right so. We had lights up and around here all right since were on this side. Lets stick to this side.
And well check out each room this one a lot of dust on the floor. You can see a few footprints from the few explorers whove been here. I believe as of right now.
Theres only been four people in this house including myself as far as i know and judging by the lack of footprints in here. I think im right dusty very dusty up here empty room with a blue chair in the corner music okay lets head over to the other side. I see some things over there that are of interest.
This is a nice little place to stand here check out that staircase from above okay guys. I think were coming up on a cool room. I saw some things i see a few a couple of rooms over on this side with things in them.
So what do we got here well. We got this guy very cool and we have uh what looks like a well we have some body parts here a jaw possibly a brain. Another skull right there computer and monitor man.
Theres a lot of stuff in this room. Guys. All the lights are turned on if you look here these lights are turned on yeah now theyre off look at all this stuff.
Some life is beautiful guys got some currency from other countries here and i bet you theres going to be guitar in here. Lets see oh no its gone guys guitar the hats still here though i dont even know where to look guys. Theres so much stuff in here.
And theres another bathroom in here. Whats up guys so you got the toilet and then you stand up and then you turn around and you sit on the bidet. Thats a little bit more functional than having a toilet here and the bidet over here guys well head on into this closet here.
And it looks like oh we got a golf club here hockey puck. This is some random old cameras giant lighter thats about it guys. Its about it nice room.
Though i like the curve of the wall and the lights here very cool and these guys here like these guys okay guys lets head on theres a couple more rooms and then were gonna wrap this one up. Theres just a random empty bedroom and then theres a shared bathroom between two rooms another bidet toilet uh pairing and then we come on into another bedroom guys. And theres quite a bit of stuff just randomly scattered this looks like some socks and underwear perfectly brand new pair of shoes probably never worn yep more golf balls and then over here.
Theres a bunch of golfing stuff bags ties this whole box is full of ties guys.

who is credited with getting portugal involved in exploration-2
who is credited with getting portugal involved in exploration-2

What is up ties clothes and some cologne and smell good stuff. Hey and then over here. Theres just a little bit more random just random stuff guys okay guys let me slow things down a bit and ill uh do some.
Wide panning shots of the different rooms of the house. Well put some music down and then well come back and wrap this video up so stay tuned. Lets just take a nice quiet.
Look through this house music. Do music. So.
Music music. So music. Music.
Music. Music. Music.
Music. Music music music. Do music.
Music. So. Music.
Applause music. What is up guys guys look. What i found i was in the basement.
Looking around in the garage. And i found these guys with their teeth all busted and yellowed and stuff doesnt look good guys. Its not looking good for these guys at all whats up guys.
What is up guys. What is up guys. What is up guys these guys laughing at hey.
Whats so funny here okay guys that wraps this one up this has been a good one pretty interesting find here guys hey we got mr. Skull. We got this guy right here.
Wearing his hands cowboy out with his eyeball popping out guys. This has been a great abandoned mansion and i gotta say thank you so much to my good. Buddy ryden.
Ryder and zenni jose for hooking us up with this awesome abandoned mansion. This is a good one guys very very cool so guys a couple of things before we head out number one number one make sure you hit that like button number two drop. Me a comment down below guys.
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Thanks for watching thanks for subscribing. What do we always say what is up guys peace. What is up guys.
What is up guys. What is up guys. What is up guys.
What is up guys. What is up guys music you .

who is credited with getting portugal involved in exploration-3
who is credited with getting portugal involved in exploration-3

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