Family 15 Years Later

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Honey do i hear the sound of chicken bones. Approaching the disposal. No you hear hear the sound of chicken bones being disposed of you cant just throw everything there and expect it to disappear.
Its not the ocean francine and shut up klaus that wasnt even a burn. Yeah klaus when im burned. Ill let you know okay so no chicken down the disposal.
But how about fish thats thats funny thats making me laugh. And ive decided to join in the joke francine the switch okay now put me down. If you insist now youre making me laugh.
And making me kind of hot. Thats you i guess you can put chicken down the drain. Yeah closes in the disposal.
Tell that idiot pieces of shit are supposed to go in the toilet for the ice cream store my treat remember im a rum raisin guy cool ill put some in a waffle cone and throw it in the trash fish yep that was the last straw. Im leaving its too late for apologies nothing could make it right not even acknowledging my existence in any way all right klaus. Whats all this youre selling lemonade.
No im leaving. Ive never asked for anything. But a little respect and its clear.
Im not going to get it okay okay ill buy a lemonade. Im not selling lemonade. Im leaving forever one day youll all regret how you treated me should we stop him the lemonade guy.
Hes just being dramatic. Hell be back okay kids help out with the groceries jeff junior you stop drawing rockets shooting lasers on my windows closed id klaus the fish shes i havent seen him since he walked out music go for the stannum. Oh oh.
When yeah.

who is the guy at the end of american dad-0
who is the guy at the end of american dad-0

I know where francines house. Is thats where i used to sleep in my car until a judge and i came to a mutual agreement that francine be awarded that car and i remain 80 yards away at all times. Hey you know the deal neither of us gets to do it until i can afford a second bullet music steve.
Its been years hello mother i follow your company on news to graham you just bought freaking hawaii as a place to store my shoes. Im doing quite well yes is he here of course. Hes here hes my husband now and hes your father.
He is not my father. Hes my ex best friend manju amalfi toshi. You finally learned another language and you chose french thats the kind of kissing.
He does everyone papa toshi whoa. You only had one kid in your christmas card. That was ten years ago.
I wish you were 15 you must be the little darlings. My daughters been keeping from me as a good mother i try to shield them from drunk housewives and bad haircuts. I hope you like it i pulled the scout to know oh by myself.
Thats noah. Were a little worried about him has trouble staying else what up sluts happy klaus is funeral roger my floor kill right above ground traffic is for poor people. I got here from tokyo in 20 minutes bored right through the core no pores in the car baby fela.
Why arent you stealing anything damn how the hell did you get in my house. I still have a key to the back door dad. Its good to you look alive.
Oh. You noticed sorry im late gang. I was busy being awesome eating really expensive cookies whenever i want swimming in all the oceans and not having any parasites well.
Im sure youd all like to unpack hailey.

who is the guy at the end of american dad-1
who is the guy at the end of american dad-1

You take your old room steve. You share the attic with roger toshi and i turned your bedroom into an ass blast. Tutorial real creative hey dont turn my kitchen into a sass packet aureum stan.
Theres a blanket in the basement sure i guess i could cancel my suite at the four seasons and my expensive prostitute music can you believe these little drills are optional. If i didnt have a little drill. Id kill myself like klaus.
Im assuming it was a suicide do we know did we care i dont know the woman who called douglas angeles my jerk off robot or whats my regular robot the woman who called douglas was light on details of klaus is death. Which is the topic of this conversation. Master you seem tense would you lie to jerk me off.
Wait you do him awkward thank you all for coming on such short notice. Im sister madeline. I met klaus while passing out food and blankets on skid row excuse.
Me stan smith. Id like to start by saying. I was invited so im allowed to be here now where are you passing out these free blankets.
I was with klaus in his final moments. He requested that i gather you all together and show you this video dearest smiths. I bet you always wondered what happened to good old klaus nope.
Not me oh well after i left my life went downhill. I caught hep c. From a plum at the 99 cent store and because i didnt have insurance.
I joined the army but they sent me directly to the moon wars where i went completely insane. After my brain wasnt tested with moon. Mites snuff film.
You should be ashamed of yourselves.

who is the guy at the end of american dad-2
who is the guy at the end of american dad-2

You all turned your back on your friend and he died alone. What do you want us to do about it lady give him a proper funeral. Say some nice things throw in one of those blankets youve been yapping about and we got a deal.
But i want it up front. Ive been burned before fine. Well throw klaus a stupid funeral and will you feel better.
This isnt about me. Its about klaus oh. But it is about me.
And its about klaus for i am klaus sorry. Did you say something oh just conversing with the lord. Hes the best you know okay.
Remember the blanket. So everyone has their assignments for klaus is funeral preparations by the way wheres jeff. I sent him home with the kids he wasnt here when we had klaus.
What yes. He was im assuming based on the information available to anybody come on lets get this over with this isnt something to get over with its a chance to come to terms with the great loss you all must feel quick question youre klaus right. What whos klaus thats not what youd say okay this family owes me an apology.
They were wrong to treat me so badly and once the sobering reality of my funeral hits them theyll sob their way theyll beg the heavens for my return huh. So its a goof thats pretty cool. Oh.
You know would it be a good way to reveal youre alive when theyre kneeling in front of your casket. Just like fart really loud. No wait thats too good i want to do that oh man.
I am gonna be the head of a funeral. .

who is the guy at the end of american dad-3
who is the guy at the end of american dad-3

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