Jimmy Kimmel Talks to Perfectly Named People

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Selfie day so take a picture of yourself and share it with everyone. But you you can see now we have up on the screen. Some very interesting people every in a while you come across a person whose name fits his or her occupation like if youre.
A lawyer and your name is sue for instance. So we scoured the country for people with named that match their jobs. They are joining us now on the wall of america our big cisco screen hello.
Everybody how are you guys doing cheers and applause okay good lets get to know you one at a time were going to start with sun prairie wisconsin. This gentleman is a volunteer firefighter. How many years have you been doing this 30 years.
Jimmy jimmy. 30 years. Youve been doing it.
And your name is les mcburney. Jimmy les mcburney cheers and applause good you go in with a hose and you literally make things less mcburney there you go jimmy did having this name influence your decision to become a firefighter. It did not jimmy it did not no jimmy do people mention it to you a lot only when on the internet.
I did an investigation and it hit the worldwide web and thats pretty much the end of that jimmy thats probably how we found you too. Les mcburney. Would also be a good name for a urologist laughter.
So i dont. Know if you have any sons or anything. But thank you les you are indeed perfectly named next up.
We head to austin.

name someone who is famous for helping people-0
name someone who is famous for helping people-0

Texas. To meet a perfectly named dentist. Hello.
There how are you hey jimmy how are you doing. Jimmy. Im doing well are you in your dental office.
Right now. Yes. Yes.
I am sticking around a little late. Jimmy anyone waiting to have a cavity filled or anything no not yet. Were all done for the day.
Jimmy. How long have you been dentisting laughter. Ive been a dentist for 19 years.
Jimmy and do you like it good job to have yeah. Yeah. Ive enjoyed it jimmy do you ever take a hit off the nitrous oxide just to make sure.
Its still working laughter. No youve got to be careful with that kind of stuff. We dont do that jimmy jimmy we have not revealed your name yet.
But do people mention it to you a lot yes.

name someone who is famous for helping people-1
name someone who is famous for helping people-1

All the time people choose me just because my name sticks out on their insurance list laughter. Jimmy all right lets find out your name your name is i am. Dr.
Chip silvertooth cheers and applause jimmy thats a good name and doctor how much does it cost to fix a chipped silver tooth it depends what we need jimmy hey. I heard that some dentists were saying you dont need to floss anymore. That its a waste of time do you believe in flossing of course.
I believe in flossing jimmy there we go chip silvertooth believes in flossing. Cheers and applause next. Lets go all the way to noblesville indiana.
To meet a perfectly named contractor. Hello. There how are you hello perfectly named contractor.
Im great how are you jimmy im doing well did you build the kitchen. We see behind you actually i did yes jimmy i would hope so how often do people comment on your name surprisingly not as much as you might think i might get it maybe once a month. Jimmy once a month.
Okay well lets reveal your perfect name and so everyone can enjoy it hi. My name is paul schwinghammer. Cheers and applause.
Jimmy schwinghammer are you from are there a lot of schwinghammers in your area. Well surprisingly where i grew up down in the southern part of indiana. The schwinghammer name is as common as stempenogel and gromerstopper jimmy schwinghammer is good for construction or porn.
By the way laughter.

name someone who is famous for helping people-2
name someone who is famous for helping people-2

Which gets more attention. The hammer or the schwing part of it laughter well because of waynes world. I do get the schwing thing.
Quite a bit jimmy that must have been a nightmarish time for you in the90s. Yeah. It still comes up every noun and then jimmy.
Im glad you could move past that thank you very much paul and finally we go to west hills california. And what may i ask do you do for a living. Maam.
I am a gynecologist jimmy you are a gynecologist an ob gyn you deliver babies. I assume i have delivered babies for the past 19 years and i stopped delivering about four months ago. Jimmy all right and your perfect name is my name is dr.
Lauren hymen. Cheers and applause jimmy do you ever say dr. Hymen at your cervix laughter.
I think i hear that once a week. Jimmy you should start using it i was told when you got married you decided to keep your maiden name what name could your husband possibly. Have you that you decided to keep your maiden name.
Dr. Krovitz isnt that interesting and at that point. I was already in practice my last name had become the perfect calling card oso.
I went from hiding my last name to just leaning in jimmy sometimes you have to just dive right into it dont. .

name someone who is famous for helping people-3
name someone who is famous for helping people-3

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