Lamar Jackson’s Epic Rookie Mixtape: From Backup to Youngest QB to Start in Playoffs

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Know 30 second pick off item and i hope i dont with my soul soul for no reason. You know i felt this was kind of flaw with a second pick in the 2018 nfl draft the baltimore ravens select lamar jackson quarterback louisville a ravens team that is struggling to stay in the hunt in the afc north. So its lamar jackson to come out get his first start as a professional and win here today you can bet.
He did it the hard way this was insane this is not 2018 football. This is tim tebow with with even a greater arm like a year ago. If the ravens can stop the bangles here.
Its over fourth and three dalton. A throw is past his sideline. Amazing performance.
Weve been waiting for this since the draft 27 aries pretty unbelievable that is the most in a single game in the civil air. Oh yes sustaining for right now for the simple fact that cincinnati bengals went into this game. Knowing one thing.
Lamar jackson is really fast hes gonna drop back hes gonna take off and hes gonna run the ball and hes still wait for over 100 yards. That was fully different offensive. We saw the last four weeks and it was better first up applause taking a deep applause music applause music jackson chloe end zone or close to it katie hearst for the touchdown.
What a response from the ravens offense jackson passed his first career. And it bill touched up real good feel by lamar jackson. Hell run the option to the right breaks a tackle.
Hes in the five lunges for the pylon touchdown lamar. Jackson. One he will remain the starter as long as theyre winning and as far as hell take theyll go into the postseason.
Itll be a playoff team with lamar jackson hell throw.

who is the quarterback for the baltimore ravens-0
who is the quarterback for the baltimore ravens-0

Hes got a man wide open max williams who is in for the touchdown lamar. Jackson throw to the end zone touchdown. John doe.
The ravens 20 for the chiefs. 17. He took the chiefs to overtime in his first time ever on arrowhead stadium and again.
Hes about 22 years old lar jackson can take this team as far as that defense will let them go for the first time. In 11. Years.
A healthy. Joe flacco comes in as the backup quarterback music really. Nice.
Wolf bother. Hookie quarterback who gives me the best chance to win and its the margin. But does lamar jackson have the talented arm.
Yes. He does this has been the best throwing stretch. Weve seen throwing down the seam.
Youve got his rookie tighter than drew jet to tackle 2010. High much down. A 68 yard throw.
And catch.

who is the quarterback for the baltimore ravens-1
who is the quarterback for the baltimore ravens-1

And a beautifully thrown football by lamar jackson. This is beautiful execution good job by lamar jackson eyes up good throw nice catch out there in front of him is his second attempt. They continue to choose to throw it in the middle.
Its caught to midfield how hes got the ability to make paul to throw big time throw by that young man. But lamar jackson has won games. And its got the teams confidence.
Lamar jackson has totally turned the franchise around this team is so much better with lamar quarterback right side of the line jackson will make it run right up the middle. Hes to the 15 10 5 touchdown. That put the ravens back in front.
I mean that guy is electric. Its a power show. Lamar jackson well keep him off the right side hurdles.
A man hes in for a second touchdown. What a fantastic job by lamar jackson. He fakes out the guy whos going to take the quarterback jackson takes it 25 yards for the touchdown.
That is the recipe for success up against anybody you start to sense that the momentum has shifted in the ravens favor crabtree zones appeased out of her a touchdown. A miracle outcome not out of the question looking right nothing theyre looking left nothing theyre spreading to the right throws back across his body of thought what a play lamar jackson scrambling to the right throws to the end zone complete the crabtree the goal line this jane. But a lot of people who thought hes probably not ready to play year one at quarterback.
He has played a year one at quarterback. Its got more rushing yards in his last five games and todd gurley. They all get a super bowl.
Out of me leader leader .

who is the quarterback for the baltimore ravens-2
who is the quarterback for the baltimore ravens-2

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