Learn English: How to wish someone in person and on Facebook

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And welcome back to engvid today. We have a really special lesson planned for you you in this lesson. Youll learn how to wish somebody in person or in email or on facebook.
During the happy and sad occasions of our lives. Okay. Now actually ive learned different languages and even though sometimes you learn all kinds of complex words and all kinds of difficult things sometimes.
Its hardest to say the simplest wishes and greetings in the natural way that they should flow. When somebody tells you good news or bad news. Okay so this is to review in case.
You dont know. And there may be some situations. Where youre not not really sure at all what to say so try to do this quickly with me.
Im going to give you a situation and you tell me quickly. What do you say to a person in that situation now some of them are going to be pretty obvious. And some maybe not okay are you ready lets get started okay.
What do you to say to someone on their birthday. Happy birthday good now as i ask you if you want or you need more time then just pause and say it okay. But really were going to do this quite fast so on a birthday.
We say happy birthday later ill tell you what else you can write. Besides happy birthday. Okay your friend has a job interview before they go for the job interview.
What do you say there are a number of possibilities here. But tell me something quickly you can say good luck. You could say all the best all right good.
Its your friends anniversary. What do you say to them you say happy anniversary yes. That.
Works okay you can also say congratulations . But happy anniversary is fine. Its january 1st and you see a friend.
What do you say to him happy new year. Okay good its somebodys wedding day. What do you say to them usually we just say congratulations okay again later ill tell you what else you can say after that basic word.
But you at least want to get the basic words out of your mouth right good. Now. We dont always do this.
But often we do say something before someones about to eat like a nice meal or something. Like that and the strange part is we say something in french because we dont actually have something in english to say before youre about to sit down to eat a nice meal. So have you heard what people say before someone is about to eat a nice.
Fancy. Meal have you heard we. Say bon app tit.
. Which in french means good appetite. Okay.
So thats something for you to learn all right your friend. Tells you that shes pregnant. And you say congratulations okay.
Next. Someone is introduced to you okay. So what do you say to them you put out your hand.
And you say nice to meet you by the way depending on the culture and the situation. You dont always put out your hand for to shake hands. But what you say is nice to meet you okay good.
If someone has helped you a lot through a difficult situation or with a project. Something at work something at home. What do you say to someone who has helped you you say thank you okay this one you may or may not know.
If you havent been in this situation. Somebody loses someone that they love that means someone in their family passes away or dies. What are you supposed to say to them well there are a few possibilities so you could say my condolences okay the word is condolences okay please accept my condolences or im very sorry to hear that if you cant remember the word condolences or you feel its hard to pronounce or something just say im very sorry to hear that im very sorry for your loss.
Okay now in case. Youre not catching. Exactly what im saying.
What you can do during this lesson is to turn on the captions which we have and there youll see these words that im saying written down. And if theres anything you dont know then you could write them down for yourself. Which is also a very good way for you to remember okay so there.
Youll. Be able to write down like condolences congratulations . Exactly how to spell.
And write. These words.

what do you call someone who is good with words-0
what do you call someone who is good with words-0

Okay. Lets continue did you know or did you notice that in english when someone sneezes. We often say something to them do you know what that is its bless you okay all right bless you all right that actually comes from an earlier time because when somebody sneezed in the olden days.
It meant they were unwell and they were really not you were worried about them. And you didnt want them to die or anything like that so you blessed them so that they got back to good health. Okay thats it all right you heard that someone got a job so what do you say you say congratulations good youre trying to walk.
But somebodys in your way. So what do you say to them excuse me right good. Okay.
You heard that your friend had a baby. And you say congratulations okay good afterwards. Ill tell you what you can say after congratulations.
All right youre introduced to someone what do you say nice to meet you okay again with or without the handshake someone. Passes an. Exam your.
Friend tells you oh i passed the exam and you say congratulations all right now if your friend is going for the exam and you meet them before what could you say you could say all the best good luck okay good someones going away on holiday. What can you say to them well here. We dont have like a fixed phrase there.
Are a few possibilities you can say. Have a good holiday have a great time bon. Voya bon voyage bon voyage.
Okay. Thats it i got it bon voyage again its french its not english. So we do use that though okay next someone thanks you for something so what do you say they say thank.
You you say youre welcome okay. Thats the standard thing. There are many other possibilities you can say but usually we say youre welcome okay or if you want to go a little bit further you say my pleasure no problem it depends on the formality of the situation.
And what the situation was someone raises a glass. Say lets toast about bride and groom lets make a toast so everybody usually says cheers okay cheers good and if you make a mistake then say you forgot someones birthday. So you call and say im sorry okay.
Good. Im sorry all right so. Here.
You had a lot of words that are really should come to you easily so you need to practice them okay because life is not about just looking at the board. And knowing what to say life comes at you just like that right at random. Thats why i just wrote all kinds of situations.
Some are good some are bad. Some are sad some are exciting whatever and you have to have the answers at the moment right so sometimes congratulations . I.
m sorry . Thank you good luck all the best okay my condolences bon voyage bon app tit all of these things okay but now lets look a little bit further in the next part. What you can say after these basic greetings because what ive realized when i was looking at facebook a lot of.
People are just writing happy birthday happy. Birthday . Happy birthday.
happy. Birthday . Happy birthday.
And nobodys saying anything else so what else could you say besides that how can you personalize. It how can you humanize. It okay lets look at some possibilities.
Ill be back in a sec. All right now lets go over what are some things you could say after you say happy birthday . And some other wishes and greetings okay so here we go and this is especially useful as i said if youre writing.
It okay you can also say these things but especially if youre writing an email or youre writing on facebook. Or youre writing someone a message or youre writing in a greeting card or you work somewhere and they pass around a greeting card and you want to write something a little bit different okay. Its always nice and also try to think about who that person is for just one second to say something a little bit more than just happy birthday.
Okay wish them that little bit extra that makes it more meaningful so if its someones birthday you. Could say after that i wish you or we wish you depending on the situation. I wish you a year ahead.
Now. What could you say here all kinds of things personalize it depending on who youre talking to right you could say i wish you a wonderful year ahead very. General i wish you a beautiful year ahead i.
Wish. You an exceptional year ahead i. Wish you a brilliant year ahead .
I wish you a successful year ahead in business. Thats a very common greeting and a very nice wish for someone i wish you a very successful year ahead and if its somebody that youre really close to you can add on various adjectives. I wish you a happy healthy and prosperous year ahead.
Okay you dont have to say just one thing you can say many things all right. But its good to try to say something more than just the basic happy birthday all right okay next for someones wedding what.

what do you call someone who is good with words-1
what do you call someone who is good with words-1

Else could you say after congratulations you could say we wish you lots of happiness . We wish you a lifetime of joy together something like that okay next for a new job or somebody gets a promotion you could say the same thing. I wish you lots of success okay success is a good word to use around for academic achievements for professional achievements.
Anything like that a little bit more formal. Okay and exams. Someone tells you that theyve done very well.
And you say congratulations fantastic. I knew you could do it all right something like that something very encouraging all right in a in a difficult situation someone suffers a loss someone passes away you could say im so sorry for your loss again. We talked about my condolences and also we didnt talk about this before.
But if somebodys just ill. Okay you could say first of all get well soon okay and then in both of these situations of a loss or illness. You could add something personal like please let me know or please let us know if we can help in some way please let me know how i can help please let me know what i can do to help you okay just say the word something like that okay you could write it or say it.
Now when it comes to thanks and. Thank you again try to make it more meaningful. Okay dont just say thank you.
Thank. You. For.
What tell. Them okay thanks for . Or.
Thank. You okay. Thank you.
For. Your. Help thanks for.
Your. Support. thanks for.
Your kindness thank. You. For your encouragement your generosity .
Thank you for your business. Okay thats very important if youre writing to a customer or a client. Thank you for thank them for their business.
Okay they have many choices they chose you thank them let them know why youre thanking them. And you can write it like this by using the noun you. Could say thank you for your help or you could just say thank you.
For. Helping me thank. You.
For. Being. So kind thank.
You. For being so generous. .
Thank you for being so encouraging. Okay all kinds of things like that. And i am genuinely saying to you thank you for watching.
Engvid and thank you so much for subscribing. I hope to my youtube channel. Okay so you can continue to get lots of useful practical lessons to help you improve your english and most of all i want to say congratulations to you for taking ownership and taking control of your english.
All right i really admire you so. If youd like to take this. One.
Step. Further please visit our website. At.
Wwwengvidcom. There you can do a quiz on this. And really practice.
These expressions. So they flow easily because as i said in the most important times. Which are happy times or sad times you want to know that you know exactly what to say.
And you want it to come smoothly and easily from your mouth. Okay. Thanks.
Very. Much for watching bye for now. And all the best with your english bye.

what do you call someone who is good with words-2
what do you call someone who is good with words-2

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