Nursing Simulation Scenario: Type-1 Diabetes

a nurse is teaching a patient with type 1 diabetes mellitus who is beginning a complex This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Nursing Simulation Scenario: Type-1 Diabetes. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Want to ask you a question um. Im feeling a little confused overwhelmed with with luke being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. And i just theres theres much information to take in learn and im just so overwhelmed that theres theres different types of medication.
I have to take it certain times like before or after or during my meals. I dont even know um. I got to watch out for their signs of if i havent had enough insulin or i havent eaten or if ive eaten too much.
And didnt take my insulin and then theres hypo and hyper glycaemia which im not sure which one is good or which ones bad or both bad. So just a lot of information um. So i really wanted to ask if i could stay with you for maybe three or four days.
Maybe even longer so you could sort of help me out with all this oh. My gosh. Absolutely dear come on over you know bring all your stuff could stay in the guest room.
Okay you know and well work through this to garden. Thank you so much absolutely sure absolutely good morning good morning. How are you im doing well how are you pretty good good my name is blaine.
Im gonna do the nursing here you the chef okay okay hugly and you are uh my name is rustys or reb okay and your date of birth its uh november 6. 1989. Okay three and you are im mrs.
Zorek. Im rustys mother and hes going to be staying with me for a few days after hes discharged from the hospital. Okay just you know so that we can work together to kind of figure this whole thing sure great great so rest.
Youre okay. With your mom being here. Well.
We talked. Oh yeah. Yeah.
I want her here. Rightfully and how are you feeling today. Im feeling much better than the other day um.
Theres just so much information to learn um. I want to be able to deal with having diabetes. But theres a million details to remember and chill overwhelmed there right no theres a lot to learn um.
Were going to be going over a little bit of information. This morning. So itll be helpful to have mom here in palaces right um.
But right now im just going to go ahead and eat your blood sugar checked okay to see if need any insulin before breakfast wait again again while were in the hospital. Theres a lot that can alter that blood sugar. Okay.
So you just want to make sure that were giving you the proper amount. I feel like i need to stab all the time in my finger. I know and gonna be like this forever.
Yeah. It is its kind of confusing because it seems like you know hes doing it all the time so why do we have to do this well right now. Were just trying to get everything regulated okay kind of whats going on in your body.
So when you eat the foods that youre consuming are giving your body the energy the blood sugar amenities to make everything work properly. But um so with type one diabetes your body is not producing any insulin at all so we have to artificially kind of push that sugar that energy into the cells come to fuel your body correct. Oh.
I see so thats why i take it when i when i eat right okay. That what i make sure you have to know what it is in order for you to give me the right a certain amount of insulin right okay. So the whole goal is were gonna try and get your meals to correspond with the met vince line.
So that you kind of are on schedule. And it wont alter very much okay jens okay okay well and once were. Hes discharged will we have to be on a similar schedule.
Um for the most part like i said we try and regulate that um. So as long as your meals are kind of consistent. No cargo bar kokhba carbohydrates kind of affect that a lot um.
Were gonna kind of keep were gonna monitor your diet kind of keep it consistent consistency is key with diabetes okay so okay and then that this one should be kept pretty consistent too and theyll give you q. Tips you know if i cant eat at a certain time. Whats going to happen with your blood sugar.
And the rises and falls and things like that good okay great thanks sheriff you just go ahead and get your audience and here. Im gonna go over this and step by step detail. So.
If you kind of want to watch closely okay and see how its dime song that would be beneficial okay yeah. Im gonna stay with her for a few days so if you can thats probably a very good thing to some gloves on here booth always make sure where you start anything because you are drawn one make sure you do wash your hands before oh. But im putting on gloves.
But i did well something stupid okay but an alcohol swab here always make sure youre cleaning the pad of the finger before you do anything also okay okay i use the same thing for every single time. You can actually change it up over here to make it a little bit sore out of it oh i see only but basically what youre gonna do is youre gonna take one of the kind of lateral sides of the finger here just go ahead and clean the entire finger tip. Okay okay.
Before you even stick just go ahead. And start. If you put your hand down.
A little bit grab. You and draw that blood up. See how oh right yeah.
Like yeah. It is red okay. It means the bloods get in there.
And youll get a digit in there that way thats it that facilitates more blood coming out when you stab me with the thing yet okay. There you know there are the tips of your kind you got easier bloods. Not sure okay so you pull that up do good massage.
There take this little sticky thing okay just gonna hurt um. It shouldnt be too bad just little prick okay all right ready one two three ouch not too bad. No not too bad.
Well take this little strip here and get a good sample of blood okay okay. So how it filled up there. I do i do felt the whole the whole thing.
I see right okay. Okay. Then youll stick it in this machine.
Okay. Ill do the sample in just. Like that okay okay.
All right. See that yeah. Oh okay.
And then well take a couple seconds to kind of read you can take a little bit of gauze and just kind of youre not bleeding too much no no it actually stopped yeah. Very much yeah uncover something laws with that girl cosines to stop the bleeding okay. So.
I see here that your blood sugar. Is 190. Oh.
The radio right yeah alright. So im just gonna make note of that. If you know over here.
Okay is that is that its a good reading actually. 70 to 110 is a good read. Oh.
Honey your normal golden range. There the 190 will require a little bit of insulin. Um.
The quick note of the computer. Here okay. So i guess.
Thats a its a high reading for me. Yeah. Yeah.
All right. Im going to run out and grab your insulin and your breakfast tray okay since theyre supposed to be given. Together oh.
Great. Im absolutely stunned hi. Ben first thing in the morning.
Im sorry joe all right anything else you all about um. To just. Adjust.
The breakfast. Okay. Good enough.
Okay. Thank you hello again. Oh hey.
Im back good good cuz. I am starving. I know i see your breakfast tray beat me here yes all right well well try and make this as quick as pop.
Okay okay. Well just get that food right in your system. Okay great great um go ahead and state your name and date of birth again for me okay.
Its rusty zorro okay and its on november 6. 1989. Okay so we did that before we do it every time and every time make sure were given the right meds for the right patient okay.
Its very important round here all right um. You just check the docs orders here. Okay.
So your blood sugar. This morning. We got just a couple minutes.
Ago. Was 190. Right.
Yes. Yes. Yes.
So. According to the doc. Um.
Well be giving four units of insulin. Today.

a nurse is teaching a patient with type 1 diabetes mellitus who is beginning a complex-0
a nurse is teaching a patient with type 1 diabetes mellitus who is beginning a complex-0

Based on that reading of one 1900. Did did you call him or no. So he does um.
Whats called he has composed a sliding scale. Which basically means if your blood sugar falls. Within a certain range that hes already you know preconceived you will be given a certain amount of insulin based on that page okay so it can vary.
So the were reading this morning was super high like 270. Obviously wed be giving you a little bit more. Its going back down.
That make sense. Yeah. I all have that same deal at home.
I guess in order to know how much insulin to give myself okay okay. I got it all right. So.
What i have here is. The insulin pen oh. Wow.
That makes like a magic marker. Yeah. Its not interesting um.
So basically what youll see here is theres a little dial on this side here okay. And thats where youre going to adjust yourself how much insulin to give so each click is one unit. Oh.
Four units earlier based on that one 900. Easy yeah. Well yep.
So you just do one two three four. Okay okay okay it goes. 190.
Okay yep my name is ira. I would click it up higher and you can always if you mess up if you go too far you can back it down. Okay okay.
So nothings totally set. In stone. Until youve actually pushed this button.
Here. Okay okay. I use this one time.
Well you can use the pen each time. If you see here. Theres no needle on there.
Yet. Oh insulin. In there.
It. Oh wow. Very interesting.
Okay. Um. Actually is that theres betty could you come.
In here. For a quick second. Hi.
There rusty. How are you oh hello. Howdy.
Again yes. Taking her yesterday. Yes.
You were yes. Yes. So were getting ready to give insulin here okay okay.
All right sc that says uh rustys arab november 6. 1989. Okay all right lets see what your order is here okay your sliding scale wide scale 190.
So youre supposed to have four units have a look. Im here to have their okay you got four units cool all right all right all right great studio it gives to you she had double check with you yeah. It was a big thing here that we take very seriously so we just have to make sure that everything is correct and according to what the doc is prescribed the dosing is that important absolutely okay yeah.
Um. Because did the doc talk to you about hypoglycemia. Yet um.
Briefly. Im ive heard oh. Ive heard that word before natalie do i know what that word means not so.
Much all right. So hypo means less than lower okay. I see mia comes from that blood sugar.
Okay. So its blood sugar. Okay.
So what happens with insulin thats why we always give it with food. When you give this insulin. It takes all the sugar thats in that blood and it drives it into the cell.
My brother youre talking about okay right so if you are giving this insulin with no blood sugar. It causes that blood sugar to bottom out okay. So the fluid kind of counteracts.
Whats going on with the insulin tyrannize. She all right sense. So youre giving your body.
The energy needs without causing any type side effect. I see you take it so you take it with the meal. Absolutely if you if i like missed a meal and i took it then my blood sugar would would drop and bobby hypoglycemic current right oh and then you get all kinds of kind of scary side effects shaky right confusion.
That hey hey oh. I should watch out for those kind of side effects. Solutely.
And thats one thing that you should be aware of too much because it can be a little bit scary for him just kind of take note of those symptoms okay got it yeah. Well make sure to cool to identify that yeah okay so injections are always given in the abdomen okay that always gives us that provides the fastest absorption okay um so you can kind of rotate sides just like you do with the finger stick okay. So youll put the same spot every time nope and so whats unique to this is youll ill show you how to do it obviously.
But youre gonna put it in and when you press down on this little button here thats gonna inject the insulin and youre gonna leave this in place for 10 seconds. Oh okay. That allows all that insulin to be absorbed marsh got it yeah.
It seems pretty straightforward. I dont do that so im gonna demonstrate mom you can watch you can watch as well so i can start to 100. Oh no okay so this is gonna go in my abdomen maca.
Yeah. Thats probably gonna hurt yeah. Like the finger stick youll get used to it.
Oh okay okay. Alright. You can eat.
So you wont feel too. Much about anything i squeeze a finger. Okay okay.
Lets go lets go ahead. And do that all right cool. All right let me just get all the ids and stuff scanned all right buddy and that okay and ill scan mine so that im giving it to you okay go ahead and get my gloves on here so ill be doing this at home mom myself right i dont have to have heard you i can do it myself yeah.
Thats another perk without being in the stomach is that you vote hands free. So you can can do it yourself. The pen is really simple it sounds complicated second is to really use that pen again and again.
And yeah. The needle gets cheese every time okay so you got to make sure to just part of that oh be careful you dont get stuck with it okay okay um again just like the finger stick youre gonna always want to clean the site okay if you want to go ahead and get that stomach lifted up a little bit for me either thats perfect yeah. Daniel clean always a larger area than you intend to to stick okay the get rid of like bacteria.
Yeah yeah yep always trying to prevent infections okay you can pull this cap off okay keep the cap you can reuse it okay same thing youre going to clean the tip of this eye because youre reusing. It it gets exposed okay so for some like my admin and then clean. The tip of that okay and because each time this needle is brand new um.
Fiat elgin right here its sterile okay so unless you touch this you dont have to necessarily clean this i see and so thats the one that you put on every time. Im here right and fill that out when youre done. And youre done yep.
Oh. This just screws in like this oh sorry no no it wont go any further. Okay got it if t okay this cap will come off okay you can get rid of that and then this is always protected always be careful to stick yourself cuz youre dealing with needles.
But it is kinda has some safety measures attached to a peg and then you can take this needle off okay. Okay unscrews like this and that goes in the sharps. You always wanted okay meaner okay okay and then you put the cap right back on okay.
I can stay away out and were done with my my bella girl. Exactly right no blood there no theres not ample will actually just apply a little bit of guys okay sure that you dont have any bleeding guys you can hold that all hair okay guys a little bit okay. Its good very good right questions do we have anything what is it that was pretty easy okay.
Im um. I think id like to give myself the injection next time. Not okay absolutely so i can sort of show you that i know how to do it you can correct me.
If im doing it for sure and mom can watched you that way thats who i okay good. Let. Me know okay okay.
And then time. For breakfast. Oh.
Excellent. Excellent. Look.
What i have here. Eggs. Toast cottage cheese.
Oh cottage cheese. Very very nice protein very diabetes friendly. Okay okay okay okay so money here well now so helpful now that kind of cheese looks good delicious alright.
See you enjoy it okay thank you darling. .

a nurse is teaching a patient with type 1 diabetes mellitus who is beginning a complex-1
a nurse is teaching a patient with type 1 diabetes mellitus who is beginning a complex-1

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