Receiving stolen goods!

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Stolen goods could you imagine it hello everyone this is caroline one half of the the celtic traders today. Ive got a cautionary tale to tell you it all a few months ago when we decided wed like to buy higher priced items selling for a bigger profit sounds like a very virtuous thing to do to build your business. Nothing wrong there we went along to an auction.
We bought ourselves a very large item actually. It was two very large items filled the car. Yes we bought two carousel horses arent they were gorgeous okay.
So they work everdene. Quite a lot of messy animal droppings and he took quite a long time to scrub all that off and get them looking really nice photographed and ready for sale. We decided on the profit margin.
We would like but the problem was they were actually living in our kitchen. There was no room for two carousel horses thats how home. Im sure you can imagine not many people could just slip to carousel horses in to blend with the deck.
All we needed to do something so we got ourselves a lock up put the horses in the car and drove them down to the lock up they were locked in nice and safe and we could just forget about them well we didnt forget about them because we had two separate office. They were quite good offers. But not the sort of profit.
We were hoping for so we didnt accept the office. No no one night about 10 oclock in evening. There was a knock at the door well actually i say a knock it was a thunderous knock the sort of knock that says somethings wrong well we were in bed.
We panicked thinking. Oh is somebody ill is somebody hurt is somebody dead. They were two policemen after all they asked if they could come in and they said that we had unfortunately seemed to be selling some stolen goods.
They showed us photographs on their mobile phone. All the said stolen goods and you guessed it there were our carousel horses undeniably our carousel horses well not really our carousel horses obviously because they were stolen so they said theyd look into it and theyd get back to us two weeks later two more policemen turned up this time. We were doing.

a go-between who receives stolen goods for resale is called a-0
a go-between who receives stolen goods for resale is called a-0

But tech. Support tim was and they said to him did he know that we actually had some stolen horses for sale on ebay. He said.
No dont worry they are where theyre no longer for sale on ebay. And they have them put somewhere safe so they went away. We had the phone number of one of the policemen.
So eventually when we heard nothing we contacted them they explained the situation and said they needed to get the horses back now they wanted us to try and coordinate meeting them at the lockup and we were so busy it just seemed more sensible to pop them in the car and take them to the police station music music at the police station. We met the owner and she told us the story of how these horses had been bought by her father many years ago. And when he had passed away.
The horses were still there in a shed they found out several months later that somebody had broken into the shed. I was constantly removing things from the storage. One of the things they removed were the horses so we had to give them back and it was a very sad time i loved those carousel horses.
The only thing was this lady only had a small car so she couldnt fit. The carousel horses in her car to take them home. But she said well its only around the corner.
So phil said well what if we carry them around so thats what they did music now. There is something interesting and a lesson to be learned well the biggest lesson is dont buy stolen goods but sometimes as with us we were completely unaware we had bought stolen goods. The police were quite happy with that we showed them the receipt where we had bought these from the auction house.
There was no question we werent going to prison. But there is still an issue we had paid money for those carousel horses and now he didnt have the horses. So what do we do we are out of pocket by several hundred pounds fortunately we did buy these on our debit card now its not guaranteed there are certain things that need sorting out issues that have to be proven.
But there is a good chance that we will be able to get our money back. So the lesson sure is to make sure you use either a debit or a credit card because its not 100 guaranteed. But it does give you a better chance of getting your money back.

a go-between who receives stolen goods for resale is called a-1
a go-between who receives stolen goods for resale is called a-1

Now. I will be very. Disappointed.
If we dont get our money back as im sure you will understand altogether. I think its 370 pounds. We have invested in those horses that are no longer ours.
But the thing is to always stay positive. Now. I could be the person who has lost 370 pounds on a pair of stolen carousel horses and that could make me miserable or i could try and look at it in a different light which i am it gives us a great excuse for the video.
Not everyone has footage of a policeman carrying a carousel horse now thats a definite and also if i say like thats it ive never gone to an auction again. Im not going into this buying and selling anymore. Ill never make any more money.
Im quite happy to carry on obviously i would like my money back. But even if i dont get my money back. There are more sales.
Theyre armed with more treats to make and eventually ill get that money back and make a lot more and i intend on building these bigger items more and more more often and with higher profit margins. So has it put me off no was it upsetting at first yes. But im over that now so you can all rest in your beds tonight.
Knowing that the counter traders are not going to prison. We are innocent but were still waiting for our money back if youve enjoyed this video. Then please give us a thumbs up or subscribe.
Unless youre next time until then happen. Bye music you music. .

a go-between who receives stolen goods for resale is called a-2
a go-between who receives stolen goods for resale is called a-2

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