TEAM EVIL – EXECUTIONER | Town of Salem Ranked Executioner Gameplay

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There ladies and gentlemen welcome to a another town some cant believe itss a. Im playing as executioner one of my favorites. When i favorites you miss my target sorry people hate it when i do that but you know what heck you guys okay um hi welcome were playing somewhat sounds.
Im say execution where my favorite probably one of my fit definitely my favorite neutral evil role probably one of my favorite roles overall in particularly i think jailor wins. Jeweler beats it but executioners a lot of fun we might try to do some sort of a escort fake claim or medium fake claim. I love medium claims lets see who dies.
91. Lets see who dies night one oh i could probably claim which ooh. I could claim lynched.
Lets see who dies that one theres a place here. Theres theres a place there is a place music standby a serial killer. I could try spy as well if theres no other spy claims im not vet visits.
Well see if there are or arent i could also copy them by one investigator down kip. I remember the mafia founder all nexor body shit whyd the sheriff didnt happen to visit my boyo night 1c. I dont really like the fact that did that happen right there so one claim cp.
2 claims what im gonna claim which night one corona which into doc the skies or sk. I think tk some 80 eyes. Im also claiming witched does ready push on new whoo which i dont get.
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Give me all of your fire pokemon. We had to frame the mesoscale. The townie kind no doc or pg.
Its a witch game guilty yep guilty. This yep. I did claim which which is good apparently potential disguise are actually disguise it looks likely there im gonna claim that i invest you here and theyre gonna show up as dr.
Skies or sk as well so lets see if we can make this play. Investigators not the hardest wanting to get an x win. With people ready kind of dislike lulu.
But they might claim doc in which case okay music do not be sk. Dont be sk now dont be sk my game bug sorry if i left you not so good for town could be tony could be town boy could be town boy. The skies are down music music medium.
I a cent thing i have to make a play here because i think that spy. It could have been medium as well or it couldve been disguise as well so booboo is docked disguise. Er sk.
Ubu. Are you claiming. Doc.
Then also just of the whispers because there is a witch. So which may have found mafia who else claims tp. There are no i think its 12.
I think its 12 music okay so lets make this push here. Twelve refuse to claim so i invested they are doc the skies are sk. There is a sk in the game.
Yeah you pushed mafia because you are sk alright. We make this play here. Oh.
My goodness youre a few no you are a doctor. Skies. Or sk.
You are not fiji. You are a doctor skies or sk guilty guilty this bs. This is guilty nice thanks oh man.
Im william hobbs. Found me out at the end to you. But oh gggggg yes x.
The x.

town of salem executioner who is my target-0
town of salem executioner who is my target-0

Who already won. I mean. Ive already been sold that as executioner.
So i might as well make this play and just admit it i want to live. I dont want to get jailed the next if i do its whatever i won i i said are you claiming doc and he said yes i am. Though he kind of just felt like and made a little bit of a miss play there uh.
Oh. I did get called out. Though i wonder what the heck william hobbs.
Is but it was pretty smart. He put two and two together there hadnt been any other witches. So i won its i made the play as if mafia was which and are quiet because theyre mafia.
That was my part of the play right there so pretty sure that that a what dude. What what what i just claimed that i was executioner maybe. Its a vision shot maybe.
Its a veggie shot. I bet you as a veggie shot bet you it was a veggie shot is duo claiming tpl. Oh.
Yeah. William hobbs is a veggie william hobbs. A vigilante thats why i was shot there you go that makes way more sense than mafia attacking me i will the spy down self healed mafia screw off severs immune muster which so please lynch up tonight.
Im an x buddy who got my win ill vote with town if you ask nicely yeah. Im not gonna vote with town. I never go with town.
I never vote with down concealer x. Sure jailor could if they want sk and moff to kill tonight. Im the least of your worries.
Im not voting. I am not voting anybody let the chips land where they land what is 11 sk music this is mafia well then not voting music chaotic evil. Okay so yeah we just let we just let we just let people go about their daily lives here.
I have a feeling that talent actuallyhes gonna win this because im pretty sure there was double disguiser malfi visited wide foul who is spy and coronavirus wide eyed was sheriff. I think that this is disguise er possibly not but i think it was which means double disguise eh. It makes sense with that will too.
I think unless. One was jailed night. One.
No. No they werent so. Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Three people are dead eles dead. Vigilante probably killed. Im assuming by bit by mafia corona is that im assuming executed or veggie shot l may have actually shot that person and the dog also.
Im s. Kate can we be friends forever. And ever.
Yeah. Buddy you can be friends. Lets try to get you a big w.
Music music. Lets do it team okay music all righty. This is fun.
Yeah. We actually do have evil majority today so there should be one there should be even majority evil majority. I want mouth dead.
But julie dear they can be murdered music cuz chrono has dock music who does he want hobbs. Ill vote voting in tabs music eske is my friend music well alrighty sk wins. Anyway here obviously the the answer for town was actually to vote against csk today.
So what really should have theoretically. Happened is town should have vote against sk. 13 mafia should have voted with them killing.
13. And then drawing the game out to an end by jailing. The last mafia town.
Didnt do that though for whatever reason. So i guess they didnt want to draw they could have with the help of mafia create a draw there so i cant be killed. Im not a jester.
Im an ex who already got his win so i just get to sit here and chill. And win with with with the mafia or with sk. Because now is up to me right now.
Its my choice. They had a chance to cause the draw yesterday. Yeah and they didnt take it so mafia does not win.
This because sk asked.

town of salem executioner who is my target-1
town of salem executioner who is my target-1

Me first if mafia asked. Me first. I may have given it to mafia to be quite honest.
But sk sk has a hard time getting the win here sk played that very nicely helped me out in fact with the lynch on the bodyguard as well so well then music. So. What is the last town music as ski wins.
Here. Anyway so maybe not i thought that the two was disguised. But music hmm.
So lets hope sure ill go with this. If there are a team off left they lose anyway so i thought that that spy was disguising music kill off moth. Ill vote with you tomorrow.
Yeah. I mean. There was other there was actually a legitimate doctor claim.
Which is pretty interesting so corona corona. Thinking that they are the only money you know t p. Probably was pretty anxious to kill bodyguard william hobbs dude.
If youre the mafia that that sold me out. When i was trying to kill the bodyguard then youre a turd nugget. Because that would be a really really crappy idea for mafia to try to not get a free lunch by being too talkative you almost talk people out of lynching.
The bodyguard music. What well six is godfather music music. Okay music could there be a could they be a veteran music.
This is dragging it out hey if your vet you need to vote. 6. Its your only chance at winning because then if sk dies to you town wins.
So thats actually not true so we just would attack but we werent able to bait him into it were not able to bait him into it ok well lets see could this be a mafia wind could andy mafia. Know that william hobbs is actually the veteran do we know if theres room for veteran. I dont remember what william hobbs claims at any point during this game.
I see ctp he claimed tp can he stall it another night. Well find out maybe. He has a self protection left nope.
No he doesnt hey andy maybe. Like i would love to be of the city and be like hey whoever gets this math question next or this rock paper scissors or guesses what number im thinking of wins. The game.
Id love to do that but actually it just cant be done with there with andy just being completely silent and not talking at all not being a buddy. This has k is my friend so i will vote with him so unfortunately for six or for illu. There was a lot of tp claims.
Yeah. I just read back and saw they claimed tp so so many tp claims helped me get you lynched very lucky very lucky in this case. Because its kind of harder like its kind of tough to kill a tp off early in the game.
Im surprised when pup to be honest. Yeah. Me too buddy me too.
I dont mind this xe. I dont really mine this x to be entirely honest all right andy you die could have been afk even i feel like andy could have killed off the because andy was immune and he could have killed off the doctor in the previous night when the sk attacked them. And then there would have been up to me again.
I wouldve been one of you 1 v. 1. With x is the deciding factor so unless.
Andy was afk. I dont know why it was they would a maybe afk. You know have they been afk for the last couple days.
Feels possible bro thanks x. Youre welcome. I always believed that if youre evil take the risk to contact other evils like the the neutral evil.
At least you might be have to buy him my brother give them on your team. Just like the sk. Did so nskzc helped me a lot with getting that claim so getting that x.
Andy vigilante. You dont mind vigilante actually as a mafioso as it as a godfather claim. Its interesting.
If cased rats were they actually fk though i think is my is my wondering neutral killing win is pretty rare gi godfather was afk for five days that makes more sense. Then yeah i got a little lucky there guys im not gonna lie. I got a little lucky with the whole.
Everybodys a tp claim and see seeing so. The doctor was like well im legitimate doctor. So theres no way that that that 12 is doctor and the other doctor was like well im legitimate doctor.
Theres no way that 12. The 12 is a doctor and doctor said that they were claiming doctor. Which is very strange and sk was like im absolutely gonna vote on this person so it was it was pretty pretty free.
I think once it got down to that point that we the claiming. Which nearly got us in trouble. And this doctor nearly caused some issues for me as well gg.
Well played see you guys next time peace out music music. .

town of salem executioner who is my target-2
town of salem executioner who is my target-2

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