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Guys back with another episode of the hunter call of the wild. Im playing playing its a little bit more and im liking it a lot of a lot of traveling a lot of working about following trails tracking its fun. Its relaxing as you can see its i think its nighttime foggy and is raining.
So im going to go out. And im going to wander around when the sun comes up is that if haley when the sun comes up. Ill probably be back with you because you probably cant see this too well right now.
So ill see you guys in a few. And really found much not walking around a little bit some came up actually i went back to the cabin and rested so its going to come out. But yeah ive been walking around a little bit.
And i still havent found anything sometimes that happens so im just going to wander around bang. Find some tracks. Im just amazed at this game.
Its beautiful game it really is so well see what kind of traffic in front and when i find something to track down. Ill be back just on this black tailed deer droppings just now so pretty fresh should be a black tailor on your summer. Lets find some tracks so i can track it down check it out this opening maybe ill see if i can call for it.
See. If i can bring it back to me not seen any tracks got the settings tweaked a little bit. So we dont have all the particle effects floating up.
So it makes the tracks harv your spot. I may have to turn that stuff back on until i get my tracking ability up a little higher because as i play i level up my character and get more skills and feel the tracking abilities. Not sure where that deer would be seen eight tracks.
So i dont know downwind. So thats good if its if im going the right way. I dont know if im going the right way because again.
I would see many tracks actually pretty cool. I notice the other day that walking through here. Im leaving a trail.
You see the grasses met it down thats kind of cool see its not matted here. But turn around it look. Its mad it down thats cool they work that into the game.
Like that i had coyote that was barking at me around her someone hadnt heard anything out of that for a while so i saw something over there. Maybe not oops.

which of the following should be done by a hunter who is tracking a wounded animal?-0
which of the following should be done by a hunter who is tracking a wounded animal?-0

What was that oh coyote oh. Theres the deer. Dont want to take shot stationery might be able to hit it from here lets go for it ill hit it and its running off.
See. If we can pick up the trail. Thats why the coyote was here it was eating the rabbits all right assuming to find our trail.
Here my rabbits. Lets create we track that deer should be could that be the same one. I dont know how i dont know if i hit it or how well i hit.
It okay here we go here. We go. Oh yeah.
Rest flesh wound. Ah. So its not a good wound.
Alright. Well. It looks like it ran off in this direction.
So i may have to track this thing for a while there it is right there thats got to be in it please rate. Very low. So i didnt get a good shot on it great yeah.
I dont care about you go away. I dont know if they will stop bleeding after a while and an idea. Im gonna follow this trail for a while i catch up to it or spot it bring you guys back because this could take a while could be it over in that direction aha.
There it is right there i think its wounded this looks like its limping. So im gonna try and sneak up on it im bringing guys back. I think i just spotted it yep its just over there yeah its definitely limping.
I definitely wounded it i can get close enough ill get another shot on it like get a good view. Its just over that rise. There we go so you dont hit it now breath.
Okay with my heart rate drop and will it follow the trail to the woods. Do you believe im still following the same trail.

which of the following should be done by a hunter who is tracking a wounded animal?-1
which of the following should be done by a hunter who is tracking a wounded animal?-1

Yeah. Because theres a blood trail right there so i am on the same trail. Just a matter of finding it this could take a while so im just slowly moving through the forest trying to track down this dear looks like it may have gone back into the field that would be convenient.
I was on a run set water over there i dont know if thats out in front of me. Lets take a look what we got droppings fresh. Very fresh.
So it is in the area is this over here. Oh. Thats a balk thats a different one its not the same one oh we got a group of them any of you limping.
I gotta find the one that i shot at blacktail that looks like it might be limping the one in back may be maybe more all right well. Im going to try and pick up the trail again find that blood spot and then ill bring you guys back all right so. I followed the blood trail to here and then i run into a bunch of tracks here.
So im not sure which way it went got a bit of a snag here. Because it looks like it kind of goes into the okay that one goes that way its a blood trail. Its pointing this way.
And i havent seen any blood past that point so i dont know still dont know if they stopped bleeding. Theres that one there i dont know if thats the one or not there was a group of theres more of them there. So i dont know if one of these is the one i hit is also a buck so maybe ill just go for the buck.
I dont know where i dont know which one theyre not limping anymore. And i cant find the blood trail. It ends back back there.
Yeah. I know you guys were over there trying to find blood trail come on its going to be some blood here somewhere. Give me help me out here come on whats this over here.
More droppings thats all im seeing is droppings now so yeah. Its unconfirmed. I dont know if they stop bleeding or not and i didnt it was just a flesh wound.
So i really dont know and im not sure how the scoring works. Either if i dont find that deer and it dies do i lose points. I have no idea.
Theres tracks all over this place all right so i think what im going to do is im going to find a spot probably in these reads here. Although the wind is blowing in the direction that they are or where they were oh.

which of the following should be done by a hunter who is tracking a wounded animal?-2
which of the following should be done by a hunter who is tracking a wounded animal?-2

I dont know come out wheres the buck aha. There you are i want to shoot you in the butt turn come on turn cant hold my breath long enough that will hold still come on heart rate drop. Oh.
Theres another one over there see that one all right whered you go were in the bushes. Great music. There.
He is come on over here come on come on looks long ways out come on its going to turn again thats a dough or the bucco areas. I have no idea if i hit them were going to go find out. Oh.
Did i doubt him oh nice down them right. There nice shot awesome. Very nice music nice alright so at least.
I got one deer. Today thats pretty good i got a buck nice not that lost the one that i was tracking. I have no idea where that one went.
We got over here was this more droppings just now fresh all right. But i think thats going to be about that for this episode of gear hunter called wild and maybe ill try some multiplayer with max here in a little bit. And well see you guys in the next episode old droppings.
What did i hit two of them or is that the other one i dropped no way did i hit two or is that the one i wounded aha. Yeah. Thats got to be the one i wounded music.
Nice very nice so i did find it cool all right nice way to end the episode before do what you want what maybe ill get one more here and try to wrap up if i could spot it sounds like its really close now. That was just that was complete luck that i found that one that had to be the one that i wounded all right i know this one over here. Its probably the dough that i saw theres a lot of deer in this area all right well.
I dont know where that one is i think i want to call it good for this episode guys as always if you enjoyed the episode hit the like button and dont forget to subscribe because im going to put putting a lot more videos up trying to do at least one video a week sometimes two. But i do have a real life job. So it does tie me up a lot.
But i try and record when im when im playing games. And i do a stream occasionally on twitch so check out my stream. Sometimes thats a tribe.
There as well appreciate it i do this mainly just for sharing my gameplay with my friends and the community and its its fun. Its fun to do this so until next time maybe ill play some multiplayer with max a little bit. And youll see that the next episode later guys you .

which of the following should be done by a hunter who is tracking a wounded animal?-3
which of the following should be done by a hunter who is tracking a wounded animal?-3

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