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Today. Were gonna be talking about a storyline that i honestly kind of forgot forgot was even in one punch man. But regardless.
It is one of the main. It has kind of been put on the back burner for now and i guess. Its better late than never even though.
Its not really gonna be wrapped up for like at least five years anyway. But anyway. Were talking about the mad cyborg in this video.
Aka genesis main plotline to the story. So let me give you a refresher on who this character is so. When jenos was fifteen years old.
The mad cyborg essentially came out of nowhere and destroyed genesis entire town i mean. Its implied he destroyed like everything i mean the parks. The buildings the schools and of course genesis home and along with that at genesis whole family.
But quote. Unquote miraculously jenos was able to survive. This somehow so apparently be mad cyborg is mad because his brain was damaged during the transplant in his process of becoming a cyborg and thats pretty much all we know about the mad cyborg.
But let me also go over the other bits of details that we know about this story. So coincidentally. Dr.
Casino had been passing through genesis town and had found jenos and this is because he was tracking the mad cyborg because i guess dr. Casino is a scientist of justice and it just so happens that the mad cyborg was on his radar. So we can assume that jenos finding out about the man cyborgs brain damage from his transplant.
And whatnot was possibly relate to him by dr casino. Although this is not really confirmed but anyway after this jenos begged dr. Casino to turn himself into a psych ward in order to become strong enough to defeat the mad cyborg one day.

who is the cyborg that killed genos family-0
who is the cyborg that killed genos family-0

So since the reveal of the man cyborg. The story has touched on him every now and then but mainly just an exposition here. And there and outside of that there has been no major plot points that have been moving this storyline forward meaning that like i said you know.
Its probably gonna be like five years before we really get into the meat of this storyline. But aside from that lets try to figure out who the mad cyborg is because in my opinion. I think its kind of been in front of our faces this whole time but before i drop the gauntlet lets just cross.
Some names off of the list of who the potential candidates for this character could be so first of all i think one of the main ones is drive knight and this is because he straight up looks like a cyborg. Although its not confirmed what he exactly is yet. But he also does have that infamous moment with jenos with the whole you know metal knight.
Hes your enemy thing. But i dont really think drive knight is the mad cyborg because dr. Cucina would be like yo drive.
Knight is the mad cyborg bro. You might want to go kill him you know of course he could be concealing his identity and whatnot. But i really dont think drive knight is the mad cyborg so we could just cross him off the list.
So the second candidate is metal night and not necessarily. Dr. Pithoi.
But he could be tied to the mad cyborg somehow. This is kind of likely. I suppose you know also if we go back to the whole metal night usual enemy thing maybe drive knight knows something about the mad cyborg maybe.
He knows that that is tied to genesis origin. And maybe. He knows that metal knight had something to do with him.
I would say this is maybe like 50 50 at this point. But me personally i dont think metal knight is tied to the mad cyborg. So its also possible than the mad cyborg is somehow tied to the mysterious organization.

who is the cyborg that killed genos family-1
who is the cyborg that killed genos family-1

Maybe this is also the case. I would say its probably as likely as metal knight being tied to the mad cyborg. But that being said.
I also dont think these guys are affiliated with him somehow mainly because i think there are going to have their own storyline. Which isnt really going to tie in with the mad cyborg storyline. But i could be wrong.
But im thinking that this is gonna go in a different direction. And something else is saved for the organization and then of course. There is the possibility that the bad cyborg is just the mad cyborg and he has his own unique character and this is essentially what is at the end of the road in the story for jenos.
This is like his final boss of the series you know in the final arc. Were probably gonna wrap up his storyline. He will confront the math cyborg maybe the feedom maybe not but hell have some kind of a revelation with this character and you know maybe well have a happy ending.
But i dont think thats the case either. Although it is possible so now lets get into what i was talking about earlier with how this could have been in front of our faces. The whole time so im just kind of dropping the gauntlet here.
This is who i absolutely think the mad cyborg is and it is none other than jenos himself. So theres a few things that lead me to believe that janos is the math sideboard so first of all the whole story that the mad cyborgs origin and genesis origin comes from is a little fishy and it doesnt really add up so you know apparently be man cyborg showed up randomly and destroyed genesis entire town and killed his family but you know somehow jenna survived this and he was only 15 years old its also stated that he miraculously survived this so you know thats a little fishy you know why why did he live why did everyone else die. But he was the only one to survive.
This somehow also the fact that dr. Casino. Just coincidentally and conveniently showed up there and was able to save jenos from this you know also to mention that he was tracking the mad cyborg.
All along and also added to the fact that jenos requested to become a cyborg for some reason in order to combat the mad cyborg doesnt this seem a little counterproductive also since we know that in the world of one punch man you can become strong through training and genesis 15 years old at this point. So. Hes definitely aware that training exists.
So why would he want to become a cyborg. So what i think actually happened was jenos is actually the one whose brain was damaged during his transplant into becoming a cyborg and i guess this means that genesis possibly. Dr.

who is the cyborg that killed genos family-2
who is the cyborg that killed genos family-2

Kusano. Son. Or somehow related to him.
And maybe dr. Joe senna. Was experimenting on him or maybe.
Dr. Koo seto randomly found jenos and stole him from his family in order to use him as a cyborg test subject. You know this would also mean that tactically sento is a bad guy after all which is a possibility as well.
But this would mean then janice was the one who destroyed his entire town or just a town in general. We dont really know if this was actually genesis town. If this theory is true and we dont know if he actually even had a family to begin with but its possible that if he did he murdered his own family.
Which is dark and sad but like ive been saying if you have followed my channel. I do think genesis character arc is going to be very sad. And this is one of the reasons.
Why but regardless i think this means that jenos is a result of a failed experiment or an experiment gone wrong from doctor who casino. Which eventually led dr. Casino to somehow deactivate jenos and rebuilt him into the good jenos that we see now where its possible that that was dr.
Casinos goal. All along to make this justice cyborg that he wanted to fight for him. But you know the transplant damaged his brain somehow and we got the whole big accident where he destroyed the town and what not as an end result but regardless its very likely that dr casino implanted false memories of the mad cyborg into jenos in order to essentially give him motivation to become stronger to chase after this ghost as well as having a never ending quest revenge and taking the blame off of himself in the process.
I dont think this theory is too outrageous considering that this is already a narrative in the series westworld because we know in that series that the hosts or the ai robots within the west world itself are implanted with false memories that they themselves believed to be factually true and this is order to give them motivation and to bolster their personalities over all so thats pretty much it for the theory. But at this point. I want to go into some webcomic spoiler stuff because they do kind of touch on the mad cyborg later on and i just want to use some of that info to solidify what im talking about here.
But regardless if you dont want to know whats gonna happen in this story. I suggest you check out now so later on in the neo heroes arc saitama is talking to janus and he says you know generals why does he want to come strong in the first place wasnt it for revenge and genesis like yeah i was to defeat the unidentified quote. Unquote.

who is the cyborg that killed genos family-3
who is the cyborg that killed genos family-3

Unidentified mad cyborg you know he took everything from me. And saitama is like are you even sure the man cyborg is still alive. Its possible that someone defeated him already i mean maybe even i defeated him and genesis like no i havent been able to confirm that he has been defeated yet at least from the data that i have received from the hero association.
But the records from that time of the event remain and a villainous monster of his description is registered. So theres a few things that we can take away from this exchange here. So first of all we do know that the mad cyborg incident.
Did happen. I mean evidently since the hero association does have record of it. But they also have a description of the monster and you know since he is i unidentified which jenna says earlier.
We can assume that he doesnt really know what he looks like or who he is or anything like this so this could also bolster the theory that you know jenos is the mad cyborg and he was probably the who was described in these events. Since you know jenos is a cyborg after all. But the ominous words that saitama is putting forth here is possibly letting us know at least through ones narration.
That he met cyborg actually doesnt exist. And maybe. It is jenos maybe jenos is just chasing a ghost of himself.
Which are false memories. Implanted or this could be us seeing the other side of the coin and maybe the mad cyborg does actually exist. And this is just reaffirming that this is a storyline that might come to fruition.
Meaning that jenos might actually run into this guy at the end of the series and wind up fighting him or hell maybe even at the end of this arc. But you know like ive said in this video multiple times already where ryan. Not gonna find out for the next five years hell maybe even ten years but in the end.
We will eventually find out the truth behind this character. So thats pretty much it for the video today guys let me know what you think about this theory. Let me know what you think about the mad cyborg.
Who do you think he is you know is he jet nice guy all along you know thats a possibility i suppose. But if you liked the video please give it a like i also have a patreon. It starts 2.
And it gives you access to a q. A also if you havent subscribed please subscribe as well have a great day guys. And ill see you in the next one .

who is the cyborg that killed genos family-4
who is the cyborg that killed genos family-4

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