This New Heineken Ad is Briliant #OpenYourWorld

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Would describe my political views as the new right. I say that i met so so many of them today is man hating. Ill describe myself a feminist.
I i dont believe that climate change a dick were not taking enough action on climate change. I leave that tiny people down off the hangers and start looking for credible problems. But actually dick.
Its actually crystal that cant evolve there anymore. Thats not why you cant you know you are your main gear. Man all your things obviously look women do need to remember that we need you to have our children could.
I be center someone for the woman facing the hoenn. Oh right okay well im an expert at flat pack to give any trouble just watch me. Its that ive got your instructions here.
I think so new york. I just love it there describe. What is like to be you in five adjectives okay frustrating dedicated opinionated lucky ambitious offensive solemn.
I have ups and downs strong. I can take attack misunderstood name three things you and i have in common both male were both confident.

who is the guy on the heineken commercial-0
who is the guy on the heineken commercial-0

And were both loudly spoken. We know each other better than people whove known each other for 10 minutes. Should you seem quite ambitious and positive.
And you what is really got a glow j. Or is pretty cool. Im sensing you for minute for some people set that but there isnt really.
There is no history. How are you then x x. Menacing.
Yeah. If youre ex military. Im very proud of you already well i grew up in a bit of a rough state.
Ive experienced homelessness. Ive known what is like absolutely nothing yeah. So yeah.
Im definitely most grateful justjust for life. Weve only just met.

who is the guy on the heineken commercial-1
who is the guy on the heineken commercial-1

But i think the other sort of person that would listen to me. And wed have a discussion rather than our yeah you could hang out with matt. Its going.
My tank. Right now. Were telling.
A walk. Perfect. Oh.
Yes. Thank you yes. We thought laughs.
Yes. Okay. Yeah.
Each take a bottle and place it on its corresponding markings in the bottle. Attention.

who is the guy on the heineken commercial-2
who is the guy on the heineken commercial-2

Please now stand watch a short film feminism. Today is definitely an excuse for missing jury man hating. If somebody said to me that climate change is destroying the world.
Then id say that a total people so transgender. It is very odd. Were not set up to understand or see things all that i am a daughter a wife.
I am transgender. I thought a battle ax feminism definitely isnt done. Though by it is never gonna be over if i wanted to use you now have a choice you may go or you can stay in the special differences over there im i need joking everything like okay well.
Im having a drink. Im having a trainer. I will discuss there yes they are discuss cheers a tenured.
A mate are there doing anything with me. And you know even if you wanted to convince people about your point that productive thing to do wed sit engage in age. Ive been brought up in a way where everythings black and white.
But life isnt black and white. Yeah. Im just me yes match the patriarchy.
Ill give you my my phone number you can me yours and well keep in touch. Id have to tell my girlfriend that ill be texting another girl dont have to get banned and i said oh my god .

who is the guy on the heineken commercial-3
who is the guy on the heineken commercial-3

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