Top 5 BEST ATTACKER OPERATORS For Year 5 Steel Wave – Rainbow Six Siege

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Guys hows it going and welcome back to the channel. So i did this this last season. Where i had a list of the top five attackers and top defenders and i explained why i put them where they were on my list.
So were gonna do the same thing for steel wave. So were gonna go into the top five attackers in this one then top five defenders in the next one. If you didnt know this already im starting a new series on the channel.
Where im gonna be trying to make the struggling players get a little bit better by watching their videos pointing out what they could do differently and hopefully doing follow up videos. I know a lot of people were like just go for it i was hesitant on making this series since a lot of people are doing coach type series. But hopefully you guys will still enjoy it regardless and if you want your video and gameplay to be featured then go ahead and go down to the first link in the description.
It will be a google form all you have to do is fill it out post your youtube link and you will get going so. Far. Everyone has not been sending the full game.
So i cant do them yet until people send me full with that other way hopefully you agree with my top five list. If you dont tell me what you would change and also give me your top five list down below without further ado. Were gonna go into number five these are in no specific order.
But i had to list them somehow so number five is jackal. It should come to no surprise that jackals on this list. Hes banned quite often and theres a good reason for that he is the best roam clear in the game so pros are gonna definitely ban him and even pub stars are gonna ban him as well so not only does he have a really good loadout c7e and a pdw and then he has the shotgun backup.
So hes very versatile on weapons. But his gadget that is what really makes him overpowered. His gadget has a eight meter range and his scans last 20 seconds.
He gets three of these scans so literally he could take out a full minute of the round chasing one roaming operator. So basically all i can say here with jackal is he is very very overpowered and hes gonna stay on this list until hes not overpowered now will they ever actually fix him. I dont think so maybe they could reduce the scan time down maybe to 15 seconds or so.
But if theyre gonna nerf someone so hard like lion then they should really do the same for jackal. As he has the same effect as being able to know exactly where an enemy is it doesnt just give a range of where they are it puts a pin on their location and lets you wallbang do whatever you want and its really just unfair in general. So now were going to number four which is another no brainer and that is thatcher.
So as we all know thatcher has the emp grenades. Which are very very handy in basically any map any situation. Any objective.
So thatcher is a must pick for any team really. Theres really no alternative to thatcher. Theres twitch not really an alternative.
Theres cali getting there but still a sniper rifle. So basically if you dont have a thatcher your entry denial is going to be a huge problem for your team. Therell be no way to stop a banded trigger.
Therell be no way to even get through the bandits or mute or whatever. It is theres no way to do it without that unless if you physically shoot it but most times you cannot physically shoot the bandit charges so basically if youre gonna be picking habana thermite or ace. Youre gonna want to thatcher on the squad thatcher is the main support op.
He should be picked basically every single attacking round and just put the icing on the cake. He has the l85a2. Which is sledges gun.
And he also has the ar 33. Both have the acog attachment and both are pretty solid guns. He also has a pretty good shotgun.
If you are a shotgun kind of person with the m590a1. So mix a good gun with a great gadget. And you get a really good operator.
That you need in every single round. So i might have only put thatcher at number four. But hes probably the most useful operator out of all five of these and most of these operators actually rely on the operator thatcher to get their jobs done so now number three were gonna hop over to a fragging operator and that is gonna be zofia now the reason.
Sophia is on this list and ash is not is because of the two stun charges.

who is the best operator in rainbow six siege-0
who is the best operator in rainbow six siege-0

She has the two impacts and the two stunts. It might not be a three speed. But having that extra armor still being somewhat usable at speed and actually kind of gets the advantage there by having two armor.
I dont know about you guys. But it feels like im absolutely tanking bullets. When im sophia and i cant say the same about ash.
So zofia is really never a bad pick in any situation and usually needed in most teams. Its either zophia or some other entry fragger. But sophia in this meta is probably the best entry fragger can destroy a lot of utility can burn.
Adss and has probably the best gun out of all the entry fraggers. I dont know the r4c is really good. But the acog is the big advantage there with sophias gun so between the m7 62 assault rifle in the rg15 also getting claymore as well theres a reason why shes picked in a lot of pro compositions.
Some pro players at manor for example. Theres bolo that means her so if that shows anything about a entry fragger. Then there you go now the operator.
I didnt include over zofia was iq iq was up there really up there. Because not only does iq have that support ability also really really really good guns especially with her lmg. So that was my notable entry there for zofia at the number three position.
But i had to pick sophia over that but youll see why i picked the other two operators. Ahead of um iq. Instead of putting iq in there.
And sophia. So. Number.
Two spot. This is going to go to buck in a game. Like siege.
Where you basically build the map every round just how you want to play it buck is the best because you can break anything thats soft so you can break the floor the ceiling you can break down walls. You can do whatever you want and you have a ton of shotgun shells. Not only that you have probably one of my favorite guns.
Now that ive learned the recoil of it it can be pretty extreme at first. But the c8. Either put a acog and muzzle or a hollow or muzzle.
And youll be able to handle that like a pro anytime. If you guys dont know or didnt watch my attachment video. Then you would know that the muzzle does reduce vertical recoil and that is what buck struggles at a lot vertical recoil is pretty bad horizontals iffy.
But its not terrible so depending on what you want either a muzzle or flash on bucks gun. And youll be set. Id also recommend putting a laser sight.
I know it sounds weird to put a laser sight on anything. But buck is the exception to the rule. And thats because the pellets seem to travel a little less widespread and more tight anytime.
I have the laser on versus off the bullet spread is just way tighter whenever i have the laser sight on so just because the shotgun. Were gonna have a laser sight as well not everyones gonna just shine with buck and i know that because it really depends on the map. And it really depends on your map knowledge of every single map and every single bomb site.
Really you have to know what to destroy and if not then you just have a pretty decent gun and you have no advantage there with picking bucks. So theres no reason to pick buck if youre able to actually like manipulate the map to how you want to play it and thats why unfortunately a lot of newcomer players. A lot of lower ranked players.
They dont really play buck because theyre scared to use it c8s recoil. They think. Its too aggressive or something along those lines and then they just dont want to learn the map knowledge.
They dont want to learn the map at all.

who is the best operator in rainbow six siege-1
who is the best operator in rainbow six siege-1

But im telling you if you learn buck and you actually learn where to buck. Where the above and below. And everything is on every single map youre not going to regret it i have videos on all the i have a vertical blade video on every single map on like every single bomb site that you can imagine.
I also have my actual buck video. Which is pretty informational especially on clubhouse it really specifies clubhouse. But youll get some cool lines of sight either way id highly recommend that if you want to get into buck.
But were gonna go into number one now this one people are gonna disagree because its a battle of the hard breachers they obviously know its not going to be habana. I think obama got the biggest hit out of adding ace to the game kobana. Now is really only good for hatches.
And thats why ace kind of goes above her in that standard because he opens bigger holes on main walls. But his hatch ability is probably the worst of all three and then theres thermite of course. Just the ultimate hard reacher at everything now the only thing with thermite is hes been the top for a while now hes always been the top really at hard breaching and very well might still be it.
But im tired of hearing thermite. So i had to put ace here at number one while thermite has bigger and larger breaches. I just think ace is a little bit more versatile not only that he can open more walls.
Assuming. They dont get bandit tricked. Thats the only thing with ace is the bandit tricking is easier.
And thats due to aces actual gadget just taking a little bit longer. But it does open a pretty sizable hole goes in three different tiers and its just pretty unique. So i think thats why habana is pretty relevant at this point for anything other than hatches walls.
Just dont even take her if it is going to be on a second story. And you dont need hatches just take ace or take thermite and to simply put it i think thermite and ace. Both have better weapons as well and the ace obviously comes out at top with the ak.
12. The ak. 12.
Is commonly known as the best weapon in the game just by damage per second fire rate. All of the everything about the gun is just fantastic recoil is pretty controllable and not only that he gets the acog in any attachment. Basically you can imagine so very.
Customizable. Acog or hollow. And this one this number one spot could have went either way thermite or ace.
But it had to be one of them you need a hard breacher on every single team and i think this made up a pretty good composition of these top five so if i bet if you run an ace thatcher. Sophia. A buck and a jackal.
You have pretty much everything handled from rome clearing to vertical play all the way down to fragging support and then of course. The hard reacher with ace. So thats my top five for steel wave at any time this can change with a nerf or a buff.
So if youre watching this in the future. And theres a huge nerf then it probably did change some of these now i can name off probably a bunch a bunch of notable entries here. But im just going to leave that to you guys in the comments to just comment.
Who else you would add here. If it were to be six or seven players alright. So thats it for today.
Were gonna have defenders out tomorrow the next day hopefully depending on what goes out tomorrow and if you want to play with me. While i get these gameplays. I actually played with a bunch of people from my discord server.
So thats a link down below we play um casuals. I mean i was playing with casuals because a lot of the players that joined up were copper silver gold. You know just that range.
So no matter. What your skill range is feel free to join that server and with that i hope you have a fantastic day and peace out music. .

who is the best operator in rainbow six siege-2
who is the best operator in rainbow six siege-2

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