Walk Two Moons – Chapter 8 – The Lunatic

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Everybody welcome to walk to moons chapter eight and as you can see here the the name of this chapter is the lunatic so lets try to think about lunatic means. Maybe you already you are already familiar with that word or maybe youre not we know that they mentioned it on the back of the book. And i think they might have mentioned it in one of the previous chapters.
I cant remember. But it has to do something with somebody phoebe knows so i think think about that to yourself. And maybe well learn a little bit more in this chapter.
All right the lunatic once we were well on the road out of illinois graham said go on with pb. What happened next do you want to hear about the lunatic goodness. Graham said.
As long as its not too bloody that pb is just like gloria. I swear a lunatic imagine grampp said. Did gloria.
Really have a hankering for me maybe. She did and maybe she didnt graham said well gold dang. I was only asking seems to me graham says youve got enough to worry about concentrating on these roads without worrying about gloria gramps winked at me through the rear view window.
I think our gooseberry is jealous. He said. I am not graham said talk about pb chickabiddy.
I didnt want graham and gramps to get in a fight over gloria. So i was happy to continue telling phoebes story. I almost said pbo.
I was at phoebes one saturday morning. When mary lou finney. Called and invited us over to her house phoebes parents were out and phoebe went all around the house checking to make sure that the doors and windows were closed.
Interesting. I wonder why shes doing that that sounds a little bit suspicious or they were locked. I said that wrong she was making sure they were all locked her mother had already done this.
But she just made phoebe promise to do it. As well just in case. Okay well.
Shes following what her mom. Said.

who is the lunatic in walk two moons-0
who is the lunatic in walk two moons-0

Mrs. Winterbottom. Had said.
I was just not i was just not sure just in case of what maybe in case. Someone had snuck in and opened. All the windows and doors in the 15 minutes between the time she left and the time.
We did you can never be too careful. Mr. Mrs.
Winterbottom. Had said so if we can remember from the last chapter. We are learning a little bit more about mrs.
Winterbottom she might be a little bit overprotective the doorbell rang phoebe and i looked out the window standing on the porch was a young man who looked about 17 or 18. Although im not as good as guessing peoples ages as blind. Mrs.
Partridge is the young man was wearing a black t shirt and blue jeans. And her his hands were stuffed into his pockets. He seemed nervous my mother hates it when strangers come to the door.
Phoebe said. Shes convinced that any day. One of them will burst into the house with a gun and turn out to be an escaped lunatic.
So lets look at that sentence again um. Think about it what do you think lunatic means. I dont necessarily think.
Its the nicest word to use to describe somebody its a little bit prejudice. But um. Its whats what phoebe is using to describe somebody somebody that maybe isnt thinking very clearly okay.
Oh. Honestly phoebe. I said do you want me to answer the door phoebe took a deep breath well do it together.
She um. Oh.

who is the lunatic in walk two moons-1
who is the lunatic in walk two moons-1

She opened the door and said hello in a cool voice is this. 49 gray street. The young man said.
Yes. Phoebe said. So the winter bottoms live here after phoebe admitted that yes.
It was the winter bottom residence. She said excuse me a moment please and close the door sal do you detect any signs of lunacy. So lunacy.
Its what lunatics do i guess there doesnt appear to be any place. He could be hiding a gun his jeans are really tight. Maybe.
He has a knife tucked into his socks phoebe could be really dramatic he ju. He isnt even wearing any socks. I said phoebe opened the door again the young man said i want to see mrs.
Winterbottom is she here or what yes phoebe lied. The young man looked up and down the street his hair was curly and must and there were bright pink circles on his cheeks. Do you think phoebes being a little bit over cautious or do you think maybe.
Theres some good reason. Why shes being so cautious. What do you think i dont know when i was a kid.
My mom acted pretty similarly to mrs. Winterbottom. So i think it might just be something that some moms do who knows maybe.
Some of your moms are similar or dads or parents all right. He wouldnt look her straight in the eye. But instead kept glancing left and right i want to talk to her.
He said. She cant come to the door right now phoebe said. I thought he might actually cry when phoebe said that he chewed on his lip and blinked three or four times quickly oh wait.
He said. Just a minute phoebe said close the door she pretended to look for her mother mom.

who is the lunatic in walk two moons-2
who is the lunatic in walk two moons-2

She called yoo hoo. She went upstairs thumping loudly on the steps. Mother phoebe and i returned to the door.
He was still standing there with his hands in his pocket staring. Mournfully. At phoebes house.
That strange phoebe said to him. I thought she was here. But she must have gone out theres a whole lot of other people here.
Though. She added quickly scads and scads of people but no mr. Winner bottom.
Mrs. Winterbottom is mrs. Winterbottom your mother he asked yes.
Phoebe said would you like me to leave a message the little pink circles on his cheeks became even pinker. He said. No i dont think so no he looked up and down the street and then up in the number at the door.
Whats your name phoebe. He repeated her name phoebe winterbottom. I thought he was gonna make a joke about her name.
But he didnt he glanced at me are you a winter bottom too he asked no. I said im a visitor and then he left he just turned around walked slowly down the porch steps and on down the street. We waited until he had turned the corner before we left we ran all the way to mary lous phoebe was certain that the young man was going to ambush us.
Honestly like i said she has a vivid imagination all right so that was a really interesting chapter. I want to know what all of you think about this interesting new guy. What did they say his name was uh actually i dont know i dont know if we learned his name so i wonder if hes actually dangerous.
But something we learned about phoebe before is maybe. Shes a little bit over dramatic maybe she overthinks things a little bit so. But maybe this time.
Shes right what do you think so think about that a little bit you can go ahead and comment. If you want you can email me or you can email us halo to let us know what you think or you could just keep it to yourself. So um.
That was chapter eight thank you so much for joining me ill see you in chapter nine. .

who is the lunatic in walk two moons-3
who is the lunatic in walk two moons-3

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