Watch Mark Zuckerberg Outline Facebook’s New Privacy Approach

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Welcome to f8 today. We are going to talk about building. A privacy focused social social platform.
Mark. Zuckerberg. Took the stage at facebooks annual f8 developer.
Conference earlier after a tumultuous year. That involved all sorts of privacy issues and data leaks. The ceo outlined the steps.
The company is taking to make facebook instagram whatsapp and its other services more private. But before that the ceo had a few laughs about the companys recent privacy woes. Look i get that a lot of people arent sure that were serious about this.
I know that we dont exactly have the strongest reputation on privacy right now to put it lightly zuckerberg then launched into six principles the company is focusing on private interactions encryption reducing permanence safety interoperability and finally secure data storage. Some of the approaches. The company is taking are enabling end to end encryption on its messaging platforms and building safety.
Precautions into products before shipping them.

who wrote that every violation of a
who wrote that every violation of a “privacy right” is also a violation of another right?-0

Zuckerberg also emphasized the company wont store its data in countries where the data could be at risk because you should expect that were not going to store sensitive data in countries where it may be improperly accessed either because theres weak rule of law or because a government i try to forcibly get access to your data so over the next few years. Were gonna build more of our services around these ideas. One of the big announcements was a new redesign coming later this year.
The new facebook design will put an emphasis more on groups and communities and zuckerberg. Says plans are already in place to address misuse and misinformation and you know. While were recommending groups for people to join.
Were very focused on making sure. There are recommendations and discovery surfaces arent highlighting groups where people are repeatedly sharing misinformation or harmful content and were working to completely remove groups if they exist primarily due to violate our policies or or do things that are dangerous. So thats just been a very big focus for us here as he finished speaking zuckerberg was upfront that its still early in the companys new privacy focused mission its still early.
But if we get this right then using all of these services is going to be a fundamentally different experience. A few years from now because we believe that for the future. People want a privacy focused social platform.
Looks like hes come a long way from thinking people dont care about their privacy. So if we work hard and deliver this vision that weve laid out today. Then im gonna be proud of the difference that weve made so thank you all looking forward to doing this together and have a great applause.

who wrote that every violation of a
who wrote that every violation of a “privacy right” is also a violation of another right?-1

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