What is it Like Working on ‘If Loving You Is Wrong’? – Out Loud with Claudia Jordan

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Youre both starring on tyler perrys it was wrong now for people that that are not watching tell them why they should april. Because tyler perry created it okay period. Because you know and look.
Tyler perry is hes awesome. Hes got an awesome formula. He knows his he knows his audience um and he and he has a loyal loyal following uh.
So so. If you if you are a tyler perry fan youre gonna love if loving you is wrong and you know why because its been on for five seasons. And im gonna tell you like this if youre on the show that goes more than one season.
Edwina lets keep it real okay we about to bless our viewers with the clip april. We have a clip of your character. Natalie okay music hey did you just walk in here.
Yeah. Door was unlocked. You dont lost your damn mind.
I lost my mind a while ago right now just walking your door eddie. What the hell make you think you could just walk into somebodys house. Im white mother you better move on you never heard thats called white privilege.
I need whatever hell. I want eddie you better get the hell out of my house. Right now okay.
Now you know i mean. Thats my alter ego. You know im really not like that im not really okay.
But you did get all you you get hired for a reason. They you know tyler saw something. Hes like okay.
How was did you have to read the tyler perry. Okay. Let me just give you this really really quick.

who plays claudia on if loving you is wrong-0
who plays claudia on if loving you is wrong-0

Quick story. I dont know if you know this story. Edwin about me me reading for natalie.
So natalie was already cast. Okay. Oh.
That i didnt no. Oh so they you know they they tolerated tyler. I didnt i didnt fit the role of natalie.
But i went in for the call back for uh 44. I was going to go in for traviss mom that that uh i ended up playing so so i got i got a call from um uh mark. And he goes we want you to read for another character.
When you come back in and read for this other character not. Natalie i said sure so i went to the call back in. La uh claudia and i was so supposed to read this other character.
I ended up reading for natalie again. They wanted me to see they wanted to see me read finale. One more time.
I read for natalie tyler goes. He sits up and see he leans forward and he goes you dont look like this character. You dont sound like this character.
But youre her i wrote this character and i didnt have this in mind. Now. Im gonna get emotional.
Im so proud of tyler perry for allowing god to change his mind about this character and im so grateful because natalie is unlike any other character that ive played in any other show. Shes a lot like me. But shes unlike any of the other characters that i typically play in hollywood and im so grateful to tyler perry for giving me this chance to bring her to life.
Natalie has been so awesome. Because she is relatable to so many people and i get stopped in the grocery store in walmart. All the time and people telling me you were you remind me of my cousin.
Your mommy and my auntie and that fills my heart so much to play a character that is so relatable and im im grateful it was my destiny.

who plays claudia on if loving you is wrong-1
who plays claudia on if loving you is wrong-1

And i get to know edwina and all these great people and be on your show claudia talking about it. Its changed. My life.
For for for the for the great and im so grateful for you is wrong how grateful you are its so its such a great example that other people could stand to take a page from like a page from your book. I love it now thank you we also have a clip of your character kelly or did i say free kelly check it out. He actually got you what are you saying.
Lucian saying. That youre free to go. Mm.
Hmm music. Hey are you playing are you playing with me um. Im not playing with you who should go play with them dont play with me.
Like this please i promise music. Okay. What do you love about working on that show music.
April. Eltony and tyler and oprah and all i mean just i feel like we became a family you know so much has happened in the last five years. Weve bought homes and weve gotten married and weve had children weve had more children and we you know like so many different things in our lives.
Have happened. And weve been able to share them all with one another um. Yeah.
You know thats been a big thing. And then also like like what april. Just said i mean going to target or walmart or wherever or the church.
You know ive been to churches all over this country and the people are just so excited you know and i just i love i love that it means so much to so many people yes like thats thats the biggest thing you know for me. Its like if you watch this show and and kelly or randall or the one we all love to hate eddie. You know if they elicit these emotions in you whether its hatred or whether its love or whether its reminiscing on a time in your own life that just that means so much you know to us as actors.
And so i think i speak for april and myself that we dont take it for granted that there are viewers and fans and people that just love what we bring every week. And and that that yeah that feel that feel joy by watching. And by meeting us you know that that to me.
Is so.

who plays claudia on if loving you is wrong-2
who plays claudia on if loving you is wrong-2

Rewarding. Have. You.
All. Met. And.
Oh. Yeah. Yeah.
Oh yeah. And claudia. Before.
We talk about our oprah stories. Which is so great because who gets to meet oprah. I just want to piggyback off what edwina was saying as far as the people and and receiving the show.
So well look. Tyler perry is it shows her an acquired taste. Its not for everybody you know.
But i tell you when you and and maybe. Its because i live here in the south. But you know to just have so many black people you know who watch the show and are so impacted by it to me that means so much when you know when its when its when its our people who can invest in these characters and invest in this show and and and be so satisfied and so entertained by it for that i forever.
Ill forever be grateful for that yeah. My people yeah i love it just yes. We got to meet oprah a few times.
So its its been a dream come true dont be a dream job. It really does it sounds just amazing people to work with that doesnt always happen. Yeah.
And meeting people that you you still look up to friendships. Its obvious. Yall.
Have a real friendship and you have much you .

who plays claudia on if loving you is wrong-3
who plays claudia on if loving you is wrong-3

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