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Within just the christian society to hear a lot of young women. And even sometimes sometimes gentlemen just say this thing just kind of throw this thing off well god me that chair my husband or god told me that you know youre my wife and its just like how do i really know what is what so i was sorry for you also actually i truly believe that before i met my now husband that god told me who my husband was and i truly believed in wholeheartedly that it was the guy that i believed and i prayed and i prayed and i prayed but come to find out he wasnt the one that i married and it probably was the hardest thing everybody really quite understand why didnt happen but as i could teach you surrender my desire sometimes you have to realize that we hear two things like theres theres multiple voices nothing sound crazy or whatever. But we have our own desires.
We have what god is actually saying and then we have also the enemy is saying and so for me. When god showed me that the guy that i was involved with was my husband. I truly believed it however we have to realize that what god is saying certain things we have to make sure were seeking him for the full thing so for me it happened we were young we were dating on and off.
We did actually have we did fornicate together. So that could even be a thing too so even all of that i was saying that god told me that he wasnt my husband and i didnt tell him outright. But i felt like i was hinting towards the fact that like even god was telling me that he wasnt really seeing me as that so im just like or ill confused.
I was really going on and when i completely surrendered it to him so ive been hearing that couple times and i kept praying my god why am i here and this means not even interested i finally surrender said that so what whats happening before that took it and im trying to run with it i didnt submit what i was hearing to god i didnt submit it to him. I didnt try to ask him what it was about i just kind of took it and ran with it and allowed what i felt like he was telling me to kind of my soul out the first thing. I was saying is i feel like i was telling you who your spouse is please just write it down.
Dont be a person whos just going around saying gods sake guys hey guys hey guys say and i say that as a person that used to do that like yeah just write it down like just write it down here turned out that god said to do this so. Even if it is true or not true go back to this so for me. I think thats what my closest friends and i believe that you know he was my husband but after months.
And i was at a point that poor guy was something i thought to be any man period. So if the realize the night is telling you something youre not gonna be so caught up on the thing that you cant focus on god. And that was one of my first issues as well.
I was saying god was telling me something.

when god tells you who your husband is-0
when god tells you who your husband is-0

But i started to worship the thing more than i was actually worship so when i got someplace where i really surrendered it to god and really nice like i like so whats up like its been almost almost a full year now and talked to him and im still feeling him. He says were not husband like whats really going on and and i thought i almost. I was saying thanks for finding knowledge in me you know the guy is or was or is whatever at the time because its supposed to be your husband.
I dont know whats been going on. But i saw that you know that like god god has youre like your husband is not attract to us feel. and are really tough to get through so what i would suggest if you just identify.
But actually not this is just habitual every time i get home or every time. It comes a certain time of day or every time when i see this particular type of food. This is just the script that i go into what id encourage you to do is write down.
The script. Thats the script that you as the actor do without even thinking youve rehearse those lines really well you know it to a tee. Then write down an alternative script.
That is workable for the main character and will yourself into doing that script itll take quite a bit of energy to do that but once you develop the new script as a habit then you will transcend that habitual eating cue. Also it could be that your brain is just addicted to that substance. So sugar is obviously quite addictive.
We know that it can be as addictive in rats as cocaine. Although we havent done the research in humans because i dont know if you could give the humans with cocaine. But we also know that that combination of 50 fat 50.
Sugar gives us that beautiful bliss.

when god tells you who your husband is-1
when god tells you who your husband is-1

Point of sweetness that perfect mouthfeel that gets our reward circuitry just going crazy. So it may be for you that to develop a more intuitive eating style in the long term. You actually have to figure out a way to really reduce the amount of that substance in your diet in your bloodstream.
And in your brain. So how do you do that i think retreats are really good things to do going somewhere. Where your body can detox from those things.
I think sometimes detoxing your body for a certain period of time can be a really good thing to do. But you have to be very mindful of why youre doing that its not a weight loss thing. Its actually something youre doing to help improve your brain chemistry.
So you can eat in a healthier way long term. So. That one is a high degree of difficulty a really good one.
If its sugar is you can start to reduce the overall sugar in your diet in a way. Thats right for you by looking at some of the added sugars because most of us are having a lot more sure in our diet. That we actually realize all right excellent.
So just to recap mindful. Eating is not just eat. What you want there are five principles and you need to dance around all of those principles to make this cup of coffee.
I need the right amount of milk.

when god tells you who your husband is-2
when god tells you who your husband is-2

I need the right amount of coffee. I need the cup. If i have only one of those then im not drinking a good coffee and i want you to think the same about your mindful eating its not just one principle.
Its a combination of principles that work together. Then i want you to think about the hunger and fullness youve got a beautiful scale. That you can check in with yourself as a simple rule.
You might ask yourself am. I hungry. And think that being hungry is like being in love.
If you have to ask am. I and youre not sure of the answer youre probably not if not were going to look to those non hungry cues. Now i cant tell you unfortunately id love to be able to i cant tell you what yours are but i can tell you how to get there and if you play around if you experiment you take that time you will get to finding them.
Im sure of that so thank you for paying attention to another thursday therapy before we finish up. I want to give a quick plug to our weight management psychology. Page.
I want you to give that page a like were posting positive messages every day on the psychology of eating movement weight and body image as you know theres a lot of rubbish out there on social media and a lot of negative stuff. But i think you can put the weight management psychology posts kind of in there the posts of like that you know the cute puppies that make you feel good some of that post will make you feel good. I like i saw a really cool one with a monkey who had befriended a cat it kind of opened.
My mind so some of our posts will open your mind a little bit. So please give the wmp page a like and until then i will see you in a couple of weeks for our next thursday therapy you .

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when god tells you who your husband is-3

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