Who is The Man in Orange?

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It was the 2014 world series. And you noticed theres a guy in a a marlins jersey. Very very strange so im focused on him.
I see hims weird once and then you see him again and again and again and again. Its because of that color that orange that pops out it is the most outrageous jersey. Its begging to be recognized you cant not notice.
It why is this guy here. Who is this guy tell us who this guy is do you watch sports. You know i am people though we and then go arent you the marlins guy in kansas city.
They told me i was batman and thats a very good analogy. I am definitely like bruce wayne and then i put on the costume when i become batman last year and the year before both times. I left the sporting events 301 days.

who is the guy in the marlins jersey-0
who is the guy in the marlins jersey-0

I did 17 doubleheaders of a tripleheader as of now ive been to 27 super bowls. Ive been to 94 world series games. Deny the nba finals games and 100 hundreds of basketball baseball playoff games.
What is my name my name is lawrence levy and im a workers comp attorney. Known as the marlins man. He has made himself a celebrity by being the guy that is at every game.
The guys always at the game. Everyone wishes that he was him its like the dream come true for a baseball fan really hes everywhere familiar face. If you build it he will come i mean ante ballpark.
Hes there oh there he is again some months. Hes away 27 days. Just traveling around back to back going to everything from nba to the triple crown american pharoah is crossing the finish line and marlins man is freaking standing there right beyond the rail.

who is the guy in the marlins jersey-1
who is the guy in the marlins jersey-1

Hes not a normal person. I became a real live talking. Wheres walden.
He is such a fixture of the crowd and wont be the show. The video game had to put him in i mean think about that you can place this guy everywhere. I was in san francisco.
And all these people are like hey. Did you see my marlins names here. I just drawn an instagram and im like you got to be kidding.
Me i cant believe this like this is real life opening. Plants my autograph anymore they want a. Selfie it was 88000.

who is the guy in the marlins jersey-2
who is the guy in the marlins jersey-2

Photos to be posted in one year. That has gotten me attention from people you wouldnt even imagine. Ill never forget.
Carlos correa comes up to him the hottest rookie in the game is coming up to a fan instantaneously knowing. Who he is it doesnt work that way i didnt wake up one day and said. I want to wear orange to be their friend that never was planned it just happened two no three.
When the marlins won at the end of the game. This is what i used to look like white would teal thats me dallas hes just apparently the you know season ticket orders been around forever from day one he blended in until he had that orange jersey. If lauria had not changed the color of his jerseys back in 2012.
We would be sitting here when you turn on your tv. You expect him to be there when hes not there people say what happened. Where is he why isnt he at that game.

who is the guy in the marlins jersey-3
who is the guy in the marlins jersey-3

Where could he be he is a great ambassador to the idea that theres nothing like being there yourself people cant believe that this guy basically shows up at every important game. Hes unavoidable. He better be there he better be at the all star game in miami or whatever.
It is when you were at a sporting event. Especially baseball you forget about it he better get a strike he better steal he better get a homerun is he gonna bunt is he gonna throw a curveball you forget about your problems. Thats priceless thats what baseball does what happened was they tell me you have liver cancer.
I wasnt gonna get better. Id have long to live. And i did the biopsy and he came back and it was all negative and normal.
I made a promise to myself i never again want to say i wish i was there i need to get there i need to be sitting where i want to sit. And thats how i started living my life. Im having too much fun doing this i dont wanna stop doing this i have no reason to stop can you imagine that we would ever have a fan that would be so relevant that people would notice when hes not there thats marlins man you .

who is the guy in the marlins jersey-4
who is the guy in the marlins jersey-4

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