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Welcome back to bode speak today. Lets explore one of the old legends that that we often refer to why do we consider the lions as the king of jungle yes. It is at the top of the food chain.
But it definitely is not the strongest or the biggest of the ye cats around pound for pound. The average tiger is a larger animal faster more lethal and equipped with higher intelligence. Than an average lion besides the lion does not actually live in the jungle.
Its the tiger that lives in the jungle. While the lion lives in the savanna or grassland. So why do old saying still equate a lion with strength bravery courage as in fought like a lion or has a lions heart and not any other animal beat.
The tiger elephant hippopotamus or a crocodile why is a lion more represented than any other wild animal in the national emblem or royal coat of arms of various countries which includes the uk india. Netherlands. Luxembourg and bulgaria lets look at some possible reasons music by very appearance a male lion is distinctive among all the felines with a flowing mane that figuratively resembles the crowd it indeed stands out the manes of the male lions give them a very royal look and make them appear much larger than they actually are the music lions.
Always move as a group called a pride of lions.

who is the king of the jungle lion or tiger-0
who is the king of the jungle lion or tiger-0

The leader male within the pride lords over the rest of the lions in the pride like a king. In fact. A male lion is inactive for as high as 18 to 20 hours a day and gets the lionesses to do all the actual work of hunting for the pride.
The leader of the price commands the respect of the rest of the flight. A lion with this pride of lionesses is very much like the king with his harem of queens in contrast. The tiger is virtually recluse lives alone and has its own territory in the jungle that it got pretty fiercely music given the strength of numbers.
The pride of lions can bring down animals that are much larger than themselves. Which includes elephants dealers or hippopotamus. There are videos on youtube of a pride of lions conquering these larger animals who would probably would not be bothered by an individual tiger.
The lion is more battle hardened white cat having to fight other lions to establish supremacy over their pride. The title in comparison is not keen on getting into battle with its near equal and generally would avoid it the lions roar is considered as one of the most frightening sounds in the wild or for that matter anywhere the rule is equivalent to 114 decibels. Which could be 25 times as much as a lawn mower and on a still light.
The rule can be heard seven to eight kilometers away and lastly more than any other one key reason for the title of king of the jungle being conferred on the lion is its attitude.

who is the king of the jungle lion or tiger-1
who is the king of the jungle lion or tiger-1

The lion lives in the open in the grasslands and uses its keen strength for its hunting. When the tiger predominantly relies on still so one is considered the king. While the other is the teeth.
Besides the pride of lions normally only hunger prey if theyre hungry or eat for the threat of attack. They dont hunt for fun. There are videos showing a herd of deer passing by near a contented pride of lions.
Without feeling threatened. All the contrary. The tiger would hunt down anything that it comes across even when it is not hungry of course.
This debate is more hypothetical than a real one as in the wild. It is very unlikely that lions and tigers would have to face off against each other given their habitat preferences. Even in case.
They do the tyler will have to contend with a pride of lions and not just a single iron.

who is the king of the jungle lion or tiger-2
who is the king of the jungle lion or tiger-2

So no prizes for guessing as to who will be the last one standing so while i personally prefer the tiger for its majestic. Look. If brilliant drives is grateful walk and sheer strength there are some clear reasons.
Why the lion takes the cake. When it comes to the title of the lord of the jungle. Whatever be a personal preference.
Both these. Majestic felines are unfortunately endangered as we are probably seeing the last of them in the wild. I do hope the conservation efforts of various governments are able to increase the population of both of them for the future generations to enjoy and marvel.
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Here. I appreciate you spending time on watching my video time for it and i hope to see you soon music. .

who is the king of the jungle lion or tiger-3
who is the king of the jungle lion or tiger-3

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