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T. Thanks. Sir.
My name is ransom. Hatch and im. An entertainment assistant with with the chicago bulls.
I think the most exciting thing about my job is i know whats gonna happen do that all the way off wheres him moved asuma. Whats going on my gosh. One of the wheels came off of our cart.
We got to get that fix the whole thing will be messed up. We all have that wheel this has to work for the game. Just search through that entire tool chest.
See if theres any in there. Okay.

who is benny the bull in real life-0
who is benny the bull in real life-0

You have to be ready for any problem. Any solution. Ive already had to fix the cupcakes benny is the best boss.
I could ever ask for hes so good looking talented creative and so humble. I remember the first day on the job. I still starstruck that i was working with many of the bowl.
It was like wow that knees right here in front of me now its like alright thanks. My best friend. So its really cool to hang out with them every day.
All right guys welcome to bennys lair. We got all kind of stuff in here. So come on in first things.
First is the huge amount of costumes that we have ghillie suit. He put this on he hid in the crowd before his a big popcorn skit and surprised everyone i wore this on superhero night with benny being batman benny loves looking nice looking neat looking suave and so i think the old jack is probably his favorite accessory.

who is benny the bull in real life-1
who is benny the bull in real life-1

Either that or the underwear check over here. We go see all the props. So we have everything labeled pretty much we got toothbrushes we have stickers we got bottle openers flashlights youth jerseys blankets signed by bennett bowl we throw this out after every single half court shots only one of these gets thrown out at games typically so its real important that we have those so heres our bags so we have t shirts of every different sized party poppers lint rollers silly string brushes autograph card straws sharpies stickers.
Basically anything bunny could possibly need we have it in our bags. All right guys. Thanks for coming.
I hope you guys enjoyed the tour of bens lair. I got to ask you guys go ahead and head out though thanks for joining us wow. I cant believe you guys all join me today for bennys birthday bash.
So we actually have a lot of things to do today obviously. Spains birthday top of your game. So theres gonna be a loves tunnel quarter break.
We have benny hall of fame recognition mascot madness is broken down into three parts rock paper scissors tournament. Its the same as sumo smackdown from last time for doing umbrella hats.

who is benny the bull in real life-2
who is benny the bull in real life-2

Doing all the mascots doing popcorns. Theyre getting a bunch of popcorn. Today super dramatic music cryo is gonna be going and screaming lovable.
Its gonna be big music music every game day we have to roll up about 100 200 t shirts takes about an hour today. We enlist some help with the incredibles because we have an extra 200 and t shirts that we gotta roll up for bens birthday music music. So were gonna go s.
Cedro to prepare our popcorn. Its made fresh every single day. Its just not salted not buttered.
Its not way it doesnt get all goopy see all over your clothes. Hey sidra. We need to be back to it yeah okay all right cool music every day is something different.
When youre working with a huge bowl game days its a whole roller coaster of timeouts and see visit its its a pretty fast paced day bettings always making changes on the fly whether it be popcorn skits to which section. Were gonna go into silly string.

who is benny the bull in real life-3
who is benny the bull in real life-3

Its just kind of go go going into space next move. Things coming through this tunnel. Right here bands coming through son.
Right here. Watch out watch out one one is our time out one one is our time out i love working with mascots and the thing that really drew me to the bowls is seeing how well establish their entertainment was and how much value they put into benny one two three four five six seven. We need to put one in sweet l50 rechecked.
A purple section have them in your lap. And then put them right on your head. Okay.
When i put them on you put them on make sure you can see me make sure you can see me. If you have a hat bangs been one of the most established mascots in old sports essentially everybody no you know work with them. And see all these different ideas and he is right hand man.
Its a dream come true. So. Its cool sorry you music hey pollination thanks for watching our video.
You want some more check them out over here music. .

who is benny the bull in real life-4
who is benny the bull in real life-4

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