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Everyone and welcome to this video which is going to be addressing the topic of of analyzing visual texts now this video is aimed at the language studies unit. The in year 11. Studying english esl.
So in this video. Today. Were really going to be looking at the visual text in detail so in previous videos.
Weve already taken a look at the idea of movies specifically but in this video. Were going to be extending that knowledge to look at a whole range of images. So firstly.
What is a visual text and how is it different to written text secondly. Well be looking at how do i analyze a visual text so some of the key techniques that you can use thirdly. Well be looking at some specific techniques.
Which you can apply to a visual text so lets start by answering the most important question what our visual texts so a visual text is anything that uses pictures as well as or instead of words so we might be thinking about things like photos. Advertisements movies and television shows cartoons artworks books and magazine covers so once you approach this new genre of visual text.

look at the poster. who is the target audience of this poster?-0
look at the poster. who is the target audience of this poster?-0

Its really important that you know youre not scared by the fact that none of the techniques that you know to do with language can be applied to the visual text because its just as easy and interesting to analyze a visual text as well so remember that analyzing your text can be overwhelming especially if youre doing this in an exam. Condition. However.
What you can do is use this checklist to ensure that you have a really methodical approach and sure that you include all the elements in your analysis. And dont miss anything out so. When youre analyzing a new text firstly youre asking yourself what is it so this is the most basic step youre asking yourself.
What the texts ip is so is it a photo is it a film etc. Just literally identifying what the genre is you can then use your knowledge of different text types and other examples to understand the nature of this text. So maybe youve never seen this particular photo before but youve obviously have seen.
Other photos. Again and you can use your knowledge and apply that to the different texts secondly you can look at what the elements of structure are so youll be thinking about the title pictures that are used the structure of the text accompanying it like paragraphs stanzas rhyme or rhythm pattern. So remember that a visual text doesnt have to just be an image it could be for example an image with a poem over the top of it and thats where language does again come in shapes are also really important and well be looking at how to analyze these sort of things specifically a bit later in this video.
Size is obviously also a really important thing. Because um.

look at the poster. who is the target audience of this poster?-1
look at the poster. who is the target audience of this poster?-1

The things that stand out in a picture are going to be the largest things and the less significant things are the smaller things and the composers can play with that assumption to suggest things about texts. So again. Well be looking at that concept later in the video thirdly.
You must ask yourself what stands out about this text. So does it have bold or large font. What is the focus of the image.
So if we look at this image for example. We see that color has been used in order to make that particular duck stand out from all the rest of them. So color is just one technique to make something stand out so contrasting areas of color is obviously something that youll become familiar with surprising or shocking content can also make you know the image.
Really stand out to you so. If the image is perhaps particularly graphic or include something very unusual. Thats really going to make you sit up and notice.
The image fourthly youre asking yourself what are the main ideas of the text now this is expressed through particularly a heading. Often the heading is going to be the really give away thing about a text because its going to explain the essence of the entire text.

look at the poster. who is the target audience of this poster?-2
look at the poster. who is the target audience of this poster?-2

And what the text really comes down to so its also going to be the emphasis of the image. Is the main idea areas of repetition are also going to give you a clue as to what the main idea is key words or images can be used in order to express that main idea through and the use of language and through the use of imagery. As well so perhaps specifically repeated pictures in perhaps.
A mosaic pattern. The fifth question that youll be asking yourself is what other connotations of the text now this is where you have to think about the deeper meaning of what you see so its not just about looking at a text and saying. You know its a bird.
You look at it and think of a deeper meaning so symbolism can be expressed through color characters or objects. So this bird here for example. It doesnt necessarily just represent a bird you know that its um.
A dove and the dove is a symbol of peace. So thats something where an image really has a deeper underlying meaning six. You must ask yourself what is the target audience of the text now you must ask yourself how has the text been adapted to suit that audience so if its aimed at little kids.
Whats the different sort of coloring language shapes. Sizes.

look at the poster. who is the target audience of this poster?-3
look at the poster. who is the target audience of this poster?-3

That are being used to appeal to that audience equally is it for educational purposes. Is it for you know adults who are watching a serious film you can really consider things like language juice. When youre considering that colors and simplicity or complexity are really important because how complex the text is is going to give you a really significant hint about you know the degree of sophistication that the audience thats being aimed at possesses seventh.
You must consider what is the purpose of the text. So for example. The purpose could be to entertain a movie could just be really funny and make you laugh.
And thats at sole purpose. It could be to persuade so in visual checks. This idea is particularly important.
The advert nam. The advertisement persuades you perhaps to buy a certain product or to believe a certain point of view to shock. So recent ads.
You might have seen about drug use or serious diseases are used by the government to shock. The audience into not wanting to undergo those sort of practices to educate to communicate personal feelings so these are all sort of very very personal techniques that can all be the essence of the text being represented the eighth question. Which you must ask yourself is what are some of the techniques used by the text.
So were going to be examining specific visual techniques to help you analyze and deconstruct. The text and if you join us in just a moment in part 2 of this video. Were going to be examining these sort of techniques in detail so looking at the specific techniques that you can apply in order to make sure that you answer all of these questions really well you .

look at the poster. who is the target audience of this poster?-4
look at the poster. who is the target audience of this poster?-4

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