10 Celebs Whose Real Name Will Surprise You

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It seems like actors and music stars live out their entire lives in the public public eye. But there are some things they keep secret like their real names. These have interesting stories behind their birth names and fascinating reasons for changing their names youll want to keep watching to find out which star got into a legal dispute with an australian fashion designer over her name if this is your first time.
Visiting our channel. Dont forget to subscribe and please give this video a big thumbs up today. Were sharing 10 celebs whose real name will surprise you lady gaga lady gaga wasnt born this way at least when it comes to her name that is the pop stars real name is actually stephanie joanne angelina germanotta.
But she changed it to her famous stage name when she started making music with producer. Rob fusari. So why did gaga come up with a new moniker.
She explained all in an interview with elle magazine. Saying that stephanie is the perpetually tortured artist. Thats why she changed her name she cant be her in public.
She would be a mess. So how did she come up with this alternative name. It was thanks to a conversation with her producer.
Rob after she played a song for him one day. Rob likened her to queen and their song radio gaga. He started calling her gaga and she decided she wanted to reinvent herself so she added lady on to the front.
She explained in an interview that she felt it was the perfect description of who shed become lady for having been to a private school and gaga because she was now living in a crazy sort of trash flitter environment in 2010. Rob claimed. Hed come up with the full stage name entirely by himself.
It was part of his 30 million dollar lawsuit against gaga in which he also claimed she had reneged on a business deal. The lawsuit explained hed sent a cellphone text to his protege one day using the moniker radio gaga. But his spellcheck changed radio to lady and the rest was history or so he claimed briana.
We all know her as rihanna. But thats actually the pop stars middle name if youre wondering where the name rihanna comes from its arabic for sweet basil. 3.
Reefs. Full name is robyn rihanna fenty. Her family and friends still call her robyn.
And thats what she was known as growing up in barbados in fact her neighbours gave her the nickname robin redbreast. When she was a teen because she sang so much when she came to america and signed a record deal she became known as rihanna in an interview with rolling stone magazine in 2011. The singer explained that being rihanna is just a phase of her life.
It will last as long as her career people know rihanna from her music. But being robin is everlasting. She explained that robin is the brick to her foundation.
Its something she holds on to to the pop star robin represents. Her childhood those who are close to her her home island and everything. Thats familiar in a 2013 interview with glamour magazine riri elaborated on the difference between robin and rihanna.
She explained that when someone calls her robin. She feels like that person knows her whereas rihanna tends to be other peoples creation. She added.
That robin is who she is briana is an idea of who she is and shes now using her surname fenty in a lot of her business ventures like her fashion and beauty lines vin diesel.

name a famous singer who is also an actress-0
name a famous singer who is also an actress-0

Vin diesel is a perfect kind of name for an action movie star so it isnt too surprising that it isnt the actors real name his birth name is the far more ordinary marc st. Clair. Vincent.
So how did he get such a cool moniker apparently its thanks to his high energy levels. The vin part is simply short for vincent. But the diesel part is a nickname he earned back when he was a doorman when he was 17.
He worked as a bouncer at a nightclub in new york and his friends started calling him diesel because of his non stop energy. It was like he ran off diesel fuel he was working out a lot in the gym and already honing that famous physique of his and vin came up with his own nickname too for his biceps he revealed on late night with conan obrien. That he called his muscles crypt onyx.
He named them after the company that made skateboards in more surprising news about vin diesel. The actor has a twin brother the press went crazy for this nugget of information. A photo of a guy with curly hair.
Who looked nothing like ben went viral. It was so misreported that ben himself addressed the rumors during a facebook livestream in 2015. He pointed fans in the direction of a photo.
He had shared on facebook the previous year. It showed his real twin brother along with his on screen fast and furious brother paul walker. He titled the post.
The to pauls because his twin is called paul vincents calvin harris superstar d. J. Calvin.
Harriss real name is actually very different from the moniker. We all know him by and it was thanks to his girlfriend at the time. Taylor.
Swift that most of us became aware that calvin harris was just a stage name when taylor collected her honor at the iheartradio music awards in 2016. She thanked her boyfriend adam that left a lot of us scratching her heads. And wondering just who this adam guy was wasnt taylor dating.
Calvin well yes. The popstar was still with the gj. She hadnt dumped him for some random dude named adam.
Intrigued fans went digging for more information. And found that calvin had actually spoken about his real identity. Way back in 2009.
In an interview with shortlist magazine. The scottish dj. Said.
He decided to change his name from adam. Richard wiles to calvin harris. Why so he explained that his first single was more of a soul track.
He thought that calvin harris sounded a bit more racially ambiguous. If youre wondering what hes talking about he elaborated that he thought people might not know if he was black or not then he was stuck with it what do you think of his motivations for coming up with his stage name would you think about him differently. If he had stuck with his birth.

name a famous singer who is also an actress-1
name a famous singer who is also an actress-1

Adam wilde demi lovato. The world knows demi lovato as demi. But did you know her first name is actually short for a pretty amazing mythological character.
The actress and pop stars full name is demetria devon lovato. Youre probably wondering about the meaning of the name demetria. It is an alternate form of demeter.
The greek goddess of harvest that other famous demi demi moore is also called demetria in fact her real name is demetria jean dinahs but back to miss lovato. There is even more to learn about her real name lets focus on her middle name now you might be thinking that devon sounds kind of familiar and youd be right because demi actually named her own skincare line devon by demi she revealed that she came up with the brand name because she honestly didnt know how to call it so she took inspiration from herself and named it after her own middle name it turns out using her name is a sign of serious commitment from demi. She explained that she didnt sign up as the face of an existing beauty brand.
Because she wanted to be true to herself demi told. Total beauty that she got a lot of endorsement offers. But if she doesnt use it she doesnt want to put her name on it want to know another surprising fact about demi.
She found out that shes a little portuguese and jewish. It surprised her to drake drake followed in the footsteps of many r b. And hip hop stars and rappers by having just one name.
But that wasnt always the case before he became famous across the world for his music drake was pretty well known for his acting from the age of 15. He played jimmy brooks on tv. Show degrassi.
The next generation starring in 138 episodes between 2001 and 2009. And he used his first name and last name when he was an actor aubrey graham. So where does drake come from well.
Its not just a made up moniker like rihanna drake uses his middle. Name for his singing career. And he speaks about his real full name in a hilarious interview with vanessa bayer acting as her music pr character janessa slater in the 2014.
Webisode of sound advice. She asked drake. How he would feel about changing his name.
She mentions his surname. Graham and suggest changing drake to something more hip hop rap. Like graham cracker.
She also suggests drake time like break time she adds. Yall. Know what time it is its drake time.
So. Everyone get ready drake dance to this drake beat pretty hilarious right. Its not just his name that drake has changed over the years.
He also changed his album title. Did you know his album views was originally called views from the 6. It was a pretty last minute change to the full tracklist and release date had both been announced with the previous title.
But then drake had a change of heart and shortened the album named portia de rossi portia de rossi certainly sounds like an exotic name and thats precisely why the actress chose. It her real name is very far from her stage. Name.
She was actually born amanda lee rogers.

name a famous singer who is also an actress-2
name a famous singer who is also an actress-2

But at the age of 15. The australian legally changed her name to portia de rossi. Its quite a departure from her real name.
So where did her inspiration come from that question was a really interesting. Answer portia revealed all in an interview with the advocate magazine in 2005. Her new first name came about because she was a fan of william shakespeare.
Portia is a character in his play the merchant of venice. As for her new surname. She chose it because she was australian and thought an exotic italian name would suit her better.
She explain that for australians europe is so far away. And it seems so fascinating so stylish and cultured and sophisticated. So that explains how she chose her new moniker.
But what about why she changed her name. She explained her motivation in the interview looking back portia believes. It was largely due to her struggle about being gay.
Because she felt like nothing fit. She was trying to find things she could identify herself with and so she started with her name portia went on to change her name again. But this time it was for love she married ellen degeneres in 2008.
And in 2010. Portia filed the petition to legally change her name to portion. Li.
James to generous. Lucy hale. Lucy hale.
Certainly knows the thing or two. About lying given that shes a star in the hit tv show pretty little liars and it turns out. Shes been lying about her true identity all these years well not exactly lying of course.
But her real first name is not lucy. It is in fact karen. Thats quite a difference right when you learn what her full name is youll see where the lucy comes from she was born karen lucille.
Hale. So lucy comes from luce film. When the actress appeared on the tonight show starring jimmy fallon to promote the latest season of pretty little liars.
The talk show host called her out for her pretty little lie about her name. She took it in good humor. Joking that karen is her alter ego unlike.
Many other famous people who changed the name when they become famous lucy has always been known by that name she revealed in an interview that shes gone by lucy since she was born however she did change something about herself when she set out on her acting and singing career. She explained that she had a bit of a southern drawl thanks to her tennessee upbringing and she actually took accent reduction classes when she moved to los angeles. When she was 15 gigi hadid gigi hadid is famous across the world for her beauty and her high profile relationship with zayn malik.
But what isnt quite so well known about the model is that gigi isnt actually her name her real name is jelena norah hadid. So where did the name gg come from the model revealed all to vogue her mom. Yolanda was called gigi as a kid by her own mother.
But only around the house and so that got passed on through the family with the model being called gigi around the house.

name a famous singer who is also an actress-3
name a famous singer who is also an actress-3

When she was really young. But then in verse her second grade. Everybody else started calling her that too thats because there was a girl named kalenna in her class as hellena and jelena sounds so similar it got confusing when the teacher would call out their names.
So the teacher asked her mom. Which she could call her as a nickname and her mom said gigi and so the name stuck gigi has always had the same surname hadid. But her mom has switched up her own surname a few times.
Yolanda. Van den herrick changed her name when she married her first husband mohamed hadid there are three children together jelena gigi. Bella and anwar all had the same surname then yolanda married david foster after they divorced the real housewives of beverly hills star considered going back to her maiden name ave and n herrick.
But she revealed that she asked her kids for their opinion. And they asked her to have the same last name as them. So.
It seems head eid is definitely a keeper. Katy perry. Sometimes people change their name when theyre on the path to becoming an actor or pop star.
Because they want a moniker that has a more famous ring to it katy perry on the other hand changed. Her name. Because it sounded.
Too famous. Couldnt use let us explain. Katie was born katherine.
Elizabeth hudson. The shortening of katherine to katy makes sense. But where did perry come from thats her mothers maiden.
Name and katy changed. Her surname from hudson to perry. Because katy hudson sounded.
Too much like the actress kate hudson. So when did this change take place. When katy first started recording music.
She put out a debut album called katy hudson in 2001. It was mainly made up of christian rock in contemporary christian music elements. And it wasnt a huge commercial success only selling a couple hundred copies but then the young hopeful moved to los angeles adopted the stage name of katy perry and signed to capitol records.
Thats not the end of katys drama with names in 2009. It was reported that lawyers representing the singer had service cease and desist order to an australian fashion designer called katy perry. The katy being spelled with an ie.
It was claimed that they were trying to stop her from trademarking her birth name for her clothing label. She even posted a video online begging her famous names take to drop the lawsuit. But pop star katy with a why posted an official statement on her blog explaining that it was simply a routine.
Notice letter. Her lawyers were looking to secure trademark protection for katy perry in australia. And they were simply alerting katie with an ie of their intended application.
What drama is over a name check out our friends at the things who make interesting feel good videos about lifestyle pop culture and everything viral. That is sure to keep you entertained. Which of these real names surprised you the most if you could change your name.
What would you call yourself let us know in the comments and give our video a big thumbs up thanks for watching. .

name a famous singer who is also an actress-4
name a famous singer who is also an actress-4

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