10 Things You Didn’t Know About Rebecca (Pawn Stars)

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Right if you live in this part of the country and you watch any tv tv at all for any amount of time. There is a really good chance you about the people in our next story. They are pitch women and appear daily during a commercial break near you news.
4s mark allen tonight under women behind the pitch. You know their names hi. Billy mays.
Here you know their voices and you know their commercials. Now. Jeff lynch appliance and tv center.
But do you really know the people behind the products. Yeah we shootin for a green screen in here we sat down recently with two of the best known spokespersons in the upstate greenville county native jamie simpson i was never planning on being in this line of work and and had no idea that id ever be in at this long and anderson. Native helen talmadge.
So they actually auditioned a lot of men at the same time and for some reason. I dont know why that ended up just not working and they just went with me. And maybe you get the employee price let zero percent financing.
We begin with jamie while in cosmetology school. A few years back. She hired.
An agent and started doing commercials first came a few small ones with coca cola nascar and napa auto parts. But her big break was rug and home for more than five years. Now.
Jamie has perfected the art of walking backwards showing us rugs. In all shapes. And sizes.
And that peppy delivery. She says was an accident it started with caffeine big tall cups of coffee. All the way to an early shoot that i knew was going to last all day and and just i dont know trying to get 14 rugs in a 15 second commercial.
You have to kind of be a high octane in order to get that across thousand dollars at 189 z. Jamie also says the more rugs in the spot the louder she gets and i dont think that everyone really likes it because you know when i go to greenville. I hear my commercial come on and go shut up its not even seven oclock.
But i dont know how to do a 30 second commercial. Without you out and fast have you ever noticed a lot of car commercials. They say all credit applications.
Accepted while jamie is known for being loud. Longevity is helen talmadges calling card for eleven years. She has been a spokesperson for jeff lynch.
The appliance and television store in greenville. Its funny because sometimes ill meet people they go you look so familiar to me.

who is the book expert on pawn stars-0
who is the book expert on pawn stars-0

And i know that they can trying to figure it out. And you can see the wheels turning and like okay visualize me with a refrigerator beside me like so without the appliances. Sometimes you know they dont make the connection.
Helen got her start in the business back in the early 90s. Thats when she was selling commercial time while working for wyff4 would go on shoots with the clients that i had sold the advertising for and would be there to support them while they had their commercial made and i thought you know what i would so much rather be on the other side of the camera. Doing the commercial whirlpools duet.
Sport energy star washer got the jeff lynch job. A short time later and hasnt looked back since in fact. Shes hoping.
The best is yet to come ive been waiting for somebody to see my commercial and discover me. And that hasnt happened and in fact. I was hoping that george clooney might have noticed me last year when he were a couple years ago he was shooting.
But alas nothing is happening yeah actually helen just got what she calls a real job working for a corporation in charlotte. When we first started shooting in atlanta. And jamie simpson.
Now lives in atlanta after starting her own marketing company. But you can be sure these two women will continue to make their way into your living room. 24.
Months no interest 30 seconds. At a time mark. Allen wyff news.
Four who knows maybe in the next break in addition to her commercial work you can also catch jamie simpson on tbs for movie and a makeover. er five years older brother. But would often rather throw them at things than read them so her parents probably didnt expect her to become one of the best known book experts.
Where she grew up founded in may 2009. The subreddit for question. And answer.
Interactive interviews called ama. Has gone on to become one of reddits most popular communities. The ask me anything interviewees range from celebrities to everyday people from several lines of work and rebecca romney became one of them and hamiltons early death by dual was in fact really kind of a shame for american history.
Because he doesnt often get his due on 29th of december 2013. One reddit user wrote that the book lady from paul stars. Should do it ama and only one week.
Later. The said book lady. Came to talk with people on reddit.
After a long. Chat.

who is the book expert on pawn stars-1
who is the book expert on pawn stars-1

Rebecca thanked. Everyone for participating and for all the fun. She had and she also shared a thread.
Where a user had posted a story about how he had visited bowmans rare books. And how the girl at the shop. Had got his physics joke and they had both laughed.
I mean. This is part of a larger 20th century trend. Which is really important in books.
Its the whole lieved artiste. Which is artists books right rebecca revealed that she had actually been that girl at the shop. And that she tells a story to people herself.
Even though not much is known about rebeccas personal life. We do know that she is married to jp romney. Which means she is actually related to mitt romney by marriage her husband is a history buff and a successful author having written the young adult novel.
The master in the road as me among others in march 2017. The two also published a book together called printers error irreverent stories from book history. The book was well received and critics recommended it to anyone with an interest in history in a sense of humor.
In 2015. Rebecca and her husband moved from las vegas to philadelphia. Where she oversaw the central operations of beaumont firebugs departments.
Before she left the company just a year later in order to pursue her own projects. Such as a podcast called a blue cast. Which she produces with her husband in addition to that and publishing.
A book together the couple have also collaborated in several other projects including a number of blog and magazine entries so thats right around the mark of what the guy said yes. If theres no real difference in price. Why destroy history an interesting fun fact they revealed and one of them is that in the original printing of mark twains huckleberry finn.
And tom sawyer in the drying of uncle silas. He was given an erect penis taken out of his trousers as a joke twain reacted by immediately having all books recalled and corrected. Sir arthur conan.
Doyles famous detective sherlock holmes is one of the most popular once at his day in fact. He is so beloved that there even exists. A subculture of people dedicated to studying his life.
And work. Which are referred to as real okie ins. The most beautiful books ever printed are some of the earliest and this is actually quite a beautiful book with most books age doesnt matter right it doesnt really come as a surprise that rebecca is a fan of the legendary detective.
But she is actually a very enthusiastic scholar for everything to do with sherlock holmes. And even appeared in an episode of the sherlock holmes based podcast.

who is the book expert on pawn stars-2
who is the book expert on pawn stars-2

I hear of sherlock everywhere. Where it is always 1895. You love history right yes.
If you take these etchings out of this book you are destroying a historical artifact. The book expert has stated that she knew she would love the series from the moment. She read the line.
I confess that i covered her skull. A quote directed at sherlock holmes and one of his best known adventures. The hound of the baskervilles.
Even the best experts make a mistake once in a while and so did rebecca romney on pawn stars. In the episode cool as ike of season six she misidentified a printing of crusade in nearby dwight eisenhower as the first addition what it actually wasnt its pretty common in a historical event like this one of the major generals or participants will write a memoir about it. But theyre not common signed.
She had been researching another book just before they started filming and had accidentally mixed the two up this might have just lived by a notice. If it hadnt been for one viewer who spotted the mistake and immediately sent the book expert. An email.
Prompting a rebecca to take to her blog to rectify her error right away. I have the same book in the signed limited edition. Okay.
What were gonna do is look at the two signatures. Everyone is well aware that not everything we see on tv is what it seems not even in a reality show. But rebecca has really become friends with some of the pas stars cast members off camera.
She has revealed that she and her husband will often meet up for dinner with craig. The gun expert as well as marked the beard of knowledge from the clark county museum. And his wife this book by itself in this.
Condition i wouldnt hesitate to put it 10000. In the rare book expert and her husband also double date with rick and his wife. So it looks like her relationships with the rest of the cast are not all scripted and they genuinely like each other in real life.
You might expect that dealing with rare books would attract a more sophisticated type of person but a pawnshop in vegas is still a pawnshop in vegas and even though they may have priceless and beautiful treasures. The people who bring in these rare items often have no clue as to how to keep them intact books this old tend to be really rare and valuable. But its in rough shape.
And i dont want to take a gamble before i have rebecca check it out it is not rare that customers bring in artifacts that may have brought them a lot of money had they only managed to keep them in better. Condition. Rebecca has actually interrupted filming at the post our sets to educate people on how to handle the books in order to stop them from letting the books deteriorate to the point where theyre no longer salvageable now thats a true bibliophile.
Thank you so much for watching guys. And dont forget to leave a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. If you are new also dont forget to turn that post notification bellow.
So you never miss our uploads. Thank you again for watching and well see you next time music. .

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who is the book expert on pawn stars-3

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