2 Powerful Ways to Influence Others

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There did you know that there are two powers of personality that you can develop develop that will increase your charisma and your ability to influence others. The first of powers is the power of purpose men and women with charisma and personal magnetism. Almost invariably have a clear vision of who they are where theyre going and of what theyre trying to achieve.
And you can develop this as well leaders in sales and management have a vision of what theyre trying to create and why theyre doing what theyre doing theyre focused on accomplishing. Some great purpose with their lives and their work. Theyre decisive about every aspect of their lives.
They know exactly what they want and what they have to do to get it they plan their work and then they work their plan you can increase your charisma and the magnetism of your personality by setting clear goals for yourself making plans to achieve them and then working on your plans with discipline and determination every day. The whole world seems to move aside for the person who knows exactly where hes going in fact the clearer. You are about your purposes and goals.
The more likely people will be to attribute other positive qualities to you when youre clear about your goals people will see you or perceive you as being a better and more admirable human being and when you have clear goals you begin attracting to yourself the people and opportunities necessary to make those goals.

a person who has the ability to influence other members of a group is called:-0
a person who has the ability to influence other members of a group is called:-0

A reality. Now the second personality power to develop charisma is self confidence men and women with charisma have an intense belief in themselves. And what theyre doing theyre usually calm and cool and composed about themselves and their work your level of self confidence is often demonstrated in your courage your willingness to do whatever is necessary to achieve a purpose that you believe in now people are naturally attracted to those who exude sense of self confidence.
Those who have an unshakable belief in their ability to rise above circumstances to attain their goals and one of the ways that you demonstrate self confidence is by assuming that people naturally like you and accept you and want to do business with you especially. If youre in marketing and sales for example. One of the most powerful ways to close a sale is simply to assume that the prospect has decided to purchase the product or service and then to go on to wrap up the details one of the best ways to achieve success in your relationships is to assume that people naturally.
Enjoy your company and want to be around you and then proceed on that basis. The very act of behaving in a self confident manner will generate personal charisma in the eyes of others. Now here are two things you can do immediately to put these ideas into action first think on paper write out your goals and plans in detail and then review them regularly discuss them with others upgrade your goals and plans and revise them.
When you get new information be clear about what you want and the second thing you can do is to express your level of self confidence to others all the time. Even if you have doubts inside always walk and talk and act and move like a winner like a person whos absolutely confident of success and ultimate victory and remember the person you see will be the person you will be .

a person who has the ability to influence other members of a group is called:-1
a person who has the ability to influence other members of a group is called:-1

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