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Morning. Everyone and welcome back today. I am here with colin and we are going going to be doing a drawing contest.
So basically matthew our brother drew this spongebob. He was 11. Im pretty sure yeah.
When he was 11 and colin thinks that he can draw a job better than me even though hes seven and im 13. So were gonna see who will drop better and matthew will be the judge youre not going to tell matthew. Which one drew which spongebob so this is going to be very exciting well ive been drawing i have an old blind spot he got so i got so good yeah.
He really likes drawing and i never draw so oh. You show your binder okay. So this is what was the drawing.
I did today. Its a steph curry jersey. Then my steph curry logo.
This is hard to beat. I if i did this against this one use this one he would not beat a team hey how are you really good thats my mario pretty good mario kevin durant kevin durants logo. If youre watching this.
Please. Collab with us. Kevin morgan.
Ron james music. Wow. Good job.
Youve drawn. So many like how long when did you start drawing well i started drawing when i was five years old. My first drawing it looked like magic was gone.
And were gonna get to the drawing challenge. Lets go con. So were just in colins bedroom.
And were going to be starting our drawing. We already started a little bit like all i have is that much colin lee has nothing right now. And ill do like a time lapse about our drawings music okay.
So its been like 30 minutes. And we have not gotten far away at all so this one is mine so far. This is all ive gotten guys.
Thats it and then collins. He has more than me done. And its better hey yeah.
Like in the outline. Okay. What do you think on.
Which is your favorite. So far um. This one that one thats you needed that one oh yeah.
Because its more finished. Oh yeah. Its more finished okay.
Thats a good explanation. Not only will matthew be judging. We will be going around to most of our family members all our siblings and see what their thoughts are on these two drawings okay.
Its like 15 minutes later. Colin has all of that done. Its really good and i am still never done with the outline.
Im not done without one two. Oh yeah. Im done im doing the mouth.
Now yeah. And the eyes. This is gonna be and owens right there the longest.
This is one of the longest drawings that almost took me like that i usually finish unfinished by now wow thats crazy okay a another update colin okay gonna show everyone what your drawing looks like so far so he has basically every single thing done except for the eyes. Which hes doing right now in those and then mine. I just finished the outline and so now im gonna start with the eyes.
And then get the nose and mouth right. Yeah. Yeah.
Weve been going for like an hour and a half. So. This has been really long.
So colin just finished his whole drawing. Except we still have to color yeah and look at how good that looks oh an ask of one to ten. What do you rate.
It ten good job. Okay it is later now and i have successfully finished my drawing so ill show you guys the final products. So basically this is the one we were basing it off of that matthew doing his 11.
This is collins right here and then this is mine that i did so you guys tell us. Which one is your favorite do you like the original one mine or colin. Now were gonna go to matthew.
And hes going to judge them so im so nervous. I just finished mine. Okay.
And you first of all yeah. And the thing is though like we stopped for a long break. So accom finished like 20 minutes before mine.
So now im going to show you the reveal this is the one we were basing it off of thats mine guys. I drew this when i was 11. I doubt it suppose better than this they were using this as the actual picture.
Because it was so good okay okay. Thank you now were trying to make it the most alike as we can of that one i mean age 11. So so they have to look like this.
Im going to start with this one oh tommy you get a dodge shoe. Okay. Ill set them out and close your eyes turn around guys then put that out.
Oh. Oh. Wait.
Im supposed to close my eyes. Okay. Open.
Wait hold on oh boy this is the clock. This is actually so tough. This is i cant even tell whos there who did it i think i cant tell who did it either colin.
Did you do this one dont dont tell me dont say anything. Colin hell. Did you do this one dont say anything i have no clue i have a feeling does it look like an easter egg.
If i was judging based on the color. I would say that this color matches more yeah. That is true was i trying to match the color.
What are you talking wait youre telling me no isnt yours i didnt say that i didnt say that im saying that i think this color is really good and you know what i like to see here. I like to see how this original drawing had an eraser mark and so does it right here music and this one doesnt and let me check. What else do i think um how many holes.
Oh. My god im just gonna count on me that is totally true wait wait wait. This is true one thing.
I noticed on mine. Theyre supposed to be these like shiny marks. Oh.
Im missing one. Im here i dont i dont think theyre here are you kidding. I dont see any i dont see any either.
I had them i actually covered it up. Oh. That okay so im going with this one no youre not thats fake.
Im serious. I actually am going to this one oh that was college yeah lets go did you trace no then im going with collins. I think both these drawings are very good.
But i think because of his age because of the age. But just like drawing everything very good. I think its going to be a long time mine.
Compared to this i still think mine is better and i was 11 thats way better as well as 13 like i honestly think mines better way better one look at the eyes look at the eyes they look very these eyes are way better than these are you kidding. Yes. This is like a spongebob thats sick yeah.
Thats the first one with the yellow color. Yeah. This is a couple years old it might have like wore off this is a dehydrated thats what i was going for and thats what colin replicated.
Yeah. And you were looking at the pictures. So you technically got the color wrong.
What yes we used different pencils than you did. Matthew yeah. But you had to find the right ones you can blend them together.
If you want to make it look. Like mine are you absolutely kidding me. I im still keeping my mother calling the best drawing mouth.
Im saying that we based it off this one. But dont pay attention to this one matthew. You cant leave nicely.
This is just collins. Im out. Hey.
Oh. Wait. I thought we were best.
Friends. Not anymore. Oh oh okay okay.
Notice. The matthews. This is curving yours straight line.
See that straight line its curving her thats like a circle yard yards. Okay thank you guys so much for watching this video um. It is time for the question of the day.
So. The question of the day is do you like to draw. I dont know i mean im not really good at drawing.
And so i really enjoy it that much so i would say sometimes because sometimes its fun to draw. But then other times. Its kind of not as fun and colin obviously loves to draw.
He draws all the time so maggie no no she doesnt like the job. Okay make sure to comment down. Below your answers to the question of the day music bye you .

eight-year-old elijah is one of 32 percent of u.s. children who are-0
eight-year-old elijah is one of 32 percent of u.s. children who are-0

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