A Doll’s House – Christine Linde Analysis

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Guys welcome back thank you very much for being here today. Ill be doing doing christine lind from the player dolls house. By henrik ibsen.
Who is she is an old school. Friend of noras seeking work at elmers back because she needs to start supporting a lot of people and youll see what im trying to say she was once in love with croxted. But left him for a rich man who could support her family now shes a penniless widow.
And she offers to share her life wood croxted back to the person that she left. She believes that nora must tell helmer the truth and force the situation by refusing to let croxton destroy the evidence of noras portrait. So i dont know how you want to see her as a victim or as a villain or a hero heroine or whatever.
It is but i know that she is a minor character yet can be used so much in terms of proving. A very good point in your comparative course for instance. Now.
Her first appearance in terms of that. And is shown how she is to be a very quiet and polite woman who is qualified to work in a back. She is clearly meant to be played as a contrast to the healthy and athletic nora.
Its like she represents. The societal expectations of how she marries a rich man for support and leaves the person she loves. Its like thats all that she cares about her life.
Has left its mark and nora finds her pale thin. And not at once recognizable as her old school friend thats how they know each other she is physically frail. Telling.
Dr. Rang. That she has to take the stairs slowly and is feeling the strain of overwork.
The kind of typical victorian era woman that you can think of she talks about bereavement and poverty and audience may be shocked by the absence of grief for her husband not explained for sometime. Wood shows like how come she doesnt really grieve for him doesnt talk about it there is no education. That she experienced any inner conflict over her marriage of convenience.
She seems not to want to talk about it and initially it seems. Mrs. Lynn function in the place to be a foil to the main character nora with her happy marriage and her beloved children as if like you know the complete opposite of when nora could be or the opposite lock or nora is the opposite of lint or what lint could be her air of tired experience.
Makes nora seem empty headed. Although nora would be a far livelier and more entertaining companion and im talking about the fact. That nora has no idea about how things work outside yet this person lynde knows.
Because she has struggled her way up to get money you know leaving someone for someone else. However. Nora always had it from her father.
Too now her husband whos whos got a raise in a new position in the bank and all that now if mrs. Lynn is patronizing. When she makes remarks such as when she says those bits of fancy work of yours.
She perhaps has a right to be she has worked as many jobs from teaching to shopkeeping and she went compared to what nora has done nora has done nothing if the actress chooses she may show some envy now anyone in mrs. Lyndes position might copy children and generous spending money. Even.
If nora has had to sacrifice her pocket money at the moment helmer clearly finds her worthy. But dull. She seems content for this to be the case she is grateful for the job he offers and perhaps realizes that a more overly capable woman would unnerve him so she also is good at reading people.
What nora isnt at the beginning of the play. But nora is a good manipulator.

who is mrs linde in a dolls house-0
who is mrs linde in a dolls house-0

If you know what im saying as she questions nor about the loan. Her curiosity seems to be simply that of a concerned friend is it the case though we dont know she is essentially fulfilling the function of confidant. A in allowing vital information to emerge in terms of like you know two things.
Allowing nora to talk about her crime plus. Not allowing croxted to back off you know of his plans or convince again not to back off. However her kindness is apparent in her concern for the morally sick.
In act. 1. In her debate with dr rank who could argue good stuff about this.
However. She also has stern moral principles. She fears noras naivety may lead her into a dangerous sexual situation over the loan.
What she imagines is from dr rank so she sees it coming. She is angry with rank more educated and worldly wise for taking advantage of nora. She is able to play nora the way she wants because of the experience.
She has and thats why we always say experience matters more than education. However do not listen to that advice because without education. You cant get any experience.
Her determination to help is strong as she maintains that croxton must persuade helmer not to read his letter. But she is equally intent on learning. The whole truth of the situation and plays a part in helping it to emerge.
So she could be regarded as a double sided figure. Mrs. Lynn is not the passive victim.
She appears in act. 1. And this is im talking about the truth at all costs.
She owns her experience and the self it has made her it is this perhaps that makes her so determined that there should be full understanding between nora and homer. She may want to shake them both out of an unhealthy dependency nora on her ability to perform tricks and helmer on the myths of noras helplessness of how shes just helpless the actress as a choice in where to locate her motivation for telling croxton to leave his letter in a box now in envy in excessive optimism or in genuine benevolence. We dont know we cant tell.
But it depends on you and how you wanna argue. The essay. You writing invariably she will demonstrate that the deceptively doll.
Mrs. Lynde is the place through truth teller just as nora is the bringer of light. So if we were to talk about them in this sense.
No players of the 19th century rely heavily on secrets. This is very important a dolls house. Itll be helpful to make notes of the characters of mrs.
Lane cross that and dr rank about the things they know about nora that helmer does not because the more you know about what people know about elmers life. And what he doesnt makes relationship between them very much interesting to know about you know nora and however nora elmer and horrible helmer. Now you have to note.
The subversive side to the quietness islan. Now she may be tired. She may resent having to ask people like elmer for work as if it was for favor.
But she has a true passion for work now. It has been her only joy.

who is mrs linde in a dolls house-1
who is mrs linde in a dolls house-1

Just like mentioned in factory. Page. 82.
This gives her an independence and modernity that make her highly unusual. She is an image of the new woman. All right now helmer who hates the sight of a woman doing something useful like knitting cannot imagine this kind of female.
So she would have never been helmers wife. Mrs. Lynde is the first person to understand noras pleasure in being almost like a man.
So we can say that christine. Christine lynde is very much understanding of nora. When she works even though.
The science society. Doesnt really accept women working or will say except will say like you know despises. It.
Mrs. Lynde is the first person to understand that from nora. Now perhaps this develops noras independence and gives her the courage take the course of action.
She does so maybe lind is the reason that nora you know gets to her senses. And realizes wait a second why am. I listening to this person called horrible so called my husband.
I dont think im in love with him. I should do what i think i should do and i shouldnt be listening to anyone else. So.
Maybe. Linda is the spark of all this when she shares her life and experience with nora. We also learned that last act that mrs.
Lynde has gone further than nora on the road to self determination. She has chosen the partner of her future life in crookston. She has been brave enough to travel especially to find him.
She does not wait for him to find the courage to renew the relationship. But proposes herself that they join hands in act. Three she has no illusions about him.
But she is also certain of her own ability to see the best in him and help him change his life. Which is very contradicting to how she left him for a guy with more money she wants to be a mother and she will mother his children. And mrs.
Linden short has made herself an individual who makes choices in very much contradicting way that nora does at the beginning or myths of the play um. She has as she bitterly explains to use that ability before when she first rejected croxted for a richer man to help her mother and brothers. So the person that she loved she forgot about him for the sake of a richer man to help someone else her bedridden mother and brothers who are younger than her she cannot say for certain whether it was the right choice.
And she admits. Ive often asked myself that so technically speaking. There are a lot of you know i would say light bulbs raised by this character christine lin.
Like how can you what do you think about her what would you say about what she is she a villain hero heroine um. The light giver nora it was affected by her fueled by her what role does she play why was she created by torvald by henrik ibsen in the play itself think about these questions. And in case.
You need anything please do not hesitate to comment down below. Thank you very much and see you sir. .

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who is mrs linde in a dolls house-2

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