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Hi. This is my fifth time filming this so i hope. Its good welcome welcome back to my channel.
If youre new here welcome make videos about witchcraft spirituality and other related topics so please hit subscribe. If youre interested in that kind of thing just want to learn more whatever all that stuff at the end of this video. Im going to give you guys a plant update.
Some comments shoutouts from my last video. And yeah lets get into it todays video is going to be all about house fae house elves brownies. They go by many different names.
But you know what im talking about so lets get started so lets talk about what house. Feij o somes brownies are im going to use those teen terms. Those changes inter term ibly those terms interchangeably throughout this video because theyre all kind of the same thing.
But im gonna try not to see households as much because i know everyones gonna think of dobby me from harry potter and thats not what im talking about although. I can tell that jk rowling did her research. Thats not what were talking about here.
So what our house fei exactly well theyre part of the fae and they live in your house. And they do they kind of do chores they help you out with cleaning gardening. They make things they fix things think of the elves and the shoemaker or something like that however they are in no way your servant.
And if you try to give them payment for what theyre doing or imply in any way that theyre doing this for you as a servant or anything that is not okay. They are not going to be okay. With that and they will leave now house elves or house.
They are part of many different cultures and traditions. All over the globe and to be honest european traditions are not the only ones where these types of creatures these types of fae existed and i do know that european traditions do tend to be represented much more than others are so. If your practice is not eurocentric or you want to learn about things that are not as eurocentric on top of everything else just know that there are house fae from cultures globally.

who is the youngest of the unique faeries?-0
who is the youngest of the unique faeries?-0

Its just that theyre not usually represented quite as much as the more eurocentric traditions are although theres absolutely nothing wrong with the european traditions. Either of course. All traditions are beautiful and worth learning about so thats i thought id include that in there.
Now the interesting thing about this is is that at the time that all these different cultures made these stories. They hadnt really some of them hadnt had really major contact with each other so i always found that interesting that cultures that never had any major contact with each other made the same stories about the same things you might think im crazy for some of you if youre kind of new to all this let me explain the fae house. Fae as an example are spiritual beings in the same way that other fae fairies elementals angels.
All these kind of beings or spiritual beings. So thats why a lot of the time people dont see them physically a lot of people intuitively know theyre there some people do physically see them. But its because theyre not on the same plane as us.
If that makes sense in the same way that spirits are not in the same plane is us. So. I thought i would clear that up in case.
People thought there were physical beings. Because theyre actually spiritual beings. So what was i saying all these different cultures believe in these types of fae from you know england ireland germany russia other slavic cultures africa indigenous cultures all of them have some kind of story about house faith.
Ive actually known someone who has had an experience with a brownie stealing her stuff. Until she started leaving out offerings for the brownie and then it stopped so you know so these things do happen and actually leaving out offerings for brownies and other fae are a really great way to get them kind of on your site. However.
If youre not up for a commitment dont leave out offerings because once you leave out an offering for the fae. Any kind of fae theyre going to espect expect that offering consistently and if you stop then they rule theyre very vengeful and you dont want that to happen they will take all their all their love all fufu excuse. Me theyll took theyll take all the luck.
They gave you and leave theyll take all your luck. So please. If youre going to leave offerings to any kind of fae be very consistent.

who is the youngest of the unique faeries?-1
who is the youngest of the unique faeries?-1

I try to do it every week and then if you go on vacation for a little bit for example and have to leave leave a note explaining why you cant give them offerings for the time being because. It is very very important that youre consistent so lets start with lets talk about how to attract housethey so one a long great way to do it is every day. Except thursday you sit outside an open window or on a balcony.
Or something like that and you play a flute traditionally to be a flute. But you can also use a order any that wind instrument and to play three notes each one being consecutively higher. So done does something like that as an example and you do this every day.
Except thursday the reason you dont do this on thursday. Is because thursday is actually the rest day and theyd like to be left alone on thursday thursday is a great day to give them offerings because it is their resting. They can enjoy that offering without having to you know do anything the other thing is on thursdays.
I would not recommend doing anything noisy. If you do have households in your home. Because they dont like noise on theyre resting so screwdrive not screwdrivers drills.
Parties if youre going to have a party always warn them in advance but try not to have them on thursdays. So yeah. Thats one way to attract a house off or house faye whatever you like to call it now lets talk about offerings.
What you can give and how to give them and such one of the more traditional offerings that i usually do is rice pudding sweet rice pudding. I make a sweet rice pudding and then i add unsalted butter on top and cinnamon because they do like butter excuse me they do like butter on their pudding. The other things you can give them are baked goods anything sweet theyll probably enjoy.
But please make sure its stuff that youve made yourself because store bought things you dont know what kind of chemicals might be in them. And they prefer homemade treats and it will also show them that you actually put work into your offering for them. Which will you know clearly a gift that youve put effort into versus a gift that youve just bought because you clearly it shows to them that you were willing to put in the time to respect them right because if you just go to the store and buy an offering youre not really putting effort into it and you know there they might not appreciate that quite as much so a few rules when it comes to offerings first off dont give them clothes dont give them tools dont give them anything that may indicate to them that their work is unsatisfactory.
Why do they take offense to this because lets say you give them tools as a gift they will largely take offense to that because theyll think that youre saying that their work isnt good enough. And youre trying to make it better by giving them this gift same with clothes. Theyll think that oh well you think im not well dressed enough if you do give them these kinds of gifts they will leave some of them are vengeful some of them are not in german folklore.

who is the youngest of the unique faeries?-2
who is the youngest of the unique faeries?-2

They tend to be more vengeful in brownies in english and scottish folklore kind of not quite as much. But what i would do is just dont give those kinds of things to them. So you dont have to worry about that wait when you do give them offering this i would just give them food.
But also never refer to your offerings as payment. Because thatll make them offend. It as well because theyre not your servants.
Theyre not working for you theyre not there to work for you so dont refer to it as payment because its not they youre just doing what they love and what theyre meant to do so. Now that weve talked about offerings. Lets talk about business elves.
Now whenever i say business elves. I always think of like a little elf in a suit thats not really what they are business. Elves are kind of like households who except they live in a business building.
I guess you could say they might live in a warehouse. The office space they might live in a wine cellar that kind of thing and if you respect them. And if you have a cordial relationship with them theyll actually help with your business.
Which is pretty awesome they may help with problem. Solving they may help with bringing in money that kind of stuff so how to attract them one way to attract them is you can put a gnome or elf statue facing the street outside a window. And then leave a little trail of them i would leave a trail of small crystals and the kind of crystals.
Theyd like would be money crystals like citrine jasper. A jade that kind of thing and then lead all the way up and put a piece of citrine in the cash register leave a soft blanket. Where they would reside.
So the warehouse would be a good place and leave them offerings every once in a while you can have a little box with where you put shiny things they also do like shiny things so i do that as well and i always leave my offerings. Near a warm place you may intuitively already know where they like they tend to like the hearth of them warm spaces or the living room. Anyway back to business elves and then they may come.

who is the youngest of the unique faeries?-3
who is the youngest of the unique faeries?-3

And if they do tell them about what the business is also if youre setting up a new business on a new property and their house the business. I was there let them know what youre going to do there and all of that kind of stuff keep a cordial relationship with them leave them offerings be nice to them talk to them about the company and and just talk to them in general and they will help your business. You can also do this at home.
If you have an online business or a business from home this could work for that as well now back to house fae. They also like fiddle music. When i good things you can do is play fiddle music on thursday afternoons on their rest days and leave them an offering and thats a really nice way to just be nice to them warn them before you have any parties dont be noisy on thursdays you guys will get on swimmingly.
Im going to give you guys a plant update because i promise to give you guys plant updates since i planted the butterfly pea seed so lets get into that real quick. The butterfly pea plants are doing really well theyve sprouted really quickly since letha and actually just only three days two or three days after i planted them they already had started to sprout and now theyre looking really nice and maturing. Very quickly so im very happy with them before i get into the comments shoutouts from my last video.
I wanted to let you guys know that im thinking of changing my channel name slightly. Im probably going to change it to lunar fay. Which so let me know if you guys like that name.
If you dont then give me a suggestion for a better name because i want to slightly change my name. But not too much if that makes sense. Now lets get into the comment shoutouts.
So trayvon williams shout out to you your comment was so nice especially during a time where i was feeling a little bit burnt out and then i saw your comment and it really up lifted my spirits and im really im so so glad that i can help you and im so happy to see this comment. Thank you so much it really does mean a lot to me. And it helps helps me stay motivated to keep making these kinds of videos also thank you to lemond hendricks.
Thank you to richie from bristol thank you to euphoria and said. Yeah you guys are all awesome thank you for commenting and for supporting me i really appreciate all you guys you guys are awesome. I really hope that you guys enjoyed this video.
Please let me know if you have any video suggestions for the. Future let me know if you have any questions about brownies or. Housethey and im probably going to keep making videos.
Im going to make this series about the fae. So yeah stay tuned for that and thank you for watching i love you all blessed be music. .

who is the youngest of the unique faeries?-4
who is the youngest of the unique faeries?-4

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