Analysing The Nurse (Romeo and Juliet)

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10 and 11 welcome to your analysis of the nurse in preparation for your gcse gcse english literature exams first of all and the nurse act of comic relief jubilee. She is of a loss and quite rude. She has really s from birth.
She is fondly attached to juliet and become so confident. She is loyal to juliet even when she knows it defies the wishes of the family. She does.
However betray juliet. So a function is almost as a catalyst as she helps romeo and juliet. Get.
Married. And this moves. The action of the play forward quickly.
She acts as the go between helping the relationship progress in production. Then pain reduction is in act. One scene three she mentions julius age.
And reminds. The audience that she is not yet. 14 years old.
She is a direct contrast to lady macbeth. Because she cares for julius well being she is always by julius side. Her speech is a direct contrast to lady capulet as well because shes very physical when talking about relationships for instance.
Thou wilt fall backward. When thou hast more wit and this refers to sex so straight. Well even though.
Shes talking about juliet being very young and very innocent. She mentions sex and remember women at the time. The play was written were prepared for married and domestic life.
So she kind of mentioned sex. Because i suppose in some ways juliet needs to be prepared for that because lady capulet and lord capulet. Wanted to marry paris.
But this is the first instance of the list being quite rude your quotation there no less me bigger women grow by men meaning lose nothing in fact you get bigger. Many women bigger by getting pride. So straightaway her introduction.
She talks about falling backward. And having sex with men and then she talks about again very jewy because she is as i see the collard green links in this play. She is the part of the humour factor other than initial she talks about how women get bigger because theyre going to get pregnant.
She acts as a mother figure to juliet. And she has lost her own daughter susan and therefore. She feels that julia is the closest thing to her own child.
And she says in the beginning. I know her age down to the hour and that i supposed that line there yes. It reiterates juliet age and innocence.
But it does emphasize the fact that she knows julias very very well better than her own mother lady capulet. And as i said on the last side last night she believes more in the physical size of love and mrs. Schoenfeld.
The play she contrasts greatly with juliets views on love because juliets very spiritual in her views of love and mental. And her mental views of love zoe are very romanticized arent they. Whereas.
The nurse is is crude. And she does keep mentioning sex and and need another example go girl seek happy nights to happy ds as in if he wont look for a man. Hell hell end your night in a happy way inactive scene for then obviously.
Romeo giulia. Has met eachother confess their love and julia sends.

who is the nurse in romeo and juliet-0
who is the nurse in romeo and juliet-0

The nurse to meet was romeo and find out the plans for the wedding. When the nurse tries to find romeo. She needs in kyushu and mercurial flirt with her and moxa.
She is insulted. But actually she also enjoys sexual innuendo that mercutio users when she finally gets romeo alone. The nurse talks very quickly and barely allows romeo to speak.
She often rambles on and we all that from the very beginning. She expresses concerns that romeo might lead her into a fools paradise and tries to ensure that hes not tricking her. If you should deal double with her weve got two instances there after the nurses protective side so she as i say she questions will me are you leading her into a fools paradise home are you dealing with in a double if you like god are you telling the truth can you be trusted.
So we do have the protective nature of the nursery that hes looking out for julias best interests and dont forget in this time. It was illegal for a girl of juliets age to get married without her parents consent so the nursing. It was double checking that she approves of romeo youve got a quotation in the box.
The bart botany good heart and in phase angle. Chillers watch. Lord lord.
She will be a joyful woman. So she does eventually agree that we all has a good heart and that julia. Ill be happy so shes going to go.
And tell her bear in mind all that the nurse will ultimately be tree juliet in this play. A big quotation. Here.
Youve got the shakespeare on an s translation on the right of a settlement rate to remember this book. The nurse says drawn near well sir my mistress is the sweetest lady lord lord whent was a little printing thing or there was a nobleman in town one paris that would fairly a knife aboard. But surely good sewell had has lessee a tool.
Very tore to seeing him i under her sometimes and tell me that paris is the properer man. But i warrant you when i see so she looks as pale as any clouds in the vessel world does not room rosemarie and romeo begin. Both with a letter new translations re clear there she says well sir my mistress is the sweetest lady lord lord when she was a little baby again shows you the bond between two oh.
There is one no woman in a city. A guy named paris. Who would be happy to claim her as his own juliet was rather look at a towards in it him i make her angry sometimes by seeing her paris is more handsome than you are but when i see so i swear she turns white as a sheet dont rules.
Marry was i was a token of remembrance between lovers and bernadette rose me and romeo peaked in with the same letter so she praises juliet as the sweetest lady she mentions the fact that shes no listen to you as a baby and then she actually almost teases all your society. That actually corresponds to maria as well ive to sing five her body references to the sexual aspect of love contrast with the idealistic love of romeo and juliet as described by themselves remember when they first meet we get this is lovely metaphorical religious imagery of sinners sinners and pilgrims. The nurse isnt like that at all she doesnt share juliets idea of love love to the nurse is physical as i said at the beginning when the nurse brings julia news of royals wedding arrangement.
She focuses on the wedding night court. I am the judge entirely on your delight. But you shall bear the burden soon at night.
But this is part of forewarning that leader in the play. She will encourage julia to forget rule. Because remember as if just says she sees love is physical.
So that would mean in the nurses eyes juliet can go from romeo to paris. Clearly obviously juliet does nothing that she adds comedy and tension a year actually keeps juliet. Were team before revealing romeos response or julia is desperate to hear what romeo has said to the nurse and the minute.
The nurse adds comic effect here and build up the tension. Because she doesnt reveal it straight away in fact she takes a. While what he is cunning enough to see a while i do not see that i am out of breath eventually obviously.
She does reveal the good news. That julia should get ready to go to the fryer because shes about to be married. But interestingly.
The nurse suggests that romeo is a foolish choice of man and again theres that ultimate foreshadowing that shakespeare uses. And it does reiterate. The prologue star crossed lovers are thieves has decided that theyre going to die.
Well you have made a simple choice youre our nation. That you have made a serious choice.

who is the nurse in romeo and juliet-1
who is the nurse in romeo and juliet-1

You dont know how to pick a man romeo with a question mark in the sense that you know not how to choose a man wrongly or definitely your choice is foolish. But then again she goes back to the nurse. We know which is the physical description that hes pretty that many tongue turn made got nice legs and theyve had the nice feet.
But remember here she begins by suggesting that romeo is a foolish choice okay and remember she is the person that takes care of juliet. She is the comfort on she is the person that juliet tells im good i love romeo the worst enemy earned the catalyst again big speech you dont need to remember at all obviously. But its just to show you so as i said at the beginning.
She is arguably the catalyst as well as the friar because the nurse and the friar know about the marriage. Know about the relationship and they help romeo and juliet. Keep it a secret.
Which does progress the action so when she says hence to friar laurence elias tear the husband to make your wife she has gone about send gorgeous evil wheel and helping arrange this secret marriage interestingly as well here she says i must another way to fetch a ladder by to which your loss was climb a birds nest soon. When is dark and well come to that later. But again its this idea that shes going to help them have sex with each other and by getting a rope ladder.
That romeo can climb to get into julias bedroom and obviously have sex with her in that bit where it says you will use it to climb up to your window. While its dark and in that bit was climb a birds nest act. 3.
Scene 2. So as we northerners is going to get some sort of rule bladder to allow royal to sneak into julias room. But she has also seen tibbles dead body and heard that i was wrong or who killed him the nurse tells juliet the terrible news and bitterly denounces romeo romeo card cannot romeo romeo whoever would have thought it romeo d translations again on the right romeo was hateful.
Even. Though. God is until romeo ruler.
Who ever would have thought it would be romeo. When she sees how desperate juliet feels at the news of romeos banishment though the nurse promises to find him ill find romeo to convict you so again. Shes playing this part this part that helps their relationship and well succeed at the moment helps them see each other and she said civil is gone and romeo banished romeo.
And i killed him he is banished. So shes she realizes the one shes when julius upset that she could possibly help so. Shes going to go get romeo.
So again. The news here its a cave inside of the nest. Weve seen the protective side and we we see that hes trying to accent.
It on behalf of juliet and juliet wishes so here now she says ill sign for meals to comfort. You so. Shes going to go and help romeo see juliet.
She does though denounce all men actually and she says. Theres no trust no faith no honesty in men. All perjured all forsworn all naught all dissemblers translation.
There there is no trust no faith no honesty and now men all of them lies and all of them cheat they were all wicked and then again she brings up romeo via shame on romeo. So think about that this is the woman who is helping juliet see this man well we get to act. 3.
Scene. 3 romeo is hiding in fire lawrences cell and the nurse tells him to get back together. Because he needs to go and see juliet and then she let her warm you at all that you yes still loves him even.
Though hes killed tibbles and she brings the ring here. Sir a ring. She bid.
Me give you sir you make use what goes by village so again she is the go between she takes this wing to romeo to show that juliet still loves him and then we come to the moment of betrayal. Okay. So after romeo and juliet have spent their wedding night together him secret.
The nurse comes in to warn them juliet mothers coming lady capulet announces that juliet will be marrying paris later that week when juliet hysterically refuses to my paris her father is furious and the nurse tries to intervene and protect juliet court god in heaven bless her you are to blame my lord to rate her so keep translation god in heaven bless her my lord youre wrong to berate her like that so again. Weve got the protective side. The mother instinct.
That lady capulet doesnt show is in the present is present in the news singer. Because she tries to protect julius from her father.

who is the nurse in romeo and juliet-2
who is the nurse in romeo and juliet-2

Shouting out her and berating her and verbally attacking her. But actually what happens then is lord capulet turns this verbal attack on the news and perhaps even physically hit sir. That is a perhaps though may may not one speak in his responses.
Please you mumbling fool. So he attacks. The nurse who has protected to react.
He tells you yet archie can either marry paris or be thrown onto the streets. After her parents leave. Julia juliet.
Asks the nurse for advice. The nurse tells her she should forget romeo could marry. Paris and this is your sweet safe haven is romeo is banished and all the world to nothing that he dares never come back to challenge you or if you do it needs must be by stealth then since the case will stand up now it does i think it best you married with the country or hes a lovely gentleman romeos a dish clout to him an eagle madam hath not so green so quick so fair an eye as paris hath basu my very heart.
I think you are happy in this second match for it excels your first or if it did not your first is dead or twere as good he were as living here and you no use of him down translations. There. This is what i have to see romeo has been banished and at issue.
A thing that he will never come back to challenge you if he does come back you have to sneak back onto quarter since things are the way they are i think the best thing to do is to i read account. Hes a lovely gentleman rule mules dishcloths compared to him madam. An eagle does not have eyes as green as quick and as fair as the eyes of posts tears my very heart.
But i think you should be happy in this second marriage because its better than your first even if its not better your first marriage is over or if wrong you is as good as paris formulas. Olivia. So you dont get to enjoy him i put in red to beat you probably can remember for a quotation.
I think you are happy in this second match for an excelsior first now if you look closely how she describes paris. It is pretty much the same way she described romeo. So when she approved that room you was a good man.
She said that and she described him as being pretty and having lovely hands and feet as we discussed earlier and now shes gone for 360 mg. And she said actually. Paris is lovely.
He is quite a nice wave and is no man like him. So. The nurse has changed her opinion.
Here and she encourages juliet to mali. Paris and was going to be asking ourselves. Why does she do this now.
Theres a number of possible interpretations. So first being the nurse doesnt understand that juliets love for romeo is real so as we discussed earlier all this references to sex and physical relationships. The nurse thinks that loss can be physical so juliet will be able to move on perhaps.
She believes that juliet isnt in love because of her age. Theres also the selfish possibility that the nurse doesnt want to lose juliet to romeo and the nurse doesnt understand julius alfa romeo. But knows that juliet would have to follow her fathers wishes it was illegal to marry without parental consent.
In those days. So is it actually happiness insolently enough julia clearance in june. What youre gonna have to buy.
Paris. Because that is what your father has decided as a woman in elizabethan society. You belong to your father.
So you again you need to consider why does she betray. Julia tia. Is it is it care is it selfishness or is it a lack of understanding that she doesnt really understand that actually juliet loved romeo and remember she loves him so much that she will kill herself at the end of the play act.
4. Scene. 5.
Then when she goes into juliets chamber on the morning of the wedding. She realizes that shes dead.

who is the nurse in romeo and juliet-3
who is the nurse in romeo and juliet-3

The county paris has settled his rest that you shall rest but little god forgive me again shes coming into juliets chamber. Talking about sex you know paris isnt going to let us tonight youre gonna consummate your weddin physically and then she realizes oh my name is dead and she shouts it out now on the right hand side. They have written fire lawrences words at the end of the play.
When he explains. What has happened he does mention well the nurse knew about it as well so again youve got to be asking yourself how far responsible you feel the nurses for their deaths and for the tragedy of romeo and juliet interestingly and fittingly. It is the nurse assigned juliet dead and in terms of language.
We know we always have to mention shakespeares language. She fear much as the language to the character that uses it and for the nurse. This is blank loose ok blank verse.
Matches colloquial english colloquial speech and colloquial english is slang isnt it really and that emphasizes her class. And it fits. Her comic role.
So the fact that she speaks in his colloquial language. And is constantly talking about sex. Adds to her humor.
She is implied to be ugly by mercutio who urges. The nurses servant peter to fetch her fan quickly to hide her fears for her fans. The fear of fear.
So weve got the suggestion that shes ugly and old mchugh. Shell call termini ancient lady now the nurse uses malapropisms and can never pronounce that word. I do apologise malapropisms and that is the use of an incorrect word in place of a word with a similar found resulting in a nonsensical often humorous statement.
So if you can remember that in your exam. That will be good. Well look again malapropisms.
If you can spell it as brilliant as well so against the incorrect use of a word again. She was of her class and again is adds to her crude nature. When she is referring to physical relationships and things like that so.
If you if youre aiming for your grade seven eight and nine. We do need blank verse colloquial speech and malapropisms do apologize if im not pronouncing that correctly now when i finish now with the nurses name because its quite interesting. The nurses given name could possibly be angelica.
Because lord capulet and says to refer to her as good angelica. Now. If we look at angelica apologies.
Go back to catalyst and the new man. Jelica is a latin baby name and in the latin meaning of the name. It is angel or if you want the greek version of it it is messenger now this is massively important in both instances.
If we take the latin word. The latin way. Which is angel.
We have this idea that is angelic and because she has heard juliet. Fulfill this love that she has for romeo and marry him and spend time with him and have sex with him if we look at messenger again it totally fits her character. Because she goes to romeo to make sure his intentions are noble and as he truly loves juliet she tells him and if hes planning on breaking her heart.
He should give up now when she decides that hes good enough for juliet. She arranges the marriage she made sure that they spend their first night. Together.
Because she goes to friar laurence excel to get him the nurse is the go between and this name of messenger totally fists doesnt it so consider in your exam and to prove that you want them to spend the night together. Its that cool tuition. I read earlier she says ill go get a ladder.
So that he can come to you and spend the night with you okay so shes the cutlass because she does all of those things if she didnt potentially there. There wouldnt be a relationship. Which is why shes the catalyst she helps speed up romeo and juliets relationship from marriage to sex and then unfortunately obviously they die after that but she is up.
She is one of the reasons as well. Though isnt she because when generally opposed to her at her most vulnerable uttermost desperate and ask for advice. The nurse between her by suggesting she marry paris.
I hope this video has been useful please check out my other videos just type steffi lee into youtube. Ste cey hungry is re ey and a muscle good luck in your english literature exam. .

who is the nurse in romeo and juliet-4
who is the nurse in romeo and juliet-4

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