‘Archer’ Cast Makes Trading Cards For Their Characters | WIRED

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My name is john benjamin and my characters sterling archer cody special skills um rested rested behavior insulting and krav maga maga mcgraw maga from maga not mcgraw he does do that turkish ship personality flippin privileged to me mate spirit. Him nah salon. Smells.
Like i.m. Over.
Something. Climb. Alcohol.
Consumed. Per. Week.
In leaders. Oh. Dear youre on the european model.
Now in des moines 714. Leaders strength brett and speed jewish intelligence six six out of ten no study secret secret intelligence stamina for sex less than a minute catchphrase get with the usa. My name is aisha tyler.
I play lana kane on archer code. Name code named hot special skills. The ability to eat three servings of surf on stir friday.

who is the voice of lana on archer-0
who is the voice of lana on archer-0

The ability to wear the same outfit every day without dying a humiliation or boredom ability to ride public transit with two tech nines. You know how black womans getting away with that personality super foxy. Awesome spirit animal fox with three xs and a wide smells like.
Chocolate chip cookies bourbon and freedom. Alcohol consumed per week in leaders. 15 liters of american.
Whisky which incidentally is 12. Percent of the alcohol that archer consumes a string on a scale of 1 to 7 lanas strength is an onion. Damn business speed on is like mr miyagi catch a fly with chopsticks engage in ridiculous racial stereotypes fast intelligent i actually can articulate it with words would be a series of quick symbols violent gear stamina.
A lot obviously has a lot of stamina patiently trying to sustain some kind of a human relationship with our turn catch brings my vulva is smooth as a veal cutlet. My name is jessica waldron. My character is malory archer code name and special skills.
Many special skills personality brilliant cunning wise spirit animal. My god spirit animal is a cheetah it smells like pine. I am over something fine alcohol.
Consumed per week in liters seven strength 12 speed. 15 intelligence. 22.
Stamina. 50. Plus catchphrase idiots.

who is the voice of lana on archer-1
who is the voice of lana on archer-1

My name is chris parnell. I play cyril figgis codename. The owl special skills.
It was really good with math and accounting logic issues are pretty pretty good for him. And hes not a bad actor personality timid. Brave and summer spirit animal.
The monkey smells. Like peppermint. Forest.
Or some banana alcohol. Consumed per week in leaders comes through about a half a liter. Hes not a big drinker strength moderately strong hes not this strongest most men speed.
Hes not as fast as most intelligence. He is more intelligent than hospital stamina. The stem was pretty great pretty good cardiovascular system catch phrase suppressing fire.
Im lucky yeates. I play dr. Krieger code.
Name tentacles special skills. His special skills be in your pal. When the chips are down personality chaotic neutral.

who is the voice of lana on archer-2
who is the voice of lana on archer-2

Spirit and glowing pig smells like sadness and despair alcohol consumed per week in liters liters. Five strength. 9.
Hes not a 9. A is like a 4 speed is speed 2000 intelligence 8 billion. Stamina stamina.
A creed and that is on a scale of 1 to 8 billion. Catch bring me im amber and my character is pam bouvier. Codename.
It should be sweet tips special skills she can fight drive drift cars do tattoos and street art. Personality. Badass super.
Cool dangerous spirit. Him if a cheetah had a baby with a grizzly. Bear smells.
Like she smells like whiskey and cheetos alcohol. Consumed per week and leaders 25 liters strength. Oh.
My god pam is totally a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 and strength speed to intelligence. 8. Stamina.
10 catchphrase holy shitsnacks. Great awesome guys that was super fun okay. .

who is the voice of lana on archer-3
who is the voice of lana on archer-3

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