Artist Management Contracts EXPLAINED (1/2)

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it you dont want it they shouldnt be able to sign you up for it just to exercise their options at the same time you might not want the record label stipulation to be an option for exercising those option periods. It depends on what your goals are if you want to get signed up to a record label sure thats great but if youre signed to a record label dead broke and they still get to exercise their option period. Just in case you pop off thats a bad situation to be in and youre gonna want to protect yourself.
And you can even express to the team like hey i dont want a scenario where im signed to a major record label. Im not making any money and you guys still get to keep me on management. Now in some management agreements.
They will include some language here in that initial description of the term that basically says that when you sign your our deal. The term of the record deal becomes the term of this agreement typically referred to as becoming coterminous with this agreement. You need to negotiate that shit out bob dylan has been signed to columbia records for 40 years.
If he had a coterminous stipulation to his management agreement it means. The management company that got him through that columbia deal would still be with him he couldnt fire them you dont want to be locked to the same management for 40 years just because you really like your record company you want options so definitely dont let your record deal be coterminous with the management agreement. Especially considering that a record label deal is going to have mad album options.
None of which are defined by a certain amount of time. So youre gonna have to deliver album after album after album and if youre in an unfortunate circumstance and you dont like whats going on thats gonna be a hell for you so make the management agreement on its own merits. Dont let them linked up to the record label deal thats a bad scenario to be in and the last thing that youll probably see in the terms section of your management contract is a stipulation that requires the term to be extended any time you release an album ultimately if they helped you to develop an album made sure you had those studio sessions manage the deal for the album and everything like that they dont want the contract to expire two months after the album comes out and they dont get to reap the rewards of that album so if you release an album right near the expiration of your management agreement its typical that your management agreement will automatically extend another year two years even so just watch out for that and negotiate it down make sure they explained.
It to you and make sure that you understand when and where and why that would happen because it can be confusing and you want to understand it before you sign off on it. This video is already really long. I can tell by my time meter up here so im gonna end it here and in part two.
Were gonna go over all the rest of the terms in a typical management agreement if this video was helpful to you if you liked it please like the video and subscribe to the channel. Because we drop music business nuggets like this every single week. And you dont want to miss part.
2 of this video on management agreements with that said. Ive been circle 4 full stack creative and if you subscribe. Ill see you in that next video peace music.

an insurance producer who by contract is bound to write insurance-0
an insurance producer who by contract is bound to write insurance-0

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