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Everybody this is the first of what i hope will be many book reviews to to come. But before i delve in i just wanted to talk a little bit myself and the project and where i wanted to do it if you could care less about that and you just want to watch the book review. If you can far ahead and skip forward.
But for those of you still watching it let me tell you a little bit about me obviously you already know my name. But i am also a fierce book reader and a writer and a student. I started reading around the age of 13 and i was like right when youre going through puberty and youre just really awkward and you become like freakishly tall.
Which i still am and relatively ugly. Which is debatable. But anyway.
I was just in this really awkward crappy spot. And i need it books has an outlet to escape the world around me and have something that i could just kind of lose myself in so i turned to the harry potter series. I know thats super nerdy.
But you know whatever its my thing. I just found i found it to be so fascinating that you could just completely shut down everything around you and kind of step into a world that you mean nothing about and you could experience these things and go on journeys and adventures with characters so needless to say i still leave my window. And whats because you never know when harry potter is gonna come and take you back to hogwarts and if you think i mean serious.
Its cuz. I am my windows still monk. I would show you but i dont know mess up this camera.
And this is like the fifth time. Im recording this so im just gonna keep rolling with it all right moving along anyways. So there are three reasons that i wanted to do this book review.
The first being that i want to get people reading just i wanted to promote literacy and i also want to get people who are already avid book readers to kind of branch. Out and try things that the otherwise wouldnt pick for themselves. But mostly my goal with us is just to help people pick up a book.
If they havent read one in years. My second reason for doing this but i want to help promote writers who are really trying to make a name for themselves. So for that reason.
Ill be doing a lot of books from the literary underground. Because i think its super important to support your fellow writers and artists so any way that i can do that im very happy to do so. The third reason that im doing.
This is a little bit selfish. I kind of got caught in this weird cycle. Where i would only rape her school and yeah sure i was reading like 15 bucks a semester.
However it it kind of sucked the front out of it for me a little bit. Because i was just reading so much that i kind of felt a little bit overwhelmed a nice doctor reading for myself. I was just reading for academia.
And it made me hate writing almost or not writing. But it it almost made me hate reading a little bit. Because theres just so much so i wanted to do this so that i could you know get back the pleasure of reading just to read a good book.
So. If you have any comments or feedback. Please feel free to share it with me you can drop a comment or you can also inbox me please please be gentle because i am doing this for completely free and because i just want to see people read some more books so please be gentle.

who is the narrator of a lesson before dying-0
who is the narrator of a lesson before dying-0

I beg of you and if you have book suggestions please give them to me. I am. Like im kind of a book whore dont tell anybody im im constantly going from one book to another they dont know about it.
But i kind of try to keep it on the dl. But yeah from those books to me and the only thing that i will say is that i probably will never do a book series. So please try not to assist us out to me in sci fi is gonna be really tricky to read.
But i promise if its well worth it and you really sell to me. I will give every single book a chance and lastly if you are a writer and you need to have somebody promote your book and you know good publicity bad publicity. Whatever you need please unbox me.
I will read it i will do a book review for you and hopefully you know it will help you out in some way. I cant promise that it will be positive. But i tried to be harris has forgiving its open mind as possible so please enjoy this and you said.
If you have any suggestions just shoot me a message on facebook. And i hope you guys enjoy the review. Things so the first book review that ill be doing is a book called a lesson before dying by ernest gaines.
And it was published in 1993 by vintage books. Its a fiction novel. And it is 256 pages.
Long. I know that seems kind of daunting for somebody whos new to reading. But i promise you that it flies by extremely quickly before i start talking about the book itself.
I wanted to talk about ernest gaines. A little bit. Because i think i think that its extremely important to know a little bit about the author so that you have some context about the novel itself.
Ernest gaines. Was born in 1933 in louisiana. He was one of 12 children and he actually grew up on the plantation in which his grandparents and his great grandparents were slaves he was excessively poor raised by a crippled aunt who actually had to drag herself from room to room in order to take care of the children his highest level of education was an eighth grade education.
Which was extremely to pull at the time. And it would not adventist thoreau has his white peers house. There were segregated schools one gains went to elementary school.
He decided to write his first novel at the age of 17. And it was immediately rejected by a publisher in new york. He got the manuscript back brenda and waiver of the novel.
He had his first work published by san francisco university in 1956. Where he also received his degree. He later went on to when hes a fellowship from stanford university.
So that he could pursue his passions in writing games went on to teach at the university level for several years before retiring in 2004. And he currently resides in louise. Yeah.
So why did i choose this book. Ive read some of kansas work before it and i actually went in to the bookstore. One day hoping to get the autobiography of miss jane pittman which i highly recommend i read a little bit about it and his work is just extremely moving so when i was in the bookstore.

who is the narrator of a lesson before dying-1
who is the narrator of a lesson before dying-1

They didnt have that book that i just mentioned they only had a listen before dying. And so i just sort of picked it up on a whim. But i feel as though this book.
Its its just something that is very relevant to today in many ways. So. The novel is that in the 1940s in a town called bam.
Louisiana. And its the story of a man. Named jefferson who is caught at the wrong place at the wrong time.
And its told through the perspective of his friends grant wiggins and basically jefferson is in a convenience store where two men decide that they are going to rabbit. And the convenience store owner is sean killed. Whats so big about this well.
The convenience store owner is a right man. And this is the 1940s everything is segregated and its in the south and racial tensions are excessively high and has the results jefferson is actually sentenced to death and please dont worry im not spoiling anything. Its on the back of the book.
So hes sentenced to death and i feel like what follows is this compelling story of the bond between two men. A teacher and a student. Although has me rule as youll see if you read the book who the teacher is and who the stew isnt necessarily.
Very clear. So. The novel is laid out in 30 chapters and like i said.
Its tuned in 56 pages. Long so for a new reader that sounds completely daunting asking you to retune or 56 pages. But i promise you this book you will fly through it immediately.
The chapters are probably only about 7 to 10 pages. Long. And you could probably read.
2. To 3. A day.
Which is like 25 pages max and have this book done within a week. But the reason that i wanted to start with this novel for the book reviews is because the language of the novel is not complicated whatsoever. So youre not gonna have to sit there with like a dictionary and go because its just very straightforward.
And i just want to read a little quote from the book. And this is going to be grant and jefferson speaking to one another the two main characters. What it gonna be like mr.
Wiggins. I thought i knew he he was talking about but i didnt answer him he turns around to face me what a girl feel like mr. Wiggins i shook my head i felt my eyes burning i hope it aint long its not long jefferson.
I said how you know mr. Wiggins. I read it so thats just a little dialogue between jefferson and grant talking to one another about the impending edge execution.

who is the narrator of a lesson before dying-2
who is the narrator of a lesson before dying-2

That jefferson is gonna be having to experience. So what did i love about this novel um. I think he really showcases the realities of a black man in the 1940s in the south and i think that many people after reading this could argue that its still the reality for several black men nationwide and ill admit that um.
It took me a little bit to get into the book. Because its just a little bit almost too straightforward for me since ive been reading for so many years everything seems very um just intuitive. Although by a chapter 29.
This novel completely took a turn for me. And i know thats at the very end of it. But i think that that chapter it just completely drives home.
And its extremely emotional and i could definitely feel jeffersons pain in the pain of being an innocent black man in the south in a white mans world. And some things that i thought i didnt like at the beginning of the novel is that games. Includes a lot of a lot of mundane detail that i didnt think was necessary like he goes on to explicitly talk about everybody in the community names relations of these people and at the beginning.
I didnt like it because i wasnt sure what it was doing there. But actually by the end of the novel. I kind of float perspectives.
And it became one of my most favorite things. So i guess i dont really have anything that i dont like about this novel. And the reason.
I have flipped perspectives on that is because if this isnt just jefferson going through this execution. Its really a community thing so we get a lot of backstory about about the neighbors. And you know we get their perspectives and how how theyre taking in this execution.
And it becomes extremely moving and the reason. I think that you should read this is first of all its extremely easy to read. So if youre new to reading please start with this novel.
Its so easy i promise you you will have it done in less than week. I was reading two other novels at the time and i still finish this in five days. I also think that it makes the readers question race religion.
A masculinity so what does it mean to be a religious believer. What does it mean to be an innocent black man. In a white mans world and for that matter.
What does it mean to be a man so please check it out let me know if you like it. What you dont like about it. And please.
If you comment on the video try not to include any spoilers that are already on the covers. And ive attached the link. So that you can visit links that you can visit to get the book or you can check it out at your local library.
Im sure theyll probably have it and i hope you read something really good this week. And also if you have any sort of suggestions that you want me to check out please drop. A comment or you know message mean whatever you need to do and in case.
You are wondering what book that im gonna be reviewing next. So you bet you can feel long in anticipation of this. Im going to be doing you can check out ask homers.
Fetishists and that is a new book right now its only available on kindle on amazon however youll be able to order a print copy by march 20th so check it out before i do the book review and we can get together thanks you .

who is the narrator of a lesson before dying-3
who is the narrator of a lesson before dying-3

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