Creating freeform quiz questions in Articulate Quizmaker ’13

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An earlier tutorial. We looked at how to create the form based question and then then we looked at how to convert a form based question using slide view to a more custom environment. Now what were going to do is do something similar in terms of the question type.
But were actually going to create a free form question so its nice about the freeform question. Its you can put anything on the screen and convert that into a question. So lets go ahead.
And do insert and were going to insert a free form question. So i can choose you can see i can choose from a number of options. Im going to choose the drag and drop.
And now what i have as a blank slide. And so. What its waiting for is me to put content on there so lets go ahead and put these fruit on it so im going to go ahead and insert pictures.
Well choose the apple banana and orange. Ill bring those back in here im gonna select these all three and scale them down so weve got my fruit here so right now these are just shapes on a screen probably want to put some instructions on there so i can put the instructions select the red fruit and drop in the the box. Well put a box on the screen.
So ive got my question on here. I can customize this lets just go ahead and well go with this cartoony looking font and so ive got my fruit here and lets just put a box up here in the corner. So let me move this down.
A little and we can move this over and lets say we want to put a fruit box in here so im going to go to the shapes tool. We have a little box and so well just call this our fruit box lets well make it brown just so it looks different here and well do okay.

a presenter who is using free-form slides is-0
a presenter who is using free-form slides is-0

So weve got our fruit box. And weve got our fruit and right now. This is all basically just an object on the square.
These are objects on a screen now this is the where the magic happens so were gonna go to form view. Because we created a free form question. Its going to be structured a little bit different so we go to form view.
And you can see what its going to do is allow me to choose what i want to make draggable and this column. I want to put all my drag items and then where do they use need to go so in this case. We want to make all the fruit draggable.
So weve got the three fruit and then we want the apple to actually be able to drop or the correct drop target for the apple. Its going to be the box. So lets go ahead and choose our drag objects.
So we have our apple or banana and orange and then the drop target for the apple is going to be the box. The other ones just dont have one and you can see theres other options here. But were just going to stick with the default and lets go ahead and preview.
This and see what we have so we took what was essentially just content on the screen. And now weve made it into draggable objects. And so now ive got my feedback here so the again the way that works is if we go to slide view you put content on the screen.
You go to form view in this case. Were going to do a drag and drop.

a presenter who is using free-form slides is-1
a presenter who is using free-form slides is-1

So we have to have something that drags and then we have to have a place to drop it in this case the drop target. Its gonna be for the apple. Only and then you can customize the feedback and do some other things there and youre not limited to drag and drop lets go ahead and create one more quiz question so well insert another freeform question.
Were going to do the same one. But were going to do it as a pick one so were gonna do pick one which is kind of be kind of like a multiple choice quiz question same thing. We want to insert our pictures.
So we will grab our pictures here let me select them all and then ill scale them down. And i can just spread these across the screen and lets assume we have our instructions. Which is to pick the red object on the screen.
So i go to form view. So i again these are just objects on the screen. So i have to determine which ones are going to be choices.
So im going to choose all of the images and then ill make the apple the correct image and again i could customize the feedback. If i want to now if we preview this youll notice what happened was these again were just shapes. But now theyre selectable shapes.
And you can see that it even draws the selection boxes for me. So it gives me a little highlight. So let me know what im selecting and then i hit submit and i can get my feedback so a lot of neat things you can do with that again.
The cool part about all of that is you have a blank screen. You create a free form question. You can put content on the screen.
And then based on the type of question you create you can customize that so a lot of really neat things that you can do with that you .

a presenter who is using free-form slides is-2
a presenter who is using free-form slides is-2

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