Day Before Moving | Saying Goodbye to My Friends

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Is happening right now and we have to say goodbye. Its still like almost almost a week until i leave. But she leaves tomorrow to go to use are going to san francisco for vacation and im not gonna be able to see sofia when she actually leaves so this is my last day with her before she leaves.
It doesnt feel like it no were just in the parking lot. But its like i havent thought of you actually leaving until right now. I actually havent been sad that youre leaving.
Im like super happy yeah like now youre leaving. I think i still dont understand im leaving same like why am i saying goodbye. But were gonna drive to her house and she said music and then were gonna say goodbye for really making a good question is that if youre sad.
You should you listen to like some music very happy music to make you happy i have forgiven applause okay son overhauled lol. Owes its train for say goodbye. I dont know how i feel i feel like a.
I just im trying to get into my brain. That its actually a goodbye for long time. But i just like music music applause music applause hi everyone it is currently 11 am july.
23rd. And that means they have pretty much exactly 24 hours left in sweden.

saying goodbye to a student who is moving-0
saying goodbye to a student who is moving-0

Its so weird. Ill say love them people start your videos like right xx wake up. But i just realized why i dont do that you are gonna get to come with me for this holiday music applause like i am so not been wanting to stay to come now.
It is actually here. Im not feeling sad at all im just like so excited so far were doing good and feel like im gonna cry today i stayed up yesterday until like 3 00 pm. No floor and then at this videos.
Im just gonna finish dad and then im gonna get ready it will love how my day is. Starting i had at 12 pm. Just busy sleeping so late okay so now i just got ready for our day its like 1 00.
Pm no its almost 2 00 pm. So my family and i are gonna go and chill in the city. I have to buy a backpack for school into usa.
Because i still havent gone and died then i have to print. Some papers for contract music youve been waiting for music. Okay so again now.
Im just gonna take a shower or wash my hair before going treat a hairdresser. But i got backpack finally so just a five pack pack pack.

saying goodbye to a student who is moving-1
saying goodbye to a student who is moving-1

This is the backpack. I will probably have her at school in gusa. Yeah.
Like i dont like doesnt like packing. And i feel like im forgetting something like you still havent packed. My makeup.
Just fi use daily music okay send back home. I didnt follow im getting my hair cut. But i got my haircut and think true know pretty good i didnt want him to cut it too much.
But i think it looks a lot better now now i got down and i was like the last thing i needed shield before before you is it here. But im gonna go around and say goodbye to people now or in a little bit. Im gonna first go out of a tie around my dog last walk for a year like she ive never cried so much for anyone like her and then were gonna have a family dinner.
Because im probably also gonna cry on and then im gonna go and say goodbye to a few people dad are not following me to the airport tomorrow a few of my friends are gonna follow me to the airport and then i also wanted to go out in a car ride on with some people so i dont know how im gonna make all of this cuz. Its currently 8 30. Bars are filling up the sky to try music yes.
They fulfilled. Many more car.

saying goodbye to a student who is moving-2
saying goodbye to a student who is moving-2

Many more pack your finest music we will keep it steady. We will be the comforting if we fail we just we poo okay so he decide tender and this one to crying turns. We had if i believed in her might that hell the speech.
I started crying like she was against it i thought he started crying so i started quite you bit more okay so an updated i look like a mess. But its okay i stopped crying um. Its currently 12 30.
I said goodbye to you one person now. Im gonna go out of the car and go say goodbye to some more people and then almost gonna drive around in the car. But impact oh such a struggle to make bags lighter all of them are so heavy.
So stressed oh right now did it feel a little stressed out at all before no everything just came in once. But im gonna go take some pressure and its gonna be fine. So we are very lost or now were on the way to our old school where we finished last year and this go into the usa now so we love this applause she is 159 1 million 59 centimeters.
I do not know what is it a feat. Im sorry americans i am 190. Which is like 6 feet plus.
I dont know im one of the tall ones so no definitely not so im sadly not in view. Because im too big one year arriving at her old school half past 1 00 in the morning.

saying goodbye to a student who is moving-3
saying goodbye to a student who is moving-3

She almost ran over a caddy shes very scared shes yesterday we watched the non creepy playground at 1 30 pm. I am sorry this playground thing we can sit on both sides and like spin around. And its missing and sophia said that it was there like two days ago and because of the recent movie we watched and the thing is missing its very creepy applause music applause and i have to get up like a night tomorrow but now im not coming home.
Im going to another friend and were gonna go we will keep it steady. We wont be the confetti. We fell me just reboot music.
Its nothing can hold us back okay. So i wanted to go home. And now were 15 minutes away too for her i cannot even my child would disclose applause okay updated today were closed applause hey so its currently 311.
We decided i didnt decided but apparently im pulling an all nighter for my last day in sweden. Like 24 hours a week from the last 24 hours this we dont but were gonna watch the sunrise. We just rebou okay so now were going home finally its 40 go to the airport in a few hours.
Okay so im home again. Its great and i had decided to go to bed early because i want to be fully rested when im gonna travel place. I will see it in a gym official moving vlog so definitely stay tuned for guy subscribe.
So you dont miss it and lets do dis. faith this youre worried sick i mean do you see whats going on do you hear yourself right now. Maybe you do need professional help you .

saying goodbye to a student who is moving-4
saying goodbye to a student who is moving-4

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