Days of our lives Comings and Goings 10 Actors Leaving A few other Returning

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Everyone im finished remain and this is my days of our lives coming in in going video. There are so many people coming and going on this show that had to make a whole video dedicated to it this is about 15 characters that were gonna be talking about so. Let me get through with the preliminaries please hit that like button.
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Now with this could this constantly coming and going. Ive already mentioned that narnia maggiorin is leaving on thursday august 29th. Shes gets a job offer and leave salem that same day.
The actor that lucas. I think is lucas adams who plays tripp dalton. Hes also leading yet lucas and hes also leaving that thursday to go to medical school once again theyre getting rid of a lot of actors to be a before the salaries of actors theyre bringing back.
So lets talk about the next one now one of the things. I was disappointed in is that pat should be back within two weeks. So he should be back maybe the first week of september second because september because hes leaving.
Hes not going to be back in time for his son on that thursday. So how he might even show up friday the 30th. But itll cording to the spoiler here that he should be coming back within that two week range.
Thats why kaylas started talking to my patch again. But once again they have not given a exact date of his return yet which im surprised at because they announced it a long time ago heres big news are in zucker. Who plays nicole.
She was axed whether or not nicole was returned in todays our lives. And her response was nothing is permanent. I think this happened yesterday so her answer that nothing is permanent has shocked fans in in god fans wondering if nicole is returning just to leave or to stay out of town or you know i mentioned that the actor plays eric.
Hes also having some issues and they had announced that he may be leaving the show. Too so well arkana cole reunite just to leave the show together with holly. So right now.
Fans are pretty scared online on social media.

who is leaving days of our lives in 2016-0
who is leaving days of our lives in 2016-0

Because just as theyre about to get their fan favorites eric and nicole back on that screen are you you know those everybody for a loop. By saying. Nothing is permanent you know instead of saying.
Hey yeah. Shes back or shes coming back. Nothing.
s firm is pretty much saying you know either. Shes in contract negotiations. And you know she wants to make sure they got that paper for or you know she shouldnt have said what she said.
If she stands. We also have another person whos coming back william mutai will return is dr rahl. This is the way that most likely jack is gonna get his memories back so weve talked about xander maybe having extra vowels that he didnt give eve that wasnt destroyed.
But know the real deal. Dr. Rolph obviously a guy whos known for bringing people back from the day should have a contingency on how to bring himself back from the dead or somebody.
He brought back from the dead do it for him so hes returning now robin strasser. Who played dorian lord on one life to live. Weve already talked about her coming her first air date will be september 2nd.
And she has a 15 episode arc. Im sorry shell be coming on september 3rd to play. Vivien alamein and she will be coming with a 15 episode arc.
I love robin so just knowing. Its only 15 episodes is disappointing. But i will value each and every one of those 15 episodes now heres another one that may throw people for loop.
Brandon barish. Who plays deaf in the mirror on days of our lives is not in any of the casting. Like for the scripts and stuff and people have noticed like i think they set the makeup chart or something they were using with a much closer look at the current makeup burn chart.
It is in case. An upcoming exit by formula joss will star thats never word yet when brandon and stefan will be back additional casting news is forthcoming. Please stay tuned.
So brandon is leaving. But but whether hes coming back or not is uncertain. Then we have this is the one that hurt me the most cassie de pavo.
Shes also missing from the chart and so theyre like is this gonna be a situation like last year where she left for like i think.

who is leaving days of our lives in 2016-1
who is leaving days of our lives in 2016-1

It was a and returned on new years with jack is she going temporarily or will cassie believe in sailing for good. So. Theres a chance that we might be losing eve and i love cassie and this really upsets.
Me now heres the the one. I didnt expect at all via madea that shes also been rumored to write now this is the rumor mill. But these rumors come to prove come up true.
But theres cynthia of magia ascent. The exit days of our lives in february. Because you know they tape six months in advance just like chad naboo got left in february and you know thea please haley haley chin on days of our lives so i can understand them getting rid of haley.
Because they dont really seem to know what to do with her shes falling down steps you know shes seeing visions of people who werent really confrontational directly towards her you know so who knows wasnt having haley. But you know hold on to your hats. Because shes not leaving by herself the rumor mill was saying.
Kc moss replaced jj deborah is also leaving at the same time and that haley and jj may get married and leave town so that is like the big rumor thats happening that in february. You lose haley and jj now on haley. Didnt surprise.
Me jj surprises. Me. Because hes been on the show for so long so.
Wow. Now weve got some good news. Billy flynn returns.
The days of our lives. And it was originally announced that he was on reoccurring. But now hes on contract.
So were gonna get chad. Two mirror full time now that believes on stefan. No were running out of the merits so because the morda.
Mayors are leaving so billy flynn returned two days of our lives on contract is not confirmed whether or not kate. Manzi is also going to be on contract right now. She is on a reoccurring status.
So are they gonna break up chad navigable again um is she gonna disappear again we dont know whats gonna happen. But maybe getting rid of helia screen up salaries for kate so right now. It was just announced a chance full time.

who is leaving days of our lives in 2016-2
who is leaving days of our lives in 2016-2

This is the big news for fans of jacob young. That theres a big recast rumor that jacob young will be joining the cast as philip cariocas. We know that he was saying that he will leave the be on days of our lives or hell go back to general hospital as lucky.
I was hoping he went back general hospital was lucky. But i think hell do a good job on days. Where lars is philip cariocas.
I think theyll use it better than they did the other one like to live act. It was on the show. But yeah.
Jacob jargon and we also got more news. Now this news um. This is another site did also talk about jj and haley leaving in february.
It talks about brandon has already finished filming his last scenes of stefan de mer. And theres a possible. Recast.
Coming. And that dale tinglies. Who plays tony de mer.
And andre de mer. Hes also leaving the show thats wise. Theres theres not to fade.
The mayors left so hes also leaving the show tony is was only owned for 15 episode arc just like robin so now that everybody knows that ted tony killed ted either him and ana are gonna run away together and be a romantic couple off screen or hes gonna go to jail for murder and tag. So yeah they was gone you see who else okay and we go to the next tab. And this is the last tab so.
But this one also as a separate to have to talk about theyll leave in the show that he was on i didnt know he was only for 15 episodes. So thats a lot of commenting going. Thats why i decided to do a separate video.
So thank you for watching tell me what you think about all these coming. Goines are you happy are you saying are you mad that nicole could be leaving are you mad to thales tony. The mayor was so short because you know tony lee vince knows anna does that story with ramas not gonna continue.
I sincerely doubt that because roman looks like he has absolutely no interest in her and now that she knows tonys alive. Theres no real reason for her to continue the forest with roman especially since she carried ashes around for 10 years. So shell rather be a prison penpal or on a run versus continuing so we lose tony.
We lose anna so that is the coming going that is crazy as so many people is crazy and thats just this weeks announcements. So its always changing so thank you for watching this coming goines. I hope you enjoyed it im looking forward to reading the comment section to see what you all had to say about you know what surprised you like jj liva.
You know crazy catch you next video you .

who is leaving days of our lives in 2016-3
who is leaving days of our lives in 2016-3

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