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Was a woman who said her husband on fire killed him for raping. Her seven seven year old daughter. She found him murder him and yes.
She deserves a death if you support the death penalty. Please take the light to the left. If you do not support the death penalty take the light to the right first statement step forward if you agree if you do not agree if it is not true for you stay exactly where you are having a death penalty deters people from committing crimes.
I dont know that any regular human the average human. Which is who were speaking about would risk their life. When when that survival instinct is so incredibly ingrained and so strong.
Thats the foundation of my entire argument. The reason. Why i stay on the left hand side not because i feel that capital punishment.
Should be harder died dished out to everyone that commits. A crime. No im talking about the idea that it i my opinion capital punishment as a deterrent.
It influences the way people behave look at michigan michigan. Abolished california in 1958 look at the crime rate in michigan. Right now so let me ask you guys your child grabs.
A vase purposely you see them grab the vase smash it on the ground. Look you dead in the eye are they deserving of a punishment. Yes.
If are they aware of their actions. Theyre four years old exactly they look do you right now okay. So i know what they did whats wrong do you know what theyre doing wrong.
Yeah. They know what theyre doing wrong. Its like a challenge you know theyre gonna continue to do the same thing over and over punishing that child you spoke to that child people though might not have all the information in the way that a four year old doesnt have all the information disagrees.
I really dont remember any time someone was like you know i really want to kill someone. But that death penalty man. Oh no it just doesnt make sense to me that thats a deterrent.
If anything a human connection to someone like to themselves or their family or someone they care about has been the biggest deterrent in my idea of course anyone can be rehabilitated back into society. Absolutely absolutely. Yall.
Um. Heres the thing heres the thing. I think.
This is probably the most hippie part about my whole thinking is that that unending optimism for people that i know better than to give up on someone i agreed with the first half of the sentence. But not the second and then i think anybody can be rehabilitated that doesnt mean that theyre going back into society. There are options for somebody to live a full complete life and not be a danger to society.
You also have to look at it with child molestation cases. I mean how are you gonna send someone that did something crime like that thats so heinous and its happened. Many times.
Where they releases people constantly and theyre still doing the same thing. No matter how much you try to rebuild it rehabilitate someone they also have to want to be rehabilitated in order for that so were assuming people dont want to be rehabilitated. Thats my whole point is that if you can believe all some people want to be rehabilitated.

questions to ask someone who is for the death penalty-0
questions to ask someone who is for the death penalty-0

Then you have to also believe the possibility that they could redeem themselves. And do something amazing after that rehabilitation. Happens for those people that are just like past rehabilitation.
Are they deserving of death is that what weve come to it really it really depends on again circumstances. The circle. What this crime is but thats where we get into like who are we to say whos deserving or not we need to actually know their entire story and who they are as a person their upbringing.
What got them into that situation their mental stability all of those things can be taken more in consideration. But that goes to say that once you read their book that youre gonna be empathetic. And its clear that theyve taken this you know when families have lost and kids do too.
Theres you know a higher most important time to have empathy yes. Thats the point yep is when families do that to understand what the familys going through on top of what the person went through everyone deserves a second chance personally you know i dont think everybody deserves a second chance. But i do believe that there are people who do deserve it so it just depends again like i was mentioning earlier depends on what kind of crime.
The committee if its if they killed somebody i dont believe that they deserve a second chance. But if davids like a lesser crime like theyre stealing something from store like candy or something like that or or a tv or bike. I do believe that they deserve a second chance heres the thing for me.
This is why it gets hypocritical to me in this kind of discussion. Where we all think about the other person of the victim or something like that in terms of second chances. But the whole biggest idea we really confront this idea is if it was us.
Where would i want a second chance. If i knew i messed up on something however heinous or big. It was or howsoever small.
It was i want that second chance for me and for at least. My family and friends thats the least i want so thats why i know it applies to everyone i think it depends on what the second chance is that doesnt mean that there is absolutely entry into society. And often means giving someone their life.
Just say. Yeah. I heard his crime that i had someone raped then burned someone alive.
Its a horrendous crime. She just let them how society thats too much of a second chance. But from what within the confines of prison for such a heinous act that you do get a little bit.
And just want to go back to statement and people deserve. Chances and does every single person is over the second chance. And my opinion no because maybe what the crime that they committed then youre talking about i would love to have the chance to have a second chance.
Theres a difference between i would love to have it and i deserve it i think im a little confused about where it is that this line is drawn because that makes the difference between a second chance between life and death between consideration and no consideration. I think i think it does start with obviously the crime that you commit there is a difference between intentionally and unintentionally that is the height of violent premed if it was calculated. I dont think you deserve a second chance and in my opinion for a crime like that no i dont care ive no remorse ive no mercy for anyone who kills anyone okay.
There was um. I spoke about this the other day there was a woman who said her husband on fire killed him for raping. Her seven year old daughter.
She found him murdered him that was not self defense. Thats perfect. It was premeditated engine yes and yes she deserves it is she can uh no listen she she can go through the legal promotes you i understand that i understand it.
But i dont you still need to go through the legal process like everybody else you dont take it into your own hands to go. And see like its global justice. Like youre doing something for the world like you are removing a threat.
But that woman was doing some global justice.

questions to ask someone who is for the death penalty-1
questions to ask someone who is for the death penalty-1

If i ever heard it that was not her right to do though it thats not it you say that a jury of your peers that we as citizens. We as the constituency. We have that right then what because we have numbers because we have amazing process a death a death penalty is a state a state sanctioned homicide.
It still it still is a homicide. But it is decided by multiple people at that point a good thing. I think we need to go above the legal system in this dialogue.
Because it was legal to have slaves wed have to go beyond this and that was also alright. He is transcending what were talking about if someone genuinely apologizes for a crime. Their punishment should be reduced music um.
The thing is like of course. Its the hardest part of this concept. This idea is how do you judge someones genuine authenticity and in their apologetic ness.
Right. I specifically remember a case. Stanley tookie.
Williams this guy really convinced me that he was apologetic for his crime and the thing was he believed he didnt commit the crime. He was innocent of the crime. But he was still apologetic for his past crimes that he had done in his life.
And the things that he did get convicted for so. When i saw that he made a childrens book about preventing other kids from actually ending up where he ended up as a gang member and and leader of the crips. I believe that was enough for me where hes actually going out of his way to prevent future crime from happening for other people im like all right i accept your apology man i accept that big time theres no way of validating apology.
I mean like how do you know if theyre apologizing. Theyre lying you know theres a lot i mean theyre people who seem so genuine and behind you know behind their eyes. You dont know truthful well.
Ill just say a gang on gang violence. Just say that a gang member did a hit on a house of a leading. The opposing gang member and their family in to say.
Well a shooting. He killed three people you say eventually he did apologize. It doesnt matter he still killed someone.
And he should still serve a life sentence with it what if this person did so much to redeem themselves or account. For that and actually show their genuine apologetic mess behind. I dont care is that today they can in murder.
They get life in prison. No death penalty they get white so if they became mother teresa after this oh no i dont person they could they could to see their life behind bars. I think its important to consider the the do stress that this gentleman is under hes in gang lifestyle in a gang environment.
Where hes gonna get his ass beat. If he does not go make this hit even in military crimes yep like in world war ii. All those people that followed orders yes they were guilty of those crimes.
There are people who opposed or people who tried to within his own group tried to kill hitler you still at the individual chose to action you cant count on somebody else to have courage in the capacity that you do you cant count on somebody to be as intelligent or as brave as you are if we if we just allow someone just to skirt by like that were giving a bad example to everybody else in society. And theyre gonna think that they can just repeat the same thing and theyre gonna get away with it i believe that anyone can forgive anyone given enough time. I just want to say that i mean once i read a story about a mother that forgave the killer of her child.
Im like okay okay. I believe in it i believe anything is possible now. Imagine your mother for a second sight.
If someone were to kill your mother would you be able to forgive that person.

questions to ask someone who is for the death penalty-2
questions to ask someone who is for the death penalty-2

No eventually eventually a big hard question was with her im anyone get it yeah. Im gonna say. Im gonna say yes with it sure with time unless youve really experienced something like that you wont know yourself really you only know what you feel right now.
But unless you were in that motion. Where it did happen that that that mentality you dont know way to traumatize people. With that question.
Oh yeah first of all guys a fast my question about your mother ipod use for even given consideration to forgive that person and for myself personally and if something like that did happen my mom. I would find it so hard for myself to forgive that person who committed that act knowing that he has destroyed my life has destroyed our familys lives. I think i would eventually forgive.
But i know theres people out there who would always hold a grudge. I cant justify someone killing my mother i mean i cant i dont i cant see myself forgiving someone like that i heard a great concept about it immediately forgiving someone and finding the reasons to forgive them later like that that actually helped me find peace of mind knowing. That thats the guaranteed like where i should end up.
Anyway. You know so back to this concept of our own mothers. If my mother were to commit murder.
I would vote for her to receive capital punishment. I cant you know i cant sit here and be a hypocrite and say then im for capital punishment. If my own mother would commit a crime as so heinous.
I would be for even for her the law applies to everyone even my own mother. Yeah. If law enforcement abides by a house to abide by the laws of us citizens.
Have to bible. Oh. Yeah.
Mom should too. This is a very troubling. Thing for me.
That anybody walked up to these chairs. Because one its something that i questioned morally and emotionally about our society. That were not already crying or feeling some kind of feeling about our own mother being on death row.
Because now we can easily imagine if we take it one more step further that every single person on death row is somebodys mother or father or sister or brother. We cant escape that well be sad. But at the same time they committed a crime and they have to pay for it why would i know where the death lets me in the first place on other crimes such offenders.
What would it be for and what if there were a sex offender themselves that doesnt exclude them peas. Are my parents yeah. I am.
Afraid that there are innocent people on death row. I think we can all agree yep yeah. Ive heard their husbands yes.
Theres no denying isnt the curve to be more yeah. Any more people the current count. I believe ever since uh president carter is a hundred people have been found not guilty due to basically witness is lying dna and are such things.
So. A hundred people is not a small amount yeah if one person is innocent thats enough to me to not trust illegal settlements and on top of that in terms of corruption racism all these kind of things that affect our whole legal system. I dont know why its a taboo to say that like yeah we need to admit that more and its gonna be okay like lets admit it and move forward okay music applause whoa hey guys this is jason from jubilee.
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questions to ask someone who is for the death penalty-3

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