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Right thank you for agreeing to do this this hearing both of you understand that that the decisions made today are legally binding. Yes. Yes.
Yes. Sir great mrs. Williams are filing a claim against your former employer.
Merck pharmaceuticals. Where you worked for the past 22 years yes. Sir im suing for intellectual property theft.
Because theyve stolen. Many of my ideas. And i am asking for 20 million in damages.

who is the actress in the latuda commercial-0
who is the actress in the latuda commercial-0

Thats ridiculous. Mrs. Williams worked in accounting.
No one there is responsible for ideas sir let me give you an example in december 2004. This company created a drug called seasonique well back in 1997. I had a child say hello to seasonique laughter.
Hello your name is seasonique yes. Sir my birth name is seasonique boniva williams laughter. Thats right seasonique was born on the one special day between spring and summer laughter.
She was seasonique and that is not the only example. This company has stolen dozens of names named dozens of drugs after members of my family uh mrs williams please call me lyrica laughter thats my name but also an anti epilepsy drug. Thats certainly interesting please we have a team that names our products.

who is the actress in the latuda commercial-1
who is the actress in the latuda commercial-1

According to years of research. This is clearly a coincidence oh really lets look at some other examples shall we celexa thats my cousin laughter femara laughter. My other cousin laughter eliquis she lives down the way over there cymbalta she is trouble.
But shes fun mm hmm laughter allegra now she does my hair now she dont have a shop so i go to her house. Where she has a little baby named little nicorette laughter. So you see sir these people arent coming up with new drug names theyre just flipping through the contacts of my phone.
There does appear to be evidence. Here. Sir.
This is just payback. Mrs. Williams.

who is the actress in the latuda commercial-2
who is the actress in the latuda commercial-2

Was recently laid off from merck. And shes looking for retribution. You think so well let me bring in one of my co workers whos still is employed there today come on in uh and you are lunestra laughter.
Lunestra crestor harrison laughter and i worked at merck for 11 years back in 2009. I fell asleep on my computer keyboard and two weeks later. This company came out with a sleep aid called lunestra light laughter.
This company has taken the names of so many people in our neighborhood including my sister propecia laughter or my nephew dayquil well i have to say that seems more than circumstantial perhaps. But even if it was theres just no proof having the same names as the drugs has caused the women. Any harm really you think.
It is nice to be associated with high cholesterol and erectile dysfunction laughter. No its terrible. Im sorry laughter see he knows this is the biggest corporate injustice since my aunt activia worked at this yogurt company laughter.

who is the actress in the latuda commercial-3
who is the actress in the latuda commercial-3

It is a travesty. Oh oh. I am sorry.
Sir. I.m having a little episode.
I need my humira. Oh. Thats fine can we get you a class of water.
No humira its my emotional support dog she always calms me down laughter you even stole her dog laughter come on okay all right i have to say the evidence is overwhelming okay her claim has merit. I am awarding her the full amount in damages. Thank you all so we get the money i can finally put tylenol through college.
I cant believe they stole that from you too .

who is the actress in the latuda commercial-4
who is the actress in the latuda commercial-4

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