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This is the daily overpass my name is eric and i make apps now today today lets talk about apps for the app store versus enterprise apps music okay last week i did episode 399 which is about whether or not you should work on a successful project. Even if youre not interested in it right and in that video. I talked about how a lot of our client work lately is construction company.
So were doing a lot of construction apps. Lately. Which is kind of a strange needs to be in but still kind of cool right.
And it was a really good comment on that video from shaw on roy. And it was a long comment. But at the andys he asked this question.
He said. Question what would a construction app. Include features etc or do you find they just want to have the novelty of having an app and is it a native app.
You see this is a really good question and it goes to the whole thing about app development. What people expect from an application. So i answered that in the in the comments there but a lot of times when i go to companies and i say hey we can do an app for you theyre thinking the same thing theyre thinking the novelty aspect and maybe their marketing person might be a little bit interested but mostly theyre not theyre like no not really right.
But im but most of the time. Im not thinking about that at all so theres two different types of apps. You can do you could do the the app store app.
So maybe well make you a little game or something like that or something that theres something for all of their customers or we could do an enterprise app. Something for their users and most of the time. I talked about our client applications like when we do client apps for companies.
Were not doing them for the app store. I mean sometimes but most of the time were doing them for the enterprise. So its something they use internally.
You have to help them with their processes. Which i find much more fun to do because with the app store you know theyre worried about whether or not people are going to download it all that kind of stuff the same kind of stuff. We do as app developers.
But when you do something for an internal company then its you know that it helps their company. It helps the flow of everything and a lot of times. Youre dealing with enterprise apis and everything like that so to give you an example.

who is the sole distributer of apps for ios?-0
who is the sole distributer of apps for ios?-0

Lets say on and im not going to give it a specific example because of ndas and all this stuff. But lets say a company has they have a warehouse and theyre trying to take inventory of everything in their warehouse. And maybe they have barcodes on everything and they have a a database of barcodes well they should be able to use their phone and just go around and scan those those things and maybe take a picture of it you know they got a gps coordinates a.
We talked about the phone you have all the things on it right things that maybe you could do with a website. Maybe. But you you just have all this power and your fingertips and people are carrying around voluntarily.
They have the supercomputer in their pocket. Why not release an app to their employees. So they can use it to make their jobs.
Easier and and because were software developers we can look at and because its bespoke. We could look at like what is your api here. Does it need to interface with sharepoint or salesforce or whatever back end system over here or do you have this proprietary thing over here.
Where we have to write this rest api for we could do all that kind of stuff right so. Thats thats much more fun. Because you have a limited amount of users.
But itll probably be a lot more useful for them and i then and i talked about this before ive talked i said this over and over again i think the apps are gonna go with the way the web did like when the webs the dot com boom in like 2000s early 2000s everyone was going im gonna become a dotnet millionaire right and then it became a tool the web became a tool like in investment banks. I was working on internal enterprise systems and this is where apps are going i feel like were working out a lot of enterprise apps. So lets talk about the differences between an enterprise app and a app store app.
So on the android side like when youre actually building them and distributing them because most of the time when youre building them pretty much the same thing. But when you distribute them it becomes a bit more difficult not so much on the android side because the android side is i said we just send them an apk right their it guys know what to do in an apk. Theres like well put it on a shared directory.
Well have a web page you can go download it on whatever they can do whatever they want they can distribute it its harder when you come to ios so so when we talk about the different ways. Theres three different ways that i know of that you can release an ios app to to an iphone right the first one would be through the app store. So like ive had clients where they came to us said.
We dont really want to get this out to the whole world and im saying well put a password on it i mean the likelihood is nobodys gonna go download it without you sending them a link anyway we wont do any marketing on it everything and sometimes thats enough. But its still kind of like didnt whats the time. Theres security people like i dont know if i like that the second way.
Which is i find much easier than any of the others is the volume purchasing program or the vpp. So that if you release an app on ios you can see when you go to the pricing and distribution. Theres a b2b app section down there and you can select that and basically what they do so your client will set up a volume purchasing program with apple and then they will add all their users to it right.

who is the sole distributer of apps for ios?-1
who is the sole distributer of apps for ios?-1

And when you release the app. You say i only want this company to see it all i want these users to see it and doesnt have to give me just one company you can have multiple. But you could either sell it to them or you make it free on the app store and then sell it through an invoice.
Which is normally what we do right and that the nice thing about that is if theres ever an update that needs to be done or if theyre bugged or anything like that you could just do it you just do it and release it its on your app store. But only they can see it. And its just a much easier process and the third way is through the enterprise distribution program.
Which is which is a way for them to actually release the apps without going through itunes without after going through the app stores and anything like that they can just release it through a shared drive or they can have a web page and you just go download a link and everything like that now when weve done this for clients. It has not been so easy because we have to get access to their developer account. We have to get access to their to their different accounts download the certificate sometimes because they only have two certificates per account.
Sometimes you have to kick someone else off or you have to share a certificate with someone else and weve been its been round and round and then once a year that certificate expires and then the app just dies and you have to rebuild it again so thats a little bit different so for those of you guys who are looking to work with clients and youre looking to work with companies think about the enterprise applications because if you try to market. It as hey we can make it as nice little game. Which is by the way that is the hardest thing to get people to get over right when i say were going to do an app.
They think im talking games they think im talking about some cute little thing that they could do and maybe they can have like a dancing bear that promotes their company and theyre thinking. Im not really interested in that and i said thats not what im talking about at all were talking about enterprise applications that will help improve the flow of your business. You put the tools in the hands of your users.
You should have to give them a phone to use they should be able to use whichever phone. They want to and you should be able to have that app on all of them and the other question. There was is it native and know most of the time we make it through hybrid because in that way we could distribute it to both of them.
And its for all their users. But i thought it was such a good question. Because there is such a the first reception of apps.
And app. Developers is that we make tiny little teensy. Little things.
Which are cute and thats not always the case. We could work on some big systems so anyway. Let me know what you guys think if thats useful at all.
But anyway. Thats it for today. I will talk to you guys again tomorrow music music.

who is the sole distributer of apps for ios?-2
who is the sole distributer of apps for ios?-2

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