How A Pulmonary FunctionTest Works

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Electronic music keeping our lungs functioning. Properly is an important part to living a healthy healthy life. So if youre dealing with symptoms.
Doctors need to figure out what going on today. I am. With doctor clarke to talk about pulmonary function test and find out why its important doctor clarke.
I would imagine that if youre dealing with symptoms or maybe you have asthma. This is a test that you would take absolutely if you complained to your doctor about being short of breath. Maybe having some new symptoms like coughing or wheezing your doctor might order a pulmonary function test to try to find out whats going on jane.
So explain how the test works usually the tech. With have you take a deep breath and breath out as fast and hard as you can for as long. As you can they want you to blow it out really hard and fast as you can and also slowly to determine your airflow at maximal effort.
And at regular effort. Theyll also measure your maximal ability to ventilate so theyll make you pant. Which is sometimes a little bit difficult for people.
The whole test may take up to an hour or longer cheerful music. What can doctors see can they diagnose. You with oh you have copd absolutely.
It tells us whether or not you might have some problems with lung expansion. It can tell us whether or not you may have overly expanded lungs with air. Because you cant get the air out.
Which is a big problem in people who have obstructive lung disease like copd or asthma. Usually we use a computerized analysis to find out what the problems are with the patient based upon the results. Whether or not youre within normal range or not now the normal ranges are variable depending on what kind of person you are your height particularly your age.
And then the ranges will be based upon those is this something that you would do your entire life. If youve done it once you can measure how well people are doing if they have chronic disease like asthma over time maybe theyre getting better maybe theyre getting worse or maybe. You wanna treat them and find out whether or not your treatment is effective.
You may want to repeat pulmonary function test to determine that a lot of people might to be scared to come and say shortness of breath. You dont know whats going on youre fearful that there is a concern what do you tell the patients dont worry. Its an easy test.
It doesnt hurt takes a little bit of time it takes a little bit of effort. But its pretty painless so the test can tell you a lot and then in the end really help people live a smarter and healthier life. Absolutely.
Its always good to know what your lung function is particularly. If youre concerned about lung disease. Like copd pulmonary.
Fibrosis or those types of things. Jane okay can we go look at it doctor. Clarke.
Lets do it jane okay. Happy music. This is our pulmonary function machine.
And we are gonna go ahead. And get started with the pulmonary function test our pulmonary tech florrie will help us with that im gonna get in excellent go on and get in it breath normal first now take a deep breath in all the way in and blast. It out that wasnt bad at all at all it was easy for more information on how other medical procedures work catch our website livinghealthytvcom.

a patient who has a pft scheduled is going to have his/her ________ tested.-0
a patient who has a pft scheduled is going to have his/her ________ tested.-0

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