how does Shakespeare present Tybalt as a violent character? ROMEO AND JULIET

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So what im going to do now is im going to use the the sort of three part si. Plan that i talked through with jekyll and hyde romeo and juliet. And its going to be a slightly more difficult questions so im gonna focus on how shakespeare presents tibble as a violent character so in this situation you want to play to your strengths.
So tipple might not be a character that you think that you could talk about solely by himself for sort of three pages. So what im going to do is im going to think about okay what characters do i know do i feel confident with and that would still tie in to that question. So my first section is obviously going to be tibble.
My second section is going to focus on lord capulet and how he sort of keeps to the stereotype of an aggressive sort of violent male and my third section is actually gonna be about romeo now i came to that conclusion because upon seeing this question you need to think about why am. I being asked this question. So youve got thibault youve got violence.
Why did shakespeare include this character and in my opinion. He included the character of tybalt to sort of expose the dangers of the sort of stereotypical aggressive male behavior and to possibly give or turnip sort of interpretations of what masculinity truly is so from that thats where i get my sort of three prongs. So im going to go tibalt.
Lord capulet and romeo so if thats step one obviously step two i now want to think about my quotes. So obviously. This is a question we get given an extract and if youve got given this question.
It would most likely obviously be a heavy table extract so only wanted to use quotes. Where he is being typically overly aggressive. Where it seems like his only drive in life is his sort of violence in order to keep up the reputation of his family so i would use things like pea.
I hate the word i would use the imperative to use therefore turn and draw when hes being really commanding.

who is tybalt what does he do that is dangerous-0
who is tybalt what does he do that is dangerous-0

And i would use the way he repeatedly refers to romeo as a villain. The idea that its almost sort of like a superhero story. If romeo is the villain tybalt sees himself as the hero.
And hes not gonna sort of rest until in his eyes. The villain is defeated my second section would then be focused on lord capulet. So its not only that tibble is this aggressive character.
Its actually exposing how society as a whole was so youve got due to the patriarchal society. Youve almost got this like not a pressure on men because they love the control that they had but they felt the need to sort of follow. The guidelines that have been set out for them by the older men in society such as not capulet.
So we see this most clearly through his conversations with juliet. Where she dares to disobey him so she he says things like hands begged. I starve in the streets.
He calls her a disobedient wretch. He repeatedly calls her baggage. So the idea that this violence.
Actually doesnt just come out from men towards other men that threaten sort of their reputation. It also comes out from fathers down to their daughter. So anything this of damages reputation and honor causes.
These elizabethan men to act in overly aggressive and dominant way.

who is tybalt what does he do that is dangerous-1
who is tybalt what does he do that is dangerous-1

However. This is something that as i said i feel that shakespeare actually wanted to like expose so he then introduces some more softer male characters such as romeo and also the friar so youve got romeo saying about juliet side beauty hath made me effeminate. So hes not being like tibble after all hes actually admitting almost a weakness.
However in our modern society. We might see that as being actually more brave and more masculine to step out of the box and actually to speak up and to go against what is expected of me that actually shows more bravery i feel than sort of waving round a naked weapon. He also doesnt obviously immediately want to fight a ball after the marriage of him and and says that he tenders his name at tenders his name as dearly as his own so again sort of revealing this softer side.
As another interpretation. Another offering of masculinity and this in my opinion can come down largely to the relationship that romeo has with his father figure. The friar so the friar also is not one that acts in an aggressive or hasty way.
He offers advice to romeo. He says to do with love. He says wisely and slow they stumble that run fast and ive seen this is to do of love and romance.
But it can also be a reflection of society and mens haste in general. However. The friar isnt someone that is unable to act and unable to make decisions.
But he often uses his brain. His intellect. His sort of his role is like the stage character.
And where he says that he agrees to marry romeo and juliet in order to turn the households rancor into pure love so hes actually taking action.

who is tybalt what does he do that is dangerous-2
who is tybalt what does he do that is dangerous-2

But something that has been more well thought through as opposed to tybalt sort of hastiness so that leads us on to section three. Where you want to think about what context are you going to include and what critical theory. So critical theory again i would focus on the in the idea that a lot of the men in society were acting instinctively and impulsively and seeing what they wanted and just going for it rather than thinking rationally and using their super ego.
The contextual part is obviously wife touched on already the expectations of men in society. The idea that it was a man that upheld the households name and that is what would bring you success in life and step. Four like i mentioned right at the beginning.
You want to have to be really clear about what was the writers message in regards to the question youve been given so yes. Weve got to bolt. But why did shakespeare create this character of thibault.
What was he trying to expose or highlight or reveal. So you want to make sure again that i stated really clearly in your introduction. And you come back to it.
Throughout your essay. So i hope that has helped obviously a tip and violence question. Although it might seem more straightforward than a question in jekyll and hyde about mystery.
You are actually far more strict youre actually far more restricted. So you want to really practice. Give yourself some difficult questions and think how would you unpick.
It so. That you can play to your strengths. Thanks for watching bish bash bosh.

who is tybalt what does he do that is dangerous-3
who is tybalt what does he do that is dangerous-3

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