Howard and Willy Loman Part 1

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Starting if you wait i wanted to talk to you a little minute you ever ever see one of these really good on every big machine. I ever saw it been driving me crazy. But what is its a wire recorder.
I just set the livery yesterday. Ive been up all night with what does she do well i got a pretty patient. But you can do anything with it lets do this i had home last night.
Listen to what i picked up now the first one is my daughter get this listen to that pig whistle. Very light like seven years leather really get that now you like son five years old enough that alphabet anymore. Which little box.
What happened. Oh wait a minute that the maid youve got to say something this is my wife you going to talk. I cant think of anything well talk dirty.
Thats my wife certainly is a wonderful machine. But heavy willy let me pick my camera my bandsaw. Oh my god out they go.
This is the most fascinating relaxation identifier to get being one of those sure hey there are only a hundred and a half you can do now this suppose anyone in your jack man.

who is howard in death of a salesman-0
who is howard in death of a salesman-0

See you cant people so. What do you do tell them a turn the ring. When jack benny comes on and this great.
And then when you come home come home. Welcome. What about anytime.
You want we give some cult sit yourself down yes. Which little tonight. Yeah.
I definitely gotta get me one is good you know a lot of times that im on the road. And i think to myself. What i must be missing on the rail jeff a radio in the car.
What sure sure public whoever things to turning it on you know wait a minute arent you supposed to be in boston. When that what are you doing what happened i just wanna class. Okay oh.
No no no not you know this room is what a control will up to tell you the truth.

who is howard in death of a salesman-1
who is howard in death of a salesman-1

I uh. Ive come to a decision. Ive decided i dont want to travel anymore.
Not your app. What we do what you remember christmas at the body here. And you should you look respond to me.
Oh oh yeah. I remember well i couldnt find it well. I think how you know how to get youre all grown now and everything and i dont need much if i could get for the same 65 a week.
I could swing it you know oh yeah really quick you know i tell you the truth up how it is just between the two you know uh. Frankly yeah i can understand that willie oh. But youre a roll man and we got a road business.
But i only have half a dozen salesmen on the floor god knows ive never had a favorite of any man howard. But you know i was with this moment when your father came in there carrying you on his arm. The date that you were born your father came to me.
And asked me what i thought of the name howard.

who is howard in death of a salesman-2
who is howard in death of a salesman-2

I appreciate that if i had a spot. Im slammed right in there. But i just dont have a single solitary spot.
How is all i need is 50 a week set my table ended we rip off the ship where am i going to put your kid not a question to whether i can tell merchandise. Oh. Its officious.
Everybodys got a little weight. Yeah. I understand that but you got to admit business business business is definitely good you know you dont understand something you need to hear this now just listen.
When i was a boy or 18 19 years old. I was already on the road. So that you know and there was some question in my mind as to whether selling now the future for me.
Because what i had to well ask it though theres this gold strikes in one month up. There. I thought i just go up and pick it a try so to speak.
You know yeah you know my father lived.

who is howard in death of a salesman-3
who is howard in death of a salesman-3

Many many years in alaska. Yeah. He was an adventurous man.
Weve got quite a streak of self reliance in our family. You know yeah. My brother.
And i would go up. There. Find.
The old man oh hi. I was almost ready to go. When i met a salesman at the pink bass and snake was was dave singleton.
He was 84 years old. Ill never forget old dave. And hed go up to his room in from merchandise.
In 30 40. Different states and go to school and he put on his green velvet suit and right there hed pick up the phone. It caught all the pies and at the age 84 in his hotel room.
He made his living and i thought right away that that selling the greatest career. A man could have because people could be better than to go into 30 40 different cities pick up the phone and he remembered and loved it and helped by so many people .

who is howard in death of a salesman-4
who is howard in death of a salesman-4

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