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Back to the story of liberty. This is john boehner. You know there have been been very few people who have made such a significant impact on the world such dr.
John wycliff. Youll notice that history is like a drama. And there are but a few principal actors.
I had the opportunity of visiting the letter worth churchyard. Where dr. John wycliffe.
Preached in this particular churchyard. We read and learn that the monks were so intent on annihilating. The doctors bones after he was dead.
I found that very strange because dr. Wycliffe was a preacher and though he had been dead. Some forty years.
He still continued to be heard that may sound strange. But people were talking about his sermons and what he had done in translating the bible into english. There was a monumental event in the history of the world so they burned his bones.
But there are some things that the fire will not burn. Such as liberty truth. And justice.
Little do they think that the doctor will keep on preaching and that his parish will eventually be the world his followers will be citizens of every land and that his preaching together with that great parchment that great piece of paper of beeswax brought about liberty new things to the human endeavor. Thrones would be overturned sovereigns will become subjects. The consent of the governed will be established at this point in time only one man in the thousand can read men are ignorant.

who is the morning star of the reformation-0
who is the morning star of the reformation-0

Only the parish in the priests and the rich children have an opportunity to obtain an education. There are no schools for the poor. The people in fact are very ignorant.
The people are also superstitious and thats what ignorant brings the people believe in ghosts and goblins. They have stories to tell about brave knights and dragons that spit fire. Although no one has ever seen a dragon.
Everybody believes that these creatures exist and they can make their appearance at any moment and burn someone into oblivion. The people also believe in witches and the old women who become wrinkled with age are supposed to sell themselves to the devil. The depravity of man at this time is so debased that they drink themselves drunk in the village ale house.
Theres nothing else to do if a priest or a monk commits. A crime. Although it could even be murder.
They have no court they are innocent. But if one of the people commits a crime or murder. He will have his head chopped off by one of the kings.
Executioners there is no rule of law. But dr. Wycliffe is translating the bible into english.
He makes a friend with a girl and shes as good as she is beautiful and the daughter of the king of bohemia. She comes to england to be the wife of the prince of wales. She listens to dr.
Wycliffe and becomes his friend dr. Wycliffe is a good man and he preaches against the immoral practices of the monks and the friars. The pope at this time he decreed that men must believe in religion.

who is the morning star of the reformation-1
who is the morning star of the reformation-1

As he believes. There is no appeal from his decree. If man believes differently he shall be thrown into prison and tortured until he makes confession and then he is burned to death and all his property is confiscated who gave the pope and the church at this time.
The authority. No one they took it and having taken it they intend to keep it now let me say folks that both protestants and catholics did things that were very wrong during this time in history. Many mistakes were made in the name of the christian religion.
But the pope has made a commission to set men to be burnt for their heresy. These commissioners or inquisitors are men who ask questions and they have the power to put men to death to torture and to confiscate property. This is a very difficult time in history.
But the story of liberty continues. And what comes out of this is amazing dr. Wycliffe.
He informs the people in the priests and even the pope himself that theyre all sinful like other men that all men fall short no. Theres none good no not one although they may belong to a holy office. It does not make them holy men to be holy they must live a holy life.
And no man could do that and now they cannot tolerate such preaching. But people are beginning to exercise their thoughts and their beliefs in the bible. And its the beginning of liberty doctor wycliffe is now summoned to appear again at the bishops court in the palace of the archbishop of canterbury.
But he declines to go doctor wycliffe does not obey it because hes becoming an old man and he decides that at this particular time theres two popes anyway. Whos the real pope. Theres one in rome and one.
In france. Theres a great division in the church. Dr.

who is the morning star of the reformation-2
who is the morning star of the reformation-2

Wycliffe. Wisely does not make an appearance. He remains in england and continues to preach the gospel to the people of lutter worth great crowds come to hear him on sunday and his work during the week.
Hes translating. A book from the latin into the english language. The holy bible.
This is a monumental event in the history of the world. The only bibles in england at this time are the ones in the libraries at oxford or cambridge. Or the abbeys and monasteries and theres some in churches but theyre chained to the pulpit they are all in latin or hebrew and written on parchment scarcely one person in 10000.
Has ever read the holy writ. But dr. Wycliffe believes that the people have a right to read it so what does he do he translates the bible into a uniform language in england during this time in the eastern counties.
The east midlands section as it is called where the saxons first landed in obtained a foothold. The language is almost wholly saxon so dr. Wycliffe selects.
The east midlands own native dialect. Which is spoken by the majority of the people. It is a strong and vigorous language and very expressive.
It is and becomes. The english language. Other preachers are now beginning to believe that people in their parish in their church.
Have a right to read the bible and now the people listen to the words of the bible with delight and wonder and they begin to think and when men begin to think they take a step forward to liberty the bible gives them the god given rights that theyre entitled to that they have been denied so far the right to read the right to acquire knowledge the right to communicate. These ideas to their children to train their children in the way they should go so when they get old they will not depart from it schools are started men and women who have not known a single letter of the alphabet are learning to read and ironically. The children are now teaching their parents because theyre learning how to read in school.

who is the morning star of the reformation-3
who is the morning star of the reformation-3

Its the beginning of a new way of life. A new order of things in the towns in the cities of london in england. Its the beginning of liberty.
And its all because dr. John wycliffe. Translated the bible into the english language and we now know that the english language throughout the centuries.
And even today has become the language of liberty. It was in 1385 that dr. John wycliffe.
Went to heaven and the grass still grows around his grave. There in the letter earth churchyard. I had the opportunity to attend this beautiful.
Church service. With my good friend. Dr.
Marshall foster. See this man has been dead. Now for hundreds of years and yet.
The work he has done continues his preaching continues nothing can stop a man of god yes. They have gotten rid of dr. Wyclefs bones.
Theyve burned him and they threw him in the river. They cast those ashes into the river and that river bears them out to the sea. But have they gotten rid of dr.
Wycliffe. No no because the bible. Gods word will never return void you .

who is the morning star of the reformation-4
who is the morning star of the reformation-4

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