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The matrix is a system neo that system is our enemy right. But you want want your house your car for the in the mule up together with guitar anything in my name is lucy you dog let the you can live with the marr. Let you see the evil wagon tell it is illegal.
I dont think about it a deposit every other 0 thinking on my partner put the candy peninnah we go digging in a profit. Theres also parts in the album where you speak to lucy yeah. It was so far yeah trip devil so you strip ii you see both sides yeah man.
Its is this is when i when i going side. I might do it at the party. I see it all around man.
I made i may do it at the party and this ill be able to write these records because its not just a positive energy that speaks so its the negative. 2. Is the evils 2 and we all have temptations well you know me im just fortunate enough to translate them temptations to record.
You know always said. This is this is truly a gift for me putting these records. I was a gift me because im not only a voice for myself.
But im a voice for people who cant express themselves like that and lucy is one of my favorite records. Because its me actually coming to realization of the evils rather than act like its not going around my farts are not happening. My father happening right in front of my face.
I got a presenter that reminded me in a way not to the parents or anything cuz. I do think this is an original maybe one of the most original works in a long time. But it reminded me a little bit of snoop yeah.
And murder was the case when we had that conversation. We love it with the devil with lucifer in that temptation was in his face. Its too late for breaking homer a voice spoke to me.
And it slowly started singing music and how long music im not what you call a church to individual. I wasnt raised in the church of course like most people in the hood. I went to church you know those times was strung out on crack strung out on drugs earliest.
I can remember. Its always been the streets for me on the strip that that was you know sam real popular where im from my pops on the club on one side of the street. You know saying granddaddy on the club on the other side of the street.
You know sam so i just was raised in it i was at i was in the club at such an early age first time. I can remember even smoking weed was with one of my uncles in our. I was real little you know what im saying.
I mean. Its real and one in my granddaddy club. I even seen one night it was a disturbance you know saying people got all wrapped.
And hes got the dough of the club and a dude ended up throwing a broken bottle towards the dope and i saw my granddad to get his i put out you know sam blood just just gushing. I just gushing out you know saying. He actually lost his out had to get a glass.
The way. I came to christ and gave my life to jesus christ. I was in the secular rap group in the tampa bay area and i got my first record deal probably like in 1997 with an independent label over them me and the group.

who is lucy in to pimp a butterfly-0
who is lucy in to pimp a butterfly-0

I was with it just was you know saying we just was living that life that super street life man. I was you know how was the weed man. My roommate roommate was selling dope you know said cooking cookies.
It just it was it was super bad man alcoholic. I was a alcoholic you know hennessy all day all day just straight straight here most of the time you know say all day day in day. I you know saying woke up fired up went to sleep father.
You know saying. I just was the life. I was living and we even had a few labels getting at us and everything you know saying quiring about us time.
I did was gonna fly in the shows and all of that stuff. I mean was serious man and cant the cats that i was actually with you know. And i heard one of the cats.
Rapping one time and one of the songs talking about selling this so for fast cause and rich for whatever reason. And i had heard tupac on a song called smile talking by selling his soul for fast cause and riches. Thats who was saying that and even snoop dogg on the song called murders.
The case he was talking about selling his soul. You know what im saying how he paula take him back and forth to the devil and to me you know sam being lost in that street life. It was just words to me no im saying cuz.
I i just lost the aint no you know we think that everybody everybody out there know that they away from god my mindset was i just didnt know man. I was just i was just wondering i was i still wonder all the time you know was i gonna go to heaven. I was i gonna go to hell.
I didnt know you know saying. I i never really heard the gospel in its purest and its purest. You know standing purity and in truth.
You know saying. I ai. Nt know that jesus christ was the only way in the heaven.
So one night. I was on my home studio. And it had to be like eight to ten people off in there and uh.
We had beats and stuff playing in the background and everything thats how we used to do it you know so everybody dont they do smoking drinking and everything and actually it came down to that dudes actually started being used by demonic spirits and the spirit starts speaking through him. You know saying devil starts speaking through him talking to me asking me you know saying if i was gonna sell my soul telling me what i needed to do to take my career to the next level in darkness. I mean dudes actually came up to me holding wads of money saying man dont you want to make all this money now like i said.
You know saying. I wasnt church raised. You know saint church everyday and all that stuff.
But i had went to church and even though. It was a traditional baptist church. You know saying i heard about jesus.
I aint really healed you know im saying the truth and everything. But you know said my questions that i had within myself began to be answered and i knew that if those demonic spirits was real if the devil was real you know saying he was offering me away. Then i knew that god was real so what i started to do i grabbed a piece of paper that i had my pad or whatever and i just started to write you know saying started to repent and i just read it out loud and as i read it out loud.

who is lucy in to pimp a butterfly-1
who is lucy in to pimp a butterfly-1

I grabbed. My people you can just start there. Rapping.
You know im saying and start apologizing to god and as i would do that somebody would leave my house one of those one of those spirits those people would leave my house. I kept on doing it to all of them left it had to be like 8 to 10 of them after all them left. I was like man what im gonna have a little sawed off shotgun.
I was probably about that that big you know im sam and uh i was like im gonna commit suicide on mccoy himself i got all my weed you know santa hammer selling weed in one pocket smoking weed in another pocket and i was gonna get rid of the head to what we call the causeway. Its a beach area. You know im saying known and where im from you know santa in florida and uh.
But i know not that it was the holy spirit. You know i said i heard a voice saying you need to go to your mama house soul all right. Im gonna go to my mama house.
I hopped in the right you know sand and and drove my mama house. I wasnt gonna tell her what was going on. But i went to set on a chair that she got in the house and she had her you know the pillows that be on the chairs.
She had a pillow on the chair. I tried to cover the gun with it and i just was sitting there and i guess she saw the barrel sticking up from that pillow. She like boy what youre doing that gun in my house so i started coming clean with her started telling her what was going on she went in got the bible.
She opened it up to the 23rd psalm and all i saw was the lord is my shepherd. The lord is my shepherd. I shall not want understand i just started to confess you know im saying jesus asking jesus to come into my heart and continually looking at that scripture saying the lord is my shepherd.
I shall not want the lord is my shepherd. I shall not want and i didnt i just lord jesus just coming to my heart save my soul. You know jesus just beam.
Ill just just just save me i just need you to save my soul. I dont want to go to hell. I dont want to save my soul.
I didnt know i was away from you i just need you to come into my heart come into my life and be my lord and be my savior you know and of course jesus a. You know a a cleansing work began to me a cleansing work began to me for the next seven days. I continued actually to hear the demonic spirits still propositioning me to sell my soul you know im saying in exchange for fortune and wealth or whatever in that music game.
You know im saying i even it got so bad. I was so scared you know saying cuz that spirit of feel you know anything with the man thats the thats his spear. I feel you know im so scared.
I made my mama even get into bed and sleep with me. How i like dont leave me dont leave me i couldnt eat for the next seven days couldnt eat come do nothing. It was hard to sleep.
The slightest thing woke me up i look around posters would be looking at me blinking like this you know. San jay z. Post on the wall just just blinking you know said just looking at me.
It was crazy man. It was real you know us and true story. They had no nothing to do with no drugs.

who is lucy in to pimp a butterfly-2
who is lucy in to pimp a butterfly-2

And nothing like that it was just straight crossroads intersection of the of the the natural realm. You know sam and the spiritual realm. You know saying butting heads.
And i had to make my choice. Which way. I was going to go you know i know sam so uh on the last day.
The seventh day. I was completely delivered the money experience came up out of me. Yelling aah yelling you know im saying i was completely delivered.
I looked at my weed you know sound like what im gonna do with this first thing. I was thinking about doing was just giving it to one of my homeboys you know saying. But i was like i cant get his poison to my homeboy man is poison.
So i went to the toilet with it you know said to start just start flushing all the green went to the toilet with it um. My guns. We actually had already got rid of one of them the sawed off.
I was like man first of all you know saying witness with the garbage that we was involved in i know my house my old house was on fan. Watching whatever feds watching it one of my homeboys had just got trapped up you know saying hey just uh hit the road for doing some fear time and even before he had hit the road every time. He would come in the house troller.
Just swarm. The house you know saying so i know i was under surveillance. Even people after i make mileage is or whatever selling my weed.
Even people were saying. Hi. Police.
And stopping with my jokes down the road. You know send for yall. That dont know what judi.
What we call a sale or whatever you know saying your clientele. You know they were stopping my clientele down the road confiscating what they just bought so i knew i was under surveillance. So what i did was broke the sawed off up and put it in the trash.
And i watched the dumpster uh watch the trash people take it off you know sam went to go try to try to drink it man didnt want no more alcohol. No more bill from just just put it down the site. You know im saying.
I was done with it was completely delivered boss music was concerned. I was like man. Im done with this you know saying hey they can have that but my name actually should be sinister sy ni s.
Ta and uh as i began to just get in gods word studying pray you know im saying he just he just impressed upon my heart as he starts showing me my call in ministry. Called a ministry. Because he gave me the call to ministry right then he was like dont dont you uh stop rapping.
He said. You just changed that s into an m. Im making your name minister and you go for me welcome to the real world.

who is lucy in to pimp a butterfly-3
who is lucy in to pimp a butterfly-3

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