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Called firm. This is a great moment duffy. My time machine is finished.
I can can go forward to the 80th century or back to 65 ad to the time nero gosh. Keep an eye on the machine. While i take a siesta and whatever you do dont pull that chain.
Yes. Sir no. Sir i wont now what do you want music 65 ad.
Say that gives me a stupendous idea. I wonder whats going on hiya speedy. Whats all our decorations for decorations what decorations.
I dont see no decorations dont just read all storage streamers and balloons and stuff youre imagining things. I dont see nothing hmm. Theres something fishy going on here well i gotta leave now a small speedy.
Ill see you around okay watch out just. Hes gone everybody got to work we gotta get ready for a party. So thats it those sneaky rodents are gonna have a party and theyre not inviting me well.
Ill show him a thing or two si senor. The falcon was used by nobility to hunt. Small animals they are fast and vicious with bad tempers as long as you keep the hood over his head.
Hes controllable thanks a lot so youre malcolm well malcolm. You and i are gonna make a swell hunting team lets take a peek and see how mean you are hey you are a mean one archer yo crazy stupid bird save it for that mouse any more shenanigans from you and youll end up at chicken pie hell. No guts.
What you got in the bag. Thats what get a malcolm music you go to sleep. Now if you start walking.
Ill ring the bell like this and you wake up see. Its a great idea. See in the morning holy duffy.
How about if i pay sauce. Oh yeah. Yeah.
Here you are muchas gracias. Senor. Doc.
90. 90. Good night.
Speedy oh boy what an easy job.

who is the fastest mouse in all of mexico-0
who is the fastest mouse in all of mexico-0

This is going to be i think now i can sleep on a job music applause music. Whats the matter. You was walking in your sleep.
Again. Nice work music applause music well i pound something into your head. When i say let go you let go.
Claire. I hope i pounded that into your head. Hello boozy guts.
You looking for me serious. Malcolm. I think i got his birthday.
Give up they dont make pussycats like the your store music music come on malcolm. Dont lay down on my job. Put yourself together.
Remaking machine and all over there yes too much ease what a punch on the table. Hang the balloons over there everybody hurry up its almost party time there its all finished now to see if it works. Im a success that little rainmaker me come on cloud.
We got work to do all right cloud. Do your stuff not on me music you miserable crowd stop raining on me music music so youre gonna pull my tail out by the roots okay just try it music heres your tail pussycats. You asked for it.
Oh. Thatll be another five pesos in your duck huh. Well.
Its worth it here you are whats his glasses in a bottle. Maybe sure isnt easy with the moniz music buddy actually i like your music. I was thinking we might make some records they just step up there in the recording booth.
Sure davi. Oh boy this is exciting. Yes.
Now well pull the chain. Hey. Whats only let me to play play anything just pull the chain.
Oh. Its chain. Okay the team she broke clumsy give me that shame music.
Which way youre going out you called me fat head. Oh. No no i was talking to my friend here it wasnt like fat in losing your doctor.
I speedy gonzales hes padded to the lions music hey booty cats.

who is the fastest mouse in all of mexico-1
who is the fastest mouse in all of mexico-1

What are you whispering about you know. Its not nice to whisper in front of peoples faces mice mice you find out what were whispering about soon. Enough you little rodent.
Who wants to know your own secret anyway. Im not a secret of my own right here under my sombrero nothing. Im glad you dont think theres something under my sombrero you might steal it while im taking my siesta.
I go take my siesta now imagine that little squirt trying to make us think he has something under his hat. If he thinks my curiosity is going to get the best of me. Hes got another thing coming go get it malcolm and prettier go go go.
How naive can that little rodent. Be doesnt he know we push together music applause music music applause music rescue. Exists okay pull yourself up pull myself up okay just try that again buster music why you stand still okay wise guy.
Ill fix you hey what happened i must throw me the food hog. I cant see a thing music. Applause music laughter.
Applause music you see oh yeah oh look i just happen to have some cheese peppers music applause music applause music applause music my fiddle now im gonna break your neck music applause music caramba. I must bring them back music youll quit now malcolm. You cant let a little shrimp.
Like that beat you youll never live. It down music. Sorry a falcon gentle your boyfriend cant catch me.
Because i put salt on his gain. Dont believe im malcolm. Thats only a silly superstition look.
Ill put salt on my tail. Sweet. Nothing happens.
Oh yes. Wait wait till. You wiggle your tails.
Oh. Thats too bad a can without a tail. Very funny laughter music shh that was close applause music applause no music succotash what a reform situation music you doing anything tonight music oh yes.
Yeah. If i have to eat every. One of these.
Things that thing in the sky is it a bird is it a plane that is the gringo pussycat theres a miserable cloud. Ill show her whos boss once and for all music everything is ready speedy good lets study party. Ill reverse the vacuum and blow the cloud over their fiesta music applause music suffering succotash it is my birthday i forgot but we didnt thats why were having this surprise party for you thanks fellas and all the time.
I thought you didnt like me. Ive never been so happy in my life you .

who is the fastest mouse in all of mexico-2
who is the fastest mouse in all of mexico-2

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