Medical Speaking Week 1: How to introduce yourself to patients

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Hello welcome to america speaking with one this is the first week that we started started this class and you see from my introduction video in this class you will to talk a lot you need to speak. We need to improve your speaking skill your body your guest room and how you communicate with your patient. So the first and the basic thing in today is how to introduce you to a patient how to properly into yourself to a patient now remember just like youre dating.
A girl or you take a boy or a guy. The first impression last forever and you dont have a second team to make for the first impression. So the moment you see your patient make sure that you introduce yourself properly.
Because that will create trust a bonding trust especially if you go to do some type of procedure. Some surgery and your patient. The introduction is so important you dont want to come there.
And say hey im going to cut your leg. No you have to be very sensitive tell yourself and i will tell you step why how to approach that all right so the first thing is you need to know who your patient before you come to see your patient make sure you have your patient truck in you should know the age of gender. Why they here and what is the main complaint.
They hate to see you or whatever reason dont come to a room. Without known patient name. Okay.
Thats my basic and simple rule to all my student on my resident is dont ever come to patient room without know their name or why they here okay you know that the reason. Why didnt you ask again. But just come to a patient and make sure you know the situation you know where she is and its sometimes better even though the patient insurance status.
Its just for billing purposes. Later all right so the first thing when you come there you like to introduce yourself. And you address the patient in a proper manner like missus or minister by their last name.
If you know the patient well you can tell by their you can call your first name. But always have a polite instant interruption hello. Mr.
Smith my name is dr train and foam general sir general surgery service. Im here to flap flap so address your pension accordingly and appropriately now when you address the patient make sure you see their respond because sometimes you never know you come to the wrong patient. And you say.
This is oh youre not mrs. Smith okay. And you can turn it off thats not be a wrong person.
Thank you very much so make sure that you look at the patient. Respond dont go all the way in just hello and in to yourself. Where youre coming from and why you here today okay.
So. Lets do it again. Hello.
Mrs. Smith. My name is dr.
Tran. Im from internal medicine service. Im here to exam.
And i have to have some questions for you okay. Oh hello. Mrs.
Smith. My name is dr. Trent.
Employment. Agency room. Im here to figure out.
Im here to help you so and wait wait and sometime. Wait in communication. Is good okay wait a couple seconds.
See how they respond when you let the patient wait you wait that is you calm. The situation now okay and and you saw a patient that you in control of the situation now throughout the introduction part the non verbal communication is the key look at the patient. I dont look like this hello mr.
Smith. My name is no just look into the eyes instance. Sincerely i remember when you just talk to anyone make sure i contact.
Its so important culturally sometimes we meet patient and via me doctor. We dont want to look at two in two eyes. But here in the america you should look into patient.
I because that aside up trust and also it aside confident so look into the patient eye. Until who you are now after the moment. You wait and then you will start a conversation.
What can i do for you why are you here. Today ok. So thats the general now in this intro after a video.
I like to tell you some special cases for example.

when talking to a patient who is about to begin glipizide therapy-0
when talking to a patient who is about to begin glipizide therapy-0

If you are seen an obgyn patient or gynecologist or aptitude patient. A lot of time patient come with their friends okay either their body their girlfriend husband boyfriend. Or whoever you should always ask oh so this is mrs smith.
This is and then you wait for a patient say. Oh thats my husband and then you say is it okay. If i i discuss your information from your husband.
A lot of time they will say yes a lot of time or that this is my friend and you say may i is that okay if i just cut your information in front of your friends and inter patient. Said yes and you can go ahead. So thats what obgyn now with pediatrics kids you have to be very careful because alway kids come with their parents right so who you would address first well you address.
The parent first okay because that way because you the one really answers or anxieties. If the parents especially for 18 years. Okay.
The kid is crying the parent actually variances. She look at hey. Mrs.
Smith. Or mrs. My name is dr.
Tran. And from the emergency room. The fragments.
One can for your kids or is. That something wrong with a little boy so something like that and then you look at the parents and look at them a lot of time both of them husband. Wife or both in whatever address both of them.
And some time you see grandparents so hell say hi to all dumb wait for that and then if the kids it too young. And if he in the situation. He crying then you become a patient down.
But we talk more about doing pediatrics. But now if the kid is cry a little bit older six or seven years old or ten years old at that time you see i need out like bend out like this hey. Jason.
Hows your day or something. Like that how school kids have a different world internal chip. Complain you dont ask we usually wait on that specifically you should start with some bonding first okay house cool.
What you like what is your favorite color. What is your favorite hero. Something like that do you like the sticky curve.
Something like that and make a volume between the two and then you go ahead so kid. We talked about in different module. But kid in communication with parents its so crucial that you introduce yourself to the parents one to one more thing ask them about special cases.
Our psychiatrist patient a lot of times psych patient a person with some disorder that they may see you and in enemies. They dont want to cooperate with you or even they dont care about you thats why it is here so when you look at those psych patient you have to make sure that you always erv and alway introduce you and so properly as possible. But dont go too close.
Dont go too far. Hello. A.
Mr. Smith. My name is dr.
Trent. Im from psychiatry from one. Im here to help you and just say theyre stating and a lot of times.
I dont need help then you have to know that he or she is angry and if it oh yes doctor. I need your help so at that time you see that that the patient is willing to talk so. Thats psyche.
So we talk about pediatric gynecology in general and lasting it in surgery when you introduce yourself in surgery surgical patient a lot of time thats two thing will happen either emergency care or urgency origin cases. You dont have time. So.
You have to be very. Quick. But concise.
Hello. My name is dr. Tran.
Im from the general surgeon team. Im here to help you im here to help with your appendix. Its inflamed and then you would how about why you here and we discuss in really detail in surgical patient like how to gain your trust.
But a lot of time when you see a patient in surgical setting make sure you look at a patient. And do not rush by all mean because rush in surgical patient is a recipe for falling apart. So gain your trust from patient by talking to patients slowly okay chuckle ill chew toy double no like a bank dont they go medical speaking theyll end up julie yeah.
I can click on knowing im some noisy but naruto column so much in the end at the new cut back.

when talking to a patient who is about to begin glipizide therapy-1
when talking to a patient who is about to begin glipizide therapy-1

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when talking to a patient who is about to begin glipizide therapy-2
when talking to a patient who is about to begin glipizide therapy-2

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