Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)

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Dave again lets talk about staph infections. Youve probably heard some talk about about superbugs in the media. But whats really going on first lets talk staphylococcus aureus.
Which is commonly known as staph. These bacteria are typically harmless and commonly found on the skin of many healthy people however in certain cases as we discussed earlier when we talked about opportunistic pathogens. These bacteria can cause serious or even deadly infections.
Lets get some more information on these little critters in the past few decades in particular. A more dangerous form of staph has emerged. Which is called methicillin resistant staphylococcus.
Aureus or mrsa. Mrsa is resistant to the entire class of beta lactam antibiotics. Which includes methicillin penicillin amoxicillin and oxacillin.
All antibiotics youve likely heard of and almost certainly taken in your lifetime. The different types of mrsa infections are split into categories based on where theyre acquired for instance. Healthcare.

an individual who carries staph but isnt sick is referred to as _______.-0
an individual who carries staph but isnt sick is referred to as _______.-0

Mrsa or ha. Mrsa has been documented since the 1960s particularly in hospitals and other healthcare facilities patients with weakened immune systems. Recent surgery or those with medical devices implanted are at higher risk for ha mrsa and the incidence of these infections has been increasing steadily over time a second and more alarming type of mrsa infection emerged in the 1990s called community acquired mrsa or ca mrsa the points of origin for these infections can be more difficult to identify.
But are thought to be common in childcare settings. Long term care facilities athletic settings or in individuals. Sharing towels or other objects.
These infections. Often first appear as simple skin infections. But can progress into life threatening illness.
So how do these strains develop and why do they develop zooming into the microscopic level staphylococcus aureus is the most virulent and best known member of the group of gram. Positive cocci staphylococcus. These bacteria have a capsule that protects their outermost layer and they produce a slime layer that helps them bind to things like catheters prosthetic.
Valves or joints or grafts. Staph. Aureus.
Also produce an impressive number of toxins and enzymes that help them trigger immune responses and destroy healthy tissue truly wreaking havoc in the body.

an individual who carries staph but isnt sick is referred to as _______.-1
an individual who carries staph but isnt sick is referred to as _______.-1

When we first started using penicillin to treat staph aureus infections in 1941. Over 90 of staphylococcal isolates were susceptible to the drug. However resistance to penicillin developed quickly partially due to the natural evolution of the bacteria.
But accelerated by overuse and inappropriate use of these drugs by humans. Many of these bacteria can produce. Whats called penicillinase or beta lactamase.
Which easily renders. The antibiotic ineffective. Even worse.
These beta lactamase enzymes are commonly found on transmissible plasmids which can be traded between bacteria essentially like trading cards. The thing is bacteria are inherently driven to evolve and as humans. Were pretty good at helping them do that the incidence of disease caused by mrsa has increased significantly worldwide and the bacteria continue to evolve and take on new traits for instance in 2002.
Scientists found the first staph strains to be resistant to vancomycin. Which is one of the few last resort treatments against mrsa vancomycin resistant staph strains or vrsa are rare for the time being. But health officials fear incidence of these strains will rise to reduce your risk of mrsa infection cdc recommends always maintaining good hand and body hygiene keeping wounds clean and covered avoiding sharing personal items such as towels and checking in with your doctor.
If you think you might have an infection and in general always make sure to only take antibiotics when you truly need them. And when you do take them exactly as instructed with some smarts and some luck we can get rid of these little guys within the century .

an individual who carries staph but isnt sick is referred to as _______.-2
an individual who carries staph but isnt sick is referred to as _______.-2

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