Misthalin Mystery OSRS Quest Guide

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Right so the halloween event was released today for 2016 into old school pretty simple simple venomous show us how to do it so to get started you guys want have nothing on nothing inventory. And you want to run south of lumbridge. So you can use the lumber cell port.
Ill be right there and then just run south pretty much to where everybody starts their fishing adventure. And itll scroll down here and there the dolan bridge mine. Pits so once youre here you want to talk to abigail.
Shes gonna ask for help use the first option. And then talk to her keep going. And then do the first option again and youll say okay.
Ill see what i can do from here. Runs south and just click on board rowboat and that should take you to draenor manner. But sort of in a different area only accessible accessible by this descendant this event.
Right here. So you once youre here you want to run north west over here to this yellow. Done your mini map and talk to sid.
But he bow once you get over here basically turn into a cutscene once youre here you can read through the dialogue. If you want or you can just hold spacebar and skip through all the dialogue and then you can watch the die spoiler anyways just keep going through this event. You can hold space or do whatever you want and youll back end up back like this go ahead run south a little bit and take this bucket pick it up into this fountain.
And then use the bucket on the barrel of rainwater. Theyll empty it out and ill search it no get a key and with this matter key you can now enter draenor manner or whatever manner. This is just looks like drano man.
I think it is i know i do anyways once you have them in turkey you can get inside the manor. Which is the important part so once youre in there just enter. And you see this knife on the tip.
You guys want to take this knife from the table. You guys want a head north. A little bit and try to enter this room right here open door and another cutscene will occur.
If you guys want you can go ahead and watch through it or you can just hold space and skip the other dialogue. So this killer guy is obviously destroying everybody with his whatever knife. Hes using once the cutscene is over theres gonna be a little note that appears near the door right here take the note make sure you read it or you cant finish.
The next. Part and once youve read it head south head into this room use your knife on the painting. And youll get another key.
Once you search. It you get a red key. A ruby key.
Once you guys i finished. In this room. Go ahead and run east and try to enter this room.
You should be able to get in and now in this corner. You want to pick up a tinderbox from the shelf. And you want to try to use the tinderbox on this barrel right here that is the fuse on it.
But its gonna be too damp so really what you want to do is just use your tinderbox and all the unlit candles. Really simple.

who is the vampyre that resides in south misthalin-0
who is the vampyre that resides in south misthalin-0

Theres four of them in the room. Just one in each corner should see them pretty well theres two lets make it three and finally four and now once youve lit. All the candles.
You should just use the tinderbox on the barrel. And it should light it pretty easily so now you want to leave the room because the room is gonna explode give me a nice cutscene of it exploding now with the massive hole in here you can go back into the room and climb over the damaged wall and you guys just want to run around the outside of the manor. What you guys get about to the northern tip.
Another cutscene should occur of the killer. Doing what he does best. So lacey is over here music.
And you want to go ahead skip through the cutscenes short light quests need to not great at them. But lots of dialogue keep going through it and the answer this one is cows rainer. The first one music.
So this is a pretty dark halloween event dang old school team killing it other notes gonna appear on the ground right. There once the cutscene is over you guys just want to pick it up on the ground. Just like the last one and make sure you read it just like the last one music to my ears.
Really simple you guys just want to run east again into this room with the piano play the piano you guys want to play the keys de ad. Dead de ad cant even spell and once youve played it go and search. The panel and youll get eight and emerald key.
Once you guys have finished that part go ahead run around the house again back to the damaged wall climb over the damaged wall go open this door. You guys will be back in this main. Part.
Once youre in this room run north open this door on the western side. And then fall true north again and open. The western door on this side.
And then the cutscene will occur and watch it if you want once the cutscenes about over the killers gonna leave a note outside again for you to read music. So the cus hes over pick up the note that should be under you read through it again. As usual run south headed to these eastern door right here and then back into the room with the damaged wall and then head north.
It was me a fireplace use your knife on the fireplace. When you guys have use your knife on there you can then search the fireplace. And youre gonna come upon this gemstone switch panel.
So the order you need to click these in are sapphire diamond z. Nights. Emeralds onyx and finally ruby.
Theres a clicking sound as the compartment in the fireplace unlock. So that part will finish go ahead and search the fireplace and youll get a sapphire key you guys now have to basically do the final part of holloway vent. Which is fight the killer.
Which can be a little boss thing now to fight the killer you guys have to basically it use the mirror in here to attack the killer or when he throws darts at you now you guys will see a little like effect above a wardrobe. When the killer throws something at you so lets go ahead. And see so the killers are one of these four wardrobes now to know.
Which one hes any xena theres gonna be like a little black particle effect above one of the wardrobes go ahead and go through all this space if you want make it easier killers gonna go on these wardrobes. Im gonna just show you guys what the effect looks like so you have this mirror that you can push someone away to show you guys what it looks like this mirror. You basically just push it around in the direction.
That you want wait for the effect to appear above one of the wardrobes. So there was that one right there it was above 30.

who is the vampyre that resides in south misthalin-1
who is the vampyre that resides in south misthalin-1

Theres a particle effects. So you want to push it you have to be like three squares away or something like that you to basically be in range. So as your throw the dart its gonna bounce back it does damage to the killer.
So you sell that effect theres the effect on that one you want to click you go to the mirror push push and then turn it that way and that wasnt in time so if you dont do it in time thatll bounce a different way so since i didnt do it in time need to be sort of quick with this in order to get it its a little bit laggy. But again i didnt get it in time so anyways thats you pretty much have to do it three times to be really quick with this unfortunately and its not that responsive. Which is annoying.
But that bounced off the wrong way anyways im gonna basically record once i finish this so so it looks like also when youre trying to push the mirror. It doesnt go more than it doesnt get more than two soldiers two squares closer to this wardrobe. So if i try to push it farther.
You cant do it so it can only be in this like little square radius right. Here. Which is a little bit annoying.
Just keep that in mind that should be number two does damage that it should be the last one mind. If you do one more not there. We go waited three times and the cutscene will end or the little bus fight will end killer will fall out.
I think you might have cited to you as usual as all. The quests bosses do in this game. Youve lost your own game.
Lots of dialogue as usual turns out that its abigail unreal. Crazy mystery keep skipping through oh another killer every good show needs the supporting actor oh. Its huey who knew.
Damn props. The old school team. This is nuts oh music oh another dollar turning against each.
Other. Oh. My oh no he was dead this is really depressing this is really depressing geez.
I know halloweens not like the most happy time of year. But damn i i take the killers knife with this killers knife. You can wield it now.
Which is pretty cool try to attack. Abigail shell die thanks to roman thats over actually that ear you did it open they cut the pope from the door another cutscene will occur now shes back alive. Sure hes dead because of you oh look its mandy with the bgs what a halloween in a man.
What an event all right now you can read roll that something extra keeping her alive. Now you just want to leave the mansion and once you lose mention mandy. Well be out here and show up a bunch of stuff for you talk to mandy oh hi soup.
How you feeling much better and kapow. We have all this stuff in our inventory now your reward with a selection of halloween themed goodies so you have two halloween masks sets the banshee top and the banshee robe and the betcha mask. Some grape that your stuff auntie pants.
What our auntie patty is all of them. Nice you have the killers knife. The hunting knife.
Which is pretty cool the attack animation for this is pretty unique apparently and then you have the like i said double halloween mask and some pumpkins and stuff like that anyways guys. Thats it for the event guys hope you enjoyed it if you did helped you out make sure to drop a like and yeah congrats on finishing this years event peace music address that you want music. .

who is the vampyre that resides in south misthalin-2
who is the vampyre that resides in south misthalin-2

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