Night: Main Characters and Key Terms

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Nice so tonights homework is on main characters at the beginning of the novel. Novel. And some key to jewish words.
That you maybe have never seen before som gonna try and keep this fairly short. But im gonna forewarn you there there will be quite a bit of writing involved tonight with a little activity at the end so anytime. You see the pencil.
Thats what i want you to write down things. And i apologize if i have the sniffles or anything throughout this video. I think i think i might be getting sick.
So lets just go ahead and get started and well see how we do okay so were going to start with a list of characters that are predominantly ellys family. So ellie is our main character. He is a male leading male narrator of the novel he is 1516 when he enters the camps cuomo is ellies father and what i want you to realize as i said in the last video as we begin reading this novel.
I really want you to pay attention to the relationship between ellie and his father and you come to find out and realize that he is a really respected member of their village and beyond. It seems within within the country. He actually is pretty well known and is respected also by ellie.
But he seems to be more concerned about the welfare of the town. And what everyone else is going through and not necessarily. Very present in his home life with his own family you also are introduced to ellies three sisters hilda is the oldest bear is how i would pronounce that is her middle sister and sapore is his youngest sister and if you read the the piece at the beginning of the novel.
He does dedicate night to i believe to his parents and his youngest sister because we know that they dont they dont survive all right as far as characters in the beginning of the book. Theres obviously a lot longer list of characters as we get into his experience at the camps and at the work camps not just all shits the concentration camp. But then later hes transferred to the work camps.
He is introduced to a couple more characters that are not included on this list. So this is really just coming from the beginning of the book. Here.
So were introduced at the beginning to tomb oshea. The beetle and he becomes like the mentor teacher for elliott as he starts learning about the kabbalah and which is really were gonna talk about what that where it is in a minute but starts teaching ally about the jewish mysticism and really kind of these like secret works that only a few start learning and mastering those that are like really heavily into their religion. And by the way the word beetle actually means someone that works within the church of the synagogue and kind of has smaller duties and keeps order during during sessions church sessions and and so were introduced to him.
And he actually has quite a bit at the beginning of the novel. Hes a pretty influential character for ally.

who is the main character in night by elie wiesel-0
who is the main character in night by elie wiesel-0

We also introduced him adam schecter and shes the older woman that that really has a mental breakdown on the train on the way to auschwitz and has the the visions. She predicts. You know fire going everywhere and really freaks everybody out on the train and then we also are introduced to dr.
Dr. Mangle. Which weve talked about before.
And he is that infamous doctor that provides re presides over the selection of everybody that arrives at auschwitz those that are sturdy enough and healthy enough to work those that you know he wants to do the experiments on and then also those that that are sent straight to the gas chambers. Okay so now were kind of moving on to vocabulary. That is very heavy at the beginning of the book and can be considered somewhat daunting.
But i think you know you should you should start becoming those types of readers that if you see a term. You dont know write it down and look it up or at the time look it up. I guess it depends on how youre reading.
If youre reading an electronic novel a lot of the program. So nowadays you can just select the word and it will automatically give you a definition of what that word means and so thats a good a good thing to start doing as as a good reader. And if you dont have access right away with just a click of a button.
Then you can obviously write it down and look it up later. But here are some words that for the most of you you probably have never seen before so we need to start referencing synagogue is the place of jewish worship. So instead of saying a church.
We would say synagogue. They mentioned in the beginning of the book the exile of providence. Which is just a reference to when the jews were kicked out of babylon.
And that was one reference to their captivity or slavery within the babylonian empire. You also will see the word rabbi. Which is like a teacher of jewish law and practice and then im like i was just explaining earlier with with moshe.
The kabbalah is also spelled with a k. But it is this the study of kind of obscure not so clear mystical traditions of jewish faith and its really considered a part of the culture like secret teachings and only a few master or want to master. And i think that this is this is a way for us to start to understand how important faith is to ellie because this is something that even his father is a little bit concerned and apprehensive about at the beginning of the novel like why do you want to study this kind of a thing.
Im not sure if you if you need to do that you know the dad isnt really it doesnt seem like the dads really got into him studying it. But he is really into it he wants to be a part of it so when you see the word torah.

who is the main character in night by elie wiesel-1
who is the main character in night by elie wiesel-1

Thats the entire body of jewish religious law and teaching. So its mostly contained in the old testament and also in the talmud and so thats kind of like the spoken or oral torah and that contains jewish law. So you know instead of bible.
You would say torah. So hopefully you can make some connections that way if we start looking at things that way. The zohar is the written work of the kabbalistic teaching.
So what moshe and earlier starting to learn together zionism is the term and im sorry going fastest and im hoping youre effectively using your pause button as we go here and again i mean i want you to know what these terms mean. But youre taking notes for crying out loud. So you dont have to write every single word for word piece.
Thats on here. So zionism is the idea of creating a jewish state in israel and returning the jews to their place of origin or where their religions start started. Zion is the name of the location of the very first temple for the jewish faith.
So after what happened during world war two this political movement actually happened because we did see the creation of israel and a place for the jewish people to settle. And and unfortunately. Thats led to other you know past world war.
Two thats led to other infighting. Because of the creation of that state between between the jews and the palestinians which you could look up if you wanted more information on im not going to necessarily get into it now um passover is referred to at the beginning of the book. Thats a jewish holiday that celebrates the liberation of jews from slavery in egypt.
So remember how when we were taking notes of the beginning or talking about anti semitism. Hopefully you remember what that word means that was one of our vocab words we talked about how this idea of treating poorly treating the jewish people is not a new concept you know throughout their history. Theyve been victims of certain things.
And so passover is a celebration of one of their liberation from slavery pentecost is also jewish holiday and this is talked about in the first first five books the old testament and you know about how god gave moses. The torah and all that kind of stuff so just making sure that we know how to say these words. And what these words mean.
And then the kaddish is something thats referred to as we start moving into the camps with ellie and his dad and the fact that theyre mourning over their dad. So its a prayer of mourning that they say before theyre dead okay. So now were going to move on from all these definition words and things and were going to do just a quick little activity and im calling it what would you carry so in class.
I showed you my suitcase that maybe youve seen at the top of the cabinets. And thought what is that whack.

who is the main character in night by elie wiesel-2
who is the main character in night by elie wiesel-2

A doodle suitcase sitting up there. And why should she have it well this is the sole reason why i have it is just to do this activity. I really want you to kind of get into your mindset.
What it is that they would physically be able to carry its not like they had a backpack that they swing over there their vaccine could stuff a ton of stuff into so this activity. Heres what youre gonna do so as weve talked about previously with people being rounded up and sent to the ghettos are rounded up and sent to the camps. They were told by the nazis not just elias family.
But many jewish people as they were relocated. Were told that they could really only take their most precious possessions and what they could carry into the ghetto and then later as they were evacuated from the ghettos and sent to the camps on the cattle cars. They again were told they could only take what they can carry and of course.
We know once they arrived at the camps. All of that stuff was taken away from them anyways. But what would you carry thats kind of the idea of this activity.
So if you were in a similar situation and were told you could only bring those items who could carry what would you take i want you to make a list of what you would bring with you. But remember they have to be things you can carry your very little space in the ghetto and very little privacy. So im going to ask that you at least do six items you can add more.
But you need to again keep in mind that suitcase. I showed you today in class. And what would really fit in there so create a list of those items you would take and im going to ask you a few questions.
I think on your digital wisc as well as tomorrow in class. What this ends up looking like for you because everybodys going to be different. Obviously.
So pause. The video now and go through and make this list for me all right so were finished. Its a little bit longer activity.
But you know like normal. I try to keep it under 15 minutes at least so youre finished dont forget to answer. The questions they a little bit different this time so im.
Asking you some different questions. And um. Just like yesterday the whisk looks a little different so please make sure that you fill that part out and submit it and we will talk about all of this in class smile thanks guys.

who is the main character in night by elie wiesel-3
who is the main character in night by elie wiesel-3

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