NURSING and CULTURE: How Being Culturally Competent will make you a better NURSE

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Right whats up guys. So today. Were gonna be talking about culture and and culture competency specifically related to nursing and what you guys need to know about a cultural competent nurse culturally competent nurse one of the things we got to understand first is what is culture is is it more than just things that are passed down from generation from one generation to the next or does culture include pretty much all these other areas such as gender such as a socio economic factors all of these things class all of these things go in to one big thing when were talking about culture and especially cultural competency.
You know guys the world we live in is just constantly changing and i always kind of preach this just in general in everyday of how you look at life. You know its always good to have just kind of a fluid. Mind have a fluid and kind of open mind outlook to everything because things are constantly changing every day from technology to medicine politics.
Whatever it may be things are just constantly always changing. And it seems like things are changing faster than ever before so being a culturally competent nurse is probably a really really good skill that you need to have and you need to learn and incorporate it into your into your nursing skill set and guys. Lets just define cultural competency.
As is defined by the by nih by the national institutes of health. Enabling providers to deliver services that are respectful of and responsive of health beliefs. Practices and cultural and linguistic needs of diverse patients.
Now its easy to think. Because youre a certain way and we get into our own our own heads based on how we were brought up to think that we might just mean this one one group of people or this other group of people. But thats not the case as a nurse as you will eventually find out when you become a nurse that youre going to be around all types of cultures and i dont really and it really doesnt matter what part of the country you live in whether you live in georgia.
Where you live in florida. Whether you live in hawaii. Like i did youre still going to come up with all these different cultures youre gonna mix with especially when i was in hawaii.
I think there were like 25 different types of cultures and subcultures on big island itself. So it was it was very interesting to see and and try to interact with all different people because in in hawaii. Specifically.
You had you had a high filipino area. Yet believe it or not a high puerto rican population lots of chinese and japanese and korean influences along with the american influence there and other cultures that have just come over from all over micronesia and on and on so understanding. These cultural practices is very important in a very big skill to have as a nurse.
I used it constantly in hawaii. There was a different type of culture and even subculture that would come in pretty much to the er on a regular basis so guys. I say that just to kind of get you ready for what youre gonna be experienced.
I mean you may think just because you live in alabama or you live in the midwest somewhere or even out in a big city that youre not going to come come in contact with different people. Ill give you a kind of a complex way of thinking about things do you think providing care to someone such as a 27 year old homeless woman. Who is addicted to opiates compared to an 85 year old from rural alabama.
Or dealing with a latina lesbian from san francisco. Whos also a catholic and and that happens pretty regular guys so keep that keep that in mind as you go through and you start thinking about cultural competency every day.

a priority action for the nurse who works with culturally diverse clients is completion of a:-0
a priority action for the nurse who works with culturally diverse clients is completion of a:-0

So im going to give you kind of some good ideas that you can do to just kind of help you move that process along as you start to interact with different cultures. And you become a competent nurse. Number one have that cultural awareness.
Do it do it on your own self examination of your own biases. Your own prejudices whatever. You know pretty much every culture is going to have some type of prejudice and bias that they just focus in on themselves.
But you need to do that as well as a nurse. No matter what color or culture. That you are you need to do a cultural self awareness.
Number two guyss cultural skills. Especially on your assessment skills as a nurse. We talked about assessment all the time were going to be talking about assessing socially culturally economically those things you can assess right away when you start to get into your questions in your assessment phase of the nursing process so dont ever over just overlook all of that stuff keep that in mind.
As youre doing your nursing assessment. Especially when youre doing these psychosocial questions. You know you know these norms.
Because every culture is going to have certain norms and certain things that they go by that you might not be familiar with another thing you can do guys is cultural encounters that cross cultural examination. You know talking with people of other cultures. Its not a bad thing reading books of other cultures getting an idea something that is based outside of your own culture and kind of give you some perspective on things you dont have to be an expert in every culture.
Its good to know these things and it helps facilitate the communication process. Which is so important in the nursing process one of the biggest things is communication. So if you can help break down those barriers.
The the cultural barriers that exist will help you get the information and will help you do that assessment better and better each time finally guys just having that cultural desire to learn about other cultures and to show initiative. I mean you know how far that goes imagine if youre youre from someone from an undocumented immigrant in your in florida and you dont know anybody who speaks your language or whatever. But if youre showing that you care and youre showing that youre taking the initiative or taking the time to help that person do you think do you know how long how far that will go in that persons eyes.
That you just stopped to help them for a second so keep that in mind you know guys try to have that motivation to learn about different cultures and finally guys just knowing the way the world is now and you know i think. Its really really good to have that to have that that knowledge of different cultures in that respect for other cultures as well theres not one culture that is better than the other culture. Its just understanding and having that respect shows that you care about that person or that persons culture.
Having that empathy goes a long way and it will go an extremely long way as a nurse because as a nurse. Were here to help all people were not here to pass judgment on people thats not our job our job is to help people no matter what so if you want to be a very very culturally competent nurse you know use some of these steps and incorporate it into some of your care and in some of your assessment phase. And remember guys just have that open communication learning about different cultures.
Having that respect for all the cultures. Itll mean so much to everyone all right guys. Thats it for today have a good one you .

a priority action for the nurse who works with culturally diverse clients is completion of a:-1
a priority action for the nurse who works with culturally diverse clients is completion of a:-1

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